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The clip-clopping of horse hooves can be heard throughout downtown Memphis, thanks to a robust carriage tour industry. Kids certainly delight in these tours, which wind around downtown, form the Peabody Hotel area through the main business district, with a drive-by of Beale Street, South Main, and along the river. The horse-drawn tours operate day and night, and often run late into the evening, when the run by Beale becomes way more interesting. Many of the carriages feature fanciful lights for the evening, whether decorated as Cinderella's pumpkin carriage or a more sinister-looking ride; tours generally start at the Peabody Hotel (or call for an advance reservation / location).


393 N Main
Memphis, TN 38103-1527

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Expert Tips by Sally Walker Davies

Memphis Local Expert

Romantic Things to Do: "You can arrange for a round-trip ride with your carriage driver, so plan a romantic stop for drinks or dinner."

Tours and Excursions: "Many of the operators also take their furry friends along for rides, so if you are allergic to dogs and cats, you'll want to load up on allergy medicine."

Best for Romantic Things to Do Because: Cinderella. Every girl has seen it, and every girl thinks a carriage ride is over-the-top romantic.

Best for Tours and Excursions Because: Carriage Tours will pick you up at any hotel - simply arrange in advance.

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