After Dark, Madrid Begins to Wake Up

Ready to get your blood pumping? The Spanish capital is a lively destination with plenty of dance clubs and even more people ready to enjoy them. From pop and goth to rock and R&B music, you’ll find it in Madrid and both locals and visitors will be dancing to it all night long. In fact, Madrid’s dance clubs tend to get going when clubs in other cities have long since closed. And don’t forget all the after-hours clubs, either!

Tip: For the ultimate Madrid nightlife experience, you’ll need your stamina – head out for dinner at 10 pm, enjoy a leisurely meal, go have a drink or two at a bar or three, arrive at the clubs anytime after 2 am, dance your pants off until the sun comes up, top it off with some Spanish hot chocolate and fried churros, and then tumble into bed for a well-deserved rest!

And feel free to mix it up and sample all the clubs you can handle. You tend to find younger crowds in Malasaña, more refined crowds inSalamanca, the biggest crowds around Gran Via and Sol and more gay-friendly crowds in Chueca. But whatever your tastes, you’ll be sure to find it in vibrant Madrid. 

La Latina & Lavapiés


"Come for the shows, but stay for the drinks and dancing" seems to be the motto. With its retro outlook and miscellany of live entertainment, Berlin Cabaret draws a diverse crowd (old, young, preppy, alternative � everyone seems...  Read More

Chueca & Malasaña
Fulanita de Tal
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Fulanita de Tal is loud, proud and overwhelmingly feminine. Although known for its primarily lipstick lesbian clientele, the small Chueca bar and nightclub welcomes all patrons who are respectful of others and looking for a good time. Here the...  Read More

Chueca & Malasaña


Madrid is one of those rare cities where the goth scene is still going strong. And you'll find plenty of proof of that at Dark Hole, Madrid's best and longest-running goth club. Side by side, die-hard goths and black-clad club kids dance to...  Read More

Chueca & Malasaña
Photo courtesy of Daniel Lobo


Located in the Malasana neighborhood, Tupperware is a pop culture themed alternative rock bar that is popular among Madrid's twentysomething crowd. Tupperware's resident and guest DJs spin mostly rock and pop music that run the gamut from...  Read More

Joy Eslava
Photo courtesy of Galia Unplugged


A stone's throw away from the Puerta del Sol and open every night of the year, the Joy Eslava theater is part nightclub and part venue with regular dance sessions as well as occasional live shows and concerts of varying musical styles. The place...  Read More



This cavernous old industrial warehouse has been kitted out with all the latest gadgets to please a youngish, house- and techno-loving crowd. Expect a throbbing 60kw sound system and a main hall with a triple-level stage for the extravagant...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Teatro Kapital


Kapital is Madrid's mega nightclub with seven floors of bars, dance floors and recreational space. They regularly have different theme nights and sessions, including an early evening session for teenagers. The first floor is Kapital's largest...  Read More



Another giant hit from the Trip Family stable, this long-running night knows exactly what Madrid's clubbers seek and dishes it out without snobbery. Expect the characteristic "impossible mixes" from resident DJs Smart and Luiliminili who somehow...  Read More



A line snakes round the block by the old Palacio de Prensa cinema around 3am. Follow the queue to Ohm, one of a variety of club nights held at this 3000-capacity venue. Although everyone is welcome, Ohm nights mainly attract a gay following. A...  Read More


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