Things to do in Knoxville, TN


Get Your Bearings in Knoxville

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Caution: There can be huge (and frustrating) traffic jams in the Smokies during the summer and peak color viewing in the fall.

Hot Tips: Make time to visit the Blue Plate Special on Monday - Saturday at noon at the Visitors Center downtown.

Hot Tips: Football weekends in the fall bring a ton of orange-clad fans to the University of Tennessee - so be sure to book far in advance and check the football schedule.

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Take It or Leave It: The Knoxville Visitor Center has an excellent coffee/sandwich shop - and offers a place to review maps and other travel information in a homey atmosphere.

Be Sure to Sample: A moon pie and RC Cola at the Mast General Store - conveniently packaged to grab and go.

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Caution: Look out for panhandlers in Old Town during the later evening hours.

Take It or Leave It: Most bars in Old Town close at 3 am, with those in outlying areas closing at 2 am on weekend evenings.

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Hot Tips: Most of the downtown shops are closed on Sundays.

Best Local Souvenir: A CD of folk music from one of the WDVX Blue Plate Special bands, available at the downtown Visitors Center.

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