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    If your budget allows it, "The Gondola" is the kind of restaurant that doesn't need PR or hype to draw the crowds, year after year. Built like a floating...

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    Marie Laveau

    Opened in early 2005, it took only a few weeks for Marie Laveau – named after a New Orleans voodoo queen – to become the hottest restaurant in town. In...

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    Founded in 1897, Prinsen is the regular haunt of Stockholm's artistic community – the bohemian restaurant even features in Swedish literature, poetry and...

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    Almost across the street from Prinsen is Riche, with an altogether different vibe. While Prinsen epitomizes laid-back comfort, Riche is constantly buzzing...

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    No, not the Gentleman's Quarterly, but "Gastronomic Intelligence" – something star restaurateur Jürgen Grossman must have in abundance, given the success...

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    This stylish restaurant is exactly what you'd expect from a city who's known for its cold and dark winter: delicious meat in a cozy environment. A muster...

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    Many guests are lured by the brännvin, or aquavit, of which there are over 40 varieties offered. But it's the food that really deserves attention. The...

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Local Expert Restaurant Recommendations