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Barcelona's Tastiest, Greasiest and Highest Quality Street Food

In addition to Barcelona's tapas and renowned culinary scene, the city also boasts an array of delicious street food. It's not exactly the type of street food you'd picture in North America, with hot dog and sausage stands on the side of the road. Barcelona's street food is usually sold by individuals walking around the Old City with baskets of baked goods. They often come in the form of empanadas (Argentinean pastry filled with meat, or vegetables), tiny hot dogs or even cookies. Late night street food also consists of beer, sold by the can or the pack and small bags of popcorn. If you're looking for something slightly more substantial, some of the shawarma places are usually open until 2am and they serve great salads and chicken and beef dishes which you can eat outside in the park or on a bench. Maoz and Wok to Wok are also more 'upscale' street food restaurants where you can get a hearty meal. Although most street food joints close by 1-2am, you can always count on the individual vendors to keep selling until the sun comes up. And if you're still hungry, the Boqueria market opens around 10am and they have tons of fresh produce and croissants which you can buy and eat while strolling along the Rambla. 


Frankfurt is probably Barcelona's closest thing to street food. Run out of a tiny, hole in the wall, right off of Plaza Sant Jaume, this greasy little grill serves some of the most delicious Frankfurts and burgers in the city. You'll be able to recognize the shop by the line that extends into the Plaza. Frankfurt is open late nights and is an ideal after bar stop or snack place before going home. The restaurant might not look like anything special, but the quality of food is top notch and it's extremely cheap. Once you've bought your late night eats, take a seat in Jaume Square and people watch or enjoy the holiday festivities or open air concerts, depending on the season and time of year.

Recommended for Street Food because: Barcelona's closest thing to genuine, greasy and delicious street food

Sam's expert tip: Ask for the Frankfurt daily special, they often have various toppings depending on the day of the week

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The Pasta Bar is one of the Gotico's most well known take out restaurants. Serving fresh and delicious Italian style Pasta, this is one of the Old City's best places for an authentic Italian dish either to stay or as take away. The small shop has a large table at the back, comfortable enough to seat 5-10 people. They also serve a host of salads, soups and wine and beer. Pasta Bar is an excellent late night take out option or an easy dinner to grab while you're touring the Old city. It's right off La Rambla and around the corner from George Orwell Plaza (aka Plaza Tripi)

Recommended for Street Food because: Quality and tasty fresh Italian, pasta, soups and salads easy to eat on the go

Sam's expert tip: Try their raviolis and soup of the day

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Wok to Wok is an excellent take out choice, especially if you want to grab something by the beach and have a little 'beachnik'. With several shops around the city, one of their most popular is in Barceloneta, it's always packed and for good reason. Wok to Wok uses fresh ingredients with a choice of rice, noodles or vegetables. Inspired by a trip to Thailand, today Wok to Wok has over 50 restaurants worldwide and is known for its consistent high-quality, tasty ingredients and top-notch service. They also have vegetarian options and the restaurant itself acts as a healthy food store, so if you're looking to shop a bit, they might have what you're looking for.

Recommended for Street Food because: The best Asian take out and street food in the city, perfect for eating by the beach

Sam's expert tip: Go early on weekends as the line can sometimes have a 45 minutes to an hour wait (early means before 1:30pm)

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Dionisos is Barcelona's tastiest Greek food. With various restaurants throughout the city, it has made a name for itself for providing quality Greek dishes in both a rustic and elegant setting. Depending on the location you frequent will determine whether you're dining at more of a street food location or a sit down restaurant. Dionisos in George Orwell Plaza is your best street food option as there is nowhere to sit inside the small little shop. Their Shawarma and greek salads are delicious as is their hummus and fresh pita. Their Gyros are also amazing, be sure to ask for a lot though as they sometimes give small portions.

Recommended for Street Food because: Delicious Greek street food with a wide Mediterranean Menu

Sam's expert tip: Try their chicken shawarma

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Maoz is Barcelona's best vegetarian street food. This take away little diner is located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter and is ideal for grabbing a quick dinner, or late night bite. If you're a vegetarian looking for a fast and easy meal or just want a hearty pita sandwich or a bowl of salad and hummus, Maoz is a perfect option. With its mix of Mediterranean cuisine including tasty falafels, fresh pita bread and hummus, it's attracts a variety of people who usually hang out right outside of the shop, on Ferran street, eating their pitas and people watching in Barcelona's most historic neighborhood.

Recommended for Street Food because: Excellent vegetarian street food, one of the only ones in the city

Sam's expert tip: Try their hummus

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New to Barcelona's street food scene, this Areperia is a haven for Venezuelans looking for a taste of home and Spaniards and tourists as well, who want to experience one of Latin America's most authentic foods. It can also be found in, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the Canary Islands. Arepa is a flatbread made of ground maize dough or cooked flour and it's best served with cheese, avocado, or jam and often split into sandwiches. This Areperia can be found in the most historic neighborhood in the city, just off Plaza George Orwell and near La Rambla.

Recommended for Street Food because: Delicious latino street food in the heart of the Old City

Sam's expert tip: Try their Cheese arpeas

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Bo de B always has a line outside its doors. This is a take out, street food and even dine in, delicious option right across from the large post office (Correos) in Barcelona's downtown core. Their mainly known for their delicious sandwiches which are freshly made and can be topped with chicken breast, meat, salmon, cheese and a variety of other toppings. It's incredibly cheap ranging from 3-5 Euros per sandwich (hence the line ups). Bo de B is also able to make salads and has some rice dishes and other snacks as well. Food can be served in a plastic box, paper bag or you can even eat on the premises although it's slightly cramped inside.

Recommended for Street Food because: Tasty street and take away food, perfect for picnics on the beach or a sandwich on the go

Sam's expert tip: Try their chicken sandwich

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If you're looking for cheap and easy food on the go, Pans & Company is great. With a mix of salads, bocadillos (large sandwiches), hot dogs, wraps, desserts and onion rings, they pretty much have anything you could be craving. Althogh you can eat in or take out at Pans, it's still considered to be Barcelona's version of street food as it's made quickly and caters to those who aren't necessarily looking for the highest quality meal, but rather a filling one. While you're on Passeig de Gracia, check out some of Gaudi's beautiful buildings, either Casa Batllo or La Pedrera, or both!

Recommended for Street Food because: Street food in the Eixample area that is quick, cheap and very filling

Sam's expert tip: Their desserts are excellent especially the brownies

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Pizza Del Born has quickly become one of Barcelona's most well known pizza joints. Located on the trendy and very busy Passeig Del Born walkway, this place is perfect for late night street food, a cheap and easy lunch or a Saturday afternoon bite with friends. It's a small pizza joint with a few stools and places to eat in, or they can package it in a box for you, straight out of the oven so you can eat it on the street or take it home. There are a few pizza places close by but Pizza Del Born is by far the best.

Recommended for Street Food because: Best street food pizza place in the Born and in Barcelona city

Sam's expert tip: Try their dried tomato and brie pizza

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Pizza Market serves fresh and delicious pizza in an 'artisan' way. This superb take out restaurant prides itself on top quality ingredients and fast service. In addition to their take out option, Pizza Market also delivers, which is hard to find in the city. They have a large variety of pizzas as well as salads and even ice cream from Haagan-Dazs. Pizza Market is very central, so even if you don't want to get take out for the house, go to one of the plazas in Raval or Poble Sec, and take a seat on the bench while soaking in the local culture and eating your pizza.

Recommended for Street Food because: A deliciously fresh pizza take out and delivery option

Sam's expert tip: Try their mushroom and cheese pizza

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