Best Madrid Restaurants

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    Sobrino de Botin

    Originally founded in 1725 as an inn, Sobrino de Bot�n is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest restaurant in the world....

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    La Isla del Tesoro

    A whimsical, romantic vegetarian restaurant, La Isla del Tesoro serves up creative and healthy food beneath dripping candles in an eclectic South Seas...

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    El Chaflán

    El Chaflán serves premier Spanish nouveau fare. The soft lighting and candles creates an elegant dining atmosphere. For starters, try the lentil soup with...

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    La Broche

    Now seven years old, the gleaming white La Broche is still the benchmark of hip in Madrid's upscale dining scene. Chef Sergi Arola trained in Ferran...

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    Chef Abraham Garc�a uses wit and imagination to create new innovative dishes using traditional Spanish recipes. The menu changes regularly, based on...

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    O'Pazo is one of the finest Galician seafood restaurants in all of Spain. First opened in 1969, the restaurant was remodeled in 2008. Now the decoration at...

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    Terraza del Casino

    This glamorous, old 19th-century restaurant – with its blazing chandeliers, flaky stucco and silver candlesticks – has been given a startling Ferran...

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    Santi Santamaría – presiding genius at the three-star Racó de Can Fabes in Sant Celoni (near Barcelona) – has named his sleek Madrid operation after...

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    Initmate, expensive and exclusive, the wonderful Zalacain is known as one of the very best restaurants in Madrid. Some of the fabulous dishes include stew...


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