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Hot Tips: Take a day-, dinner-, or brunch cruise or archipelago tour through Stockholm with Strömma Kanalbolaget.

Hot Tips: Stockholm has a fitting reputation for expensive lodging. If you're not earning Swedish Kronor, you'll feel sticker-shocked.

Hot Tips: Sweden is one of the least intimidating, non-English speaking countries in the world to visit; nearly all Swedes, regardless of age, speak impressively good English!

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Hot Tips: Surströmming!!! A summer dish, this fermented Baltic herring is the most putrid and odiferous fish dish in the world. Even if you don't eat it yourself, you must witness others doing it!

Hot Tips: Fika! Coffee is to the Swedes what tea is to the Brits. Swedes usually take fika at least twice a day, drinking delicious, dark coffee with buns, cookies and other goodies.

Hot Tips: Too many drinks, particularly mixed drinks; you'll be shocked at the cost of cocktails in Stockholm.

Hot Tips: You'd be surprised to learn how many popular, contemporary bands hail from Sweden–like The Knife, Opeth, The Hives, Meshugga, Roxette, The Cardigans, Entombed, The Teddybears and uncounted more. Catch a live show of these bands in their home country.

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Hot Tips: Sweden is home to many traditional crafts–all of which make elegant souvenirs: look for handmade Swedish linen (especially table runners), jewelry and gourmet chocolates.

Things to do in Stockholm