Barcelona's Tastiest Healthy Food: Best Good-for-You Restaurants in the City

In a city that prides itself on greasy tapas, potatoes with ketchup and bread and tomato plates as household staples, Barcelona's been a bit slow in coming for many restaurants to offer healthy options on the menu. It is however happening little by little with new health conscious restaurants springing up around the city and old ones adding greener items to the menu. There's also been a surge in vegetarian and vegan restaurants which have been attracting locals and tourists alike.

The Old City is densely packed with plenty of restaurants including tapas joints, both gastro and greasy as well as nouvelle cuisine, French and Italian and Mediterranean fusion. Many of them have already or are in the process of implementing healthy options on their menus. Some have included more salad varieties while others have gone as far to offer wheat grass.

The Chringuitos along the beach (beach side restaurants) have taken healthy eating by the reins and many of them have juice bars with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as Wheat Grass and other extremely nutritional smoothies, drinks and dishes. On a whole the city is quickly jumping on the healthy food bandwagon which is great news for those wanting to stay healthy while on vacation.   



This new delicious, homestyle cafe in Gracia sports a breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. Godot Cafe, situated right beside Plaza Del Sol and Plaza Rius Taulet, in the charming and very local neighborhood of Gracia, and it's fast becoming one of...  Read More



Finally a Barcelona restaurant that has mastered the brunch menu. Not only is Federal's classic decor, spacious setting and inviting ambiance selling points in themselves, but this Australian owned rustic three-story diner, restaurant and...  Read More

Sant Gervasi


The first kosher restaurant to hit Barcelona has opened to rave reviews. Delicias Kosher features a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Fusion, all with a kosher flare. Situated in the more 'pijo' (posh) neighbohood of Barcelona, it's still...  Read More



Mediterranean inspired cuisine with Spanish influence, this intimate and elegant restaurant is an excellent find in the heart of the Old City. Pla has an extensive menu including fish, meats, salads as well as seasonal specialties and mouth...  Read More



Tucked away in the Raval, in the gardens of the Old Hospital Santa Creu, El Jardi is a quaint and very charming outdoor tapas bar and restaurant. Ideal during the spring and summer, the restaurant serves fresh salads and tapas and also features...  Read More



Situated in the Born, Alsur's outdoor patio is perfect for summer afternoon brunches, or early evening cocktails. Their brunch menu is offered daily until 12pm and on the weekends it's served throughout the day. Along with their extensive brunch...  Read More

Old Town
El Salón


Charming, quaint and one of the only restaurants in Barcelona that takes reservations on their outdoor terrace, El Salon is a always a sure bet for out-of-towners, dates and intimate evenings amongst close friends. Featuring a mix of Catalan and...  Read More

OBE restaurant
Photo courtesy of Obe Restaurant


A trendy and cute Italian restaurant in the Born neighborhood, Obe has a vast Italian wine list and a delicious selection of pastas, meat, fish and antipasta cuisine. The restaurant is a new addition to Born's already thriving culinary scene and...  Read More



Fabulous cooking classes by a professional nutritionist and vegan cook. This is less of a traditional restaurant and more of a home experience plus cooking class, which ends in a three-course meal. Pabulum focuses on fresh, organic, local and in...  Read More

Teresa Carles


A vegetarian oasis on the edge of the Raval neighborhood, Teresa Carles serves fresh vegetables and fruits, authentic salads and even brunch. This is a comfortable, relaxing, very warm and inviting place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and...  Read More


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