Memphis' Belly Acres Is the Place to Be for Burgers

Overton Square's newest restaurant serves up killer burgers with local flavors

By Sally Walker Davies,

Belly Acres brings the farm to the table, in more ways than one — Photo courtesy of Sally Walker Davies

If Eva Gabor – known to generations of us as Lisa Douglas, the glam Hungarian wife of TV millionaire-turned-farmer Oliver Douglas (Eddie Albert) – owned a restaurant, it would have been Belly Acres in Memphis. The Overton Square burger joint that promises a "citified fresh" experience doesn't disappoint, whether you're talking décor or dining.

This fast-casual joint offers up a huge menu of burgers with local flavor, which doesn't equate to a pulled pork burger. We're talking farm fresh, folks: most everything comes from within a day's drive of the city.

Walking into Belly Acres, it's easy to get distracted by the décor. There's an old-timey tractor just inside the door. A video display takes up an entire wall, and the image on it is: a farm field. What else? The tail end of a plane (not a crop duster, but it sure looks like one) juts out of another wall.

The ambiance is indeed Green Acres, and both Lisa and Oliver would have felt right at home.

It's not a crop duster - it's actually a racer - but it plays one inside Belly Acres — Photo courtesy of Sally Walker Davies

Back to the vast menu . . . There's all manner of burgers from which to choose, from the beef-and-pork-belly-blended patty – the Pow – to a bleu cheese buffalo burger to the Early Riser, a bacon cheeseburger topped with a fried egg and sandwiched between two honest-to-god waffles.

The Early Riser at Belly Acres — Photo courtesy of Sally Walker Davies

Or, you can create your own burger – yes, please! – from a giant list of ingredients, some of which are free, some of which you pay for; you even get to choose your bun. We'll top ours with bacon and a monster onion ring, thank you.

Sides are ordered separately, and they come in two different sizes: the kind to share with the table, or a personal side. Do not miss the fried pickles, which are by far the best in town. Any town.

Order the larger size; these are the best fried pickles you'll ever encounter! — Photo courtesy of Sally Walker Davies

When the weather is fine, which is much of the year in Memphis, there's a fantastic patio for outdoor dining. It overlooks Overton Square's courtyard, where there's live music on select evenings, as well as other events.

It's also a great place for the kids to run around in circles (Hint: There's a candy store just steps away; we'll deny we ever told you, however.), while you enjoy a beer on the patio. Draft and bottled beer are available.

You'll likely spend $12 to $15 for a full – burger, drink and side. If you go for a burger and a locally made brew, then you'll spend a bit more.