Best Stockholm Attractions

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    City Hall

    Nordic architecture is unique to Scandinavian countries and Stockholm City Hall has all the hallmarks of the one of a kind style: towing height, imposing...

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    Nobel Museum

    The actual Nobel Prize Ceremony in the Stockholm Concert Hall is only a small part of the prize. Here, you can learn about the unique selection procedure,...

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    Bergianska Trädgården

    Being a tourist doesn't necessarily mean that you want to spend your entire holiday with other tourists. The tranquil Bergius Botanical Garden is many...

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    Vikingastaden Birka

    Pagans, foreigners and Christians lived peacefully side by side in the Viking town of Birka, one of Sweden's most popular destinations. A UNESCO World...

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    Nordiska Museet

    The National Museum of Cultural History, modeled on Nordic Renaissance castles, is often mistaken for a royal palace. It's equally impressive on the inside,...

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    Gröna Lunds Tivoli

    The largest amusement park in Sweden, Gröna Lunds Tivoli offers some of the world's tallest and biggest rides. The park was opened in 1883 and has since...


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