Spice Up the Night with the Best Mexican Restaurants in Memphis

Memphis has a growing love affair with Mexican food, as evidenced by the increase in the number of restaurants that put Mexican flavors high on their menus. When you're craving a great Mexican meal in Memphis, you don't have to go far to find one of the city's top choices.

Some of those that made our list of the 10 best Mexican eateries in Memphis are long-time favorites, including Molly's LaCasita, Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana and Taqueria La Guadalupana. Others are newer entries into the scene, including Babalu in Overton Square. Whether a newcomer or not, what all the restaurants on our list share is simple - an outstanding atmosphere, a dedication to the flavors of Mexico, and a menu worthy of repeated visits.

We particularly love the inexpensive taco shops that offer the double-whammy of a two-tortilla wrap, so if that's your kind of meal, try Las Delicias or Elena's Taco Shop. If you're thinking about a sweet end to the evening, then the churros at Chiwawa in Midtown or the creamy, fruit-infused paletas at La Michoacana are the way to go. Frida's in Midtown serves up huge servings that can feed a whole crew.

From simple taco shops to more upscale options, finding the best flavors of Mexico right in Memphis is a snap.




Molly's LaCasita is located in the heart of Midtown, just beyond Overton Square, and has been in that spot for over 30 years, through the ups and downs along Madison Avenue. Molly's is a bit of an institution in Memphis, both for its...  Read More



There's nothing fancy about Guadalupana, from the d�cor to the location. But like some of the best holes-in-various-walls, the focus is on the food � not the d�cor. This is one of those spots where you can really eat on the...  Read More



Named for the only woman who ever made a unibrow look � dare we say it? - cool, Frida's celebrates all things Frida Kahlo, and you can't look anywhere without seeing a painting, poster, or reminder of the Mexican artist. The menu is...  Read More



When it's toasty outside (and frankly, even when it's not), Memphians hit La Michoacana for paletas and Mexican ice cream. Flavors and options are all over the map � choose from cups or cones for your ice cream (corn, Mexican cake, chili...  Read More



Babalus Tacos & Tapas is a Southern mini-chain, if you will; the original is in Jackson, MS, the Memphis location in Overton Square was restaurant dos, and Birmingham gets numero tres. The food is super-fresh, the ambiance rocking, and the...  Read More



Chiwawa melds American and Mexican foods together for its own twist - and refers to its cuisine as American and Mexican street food. What that means is that you'll find hot dogs along with tacos, and loads of skewers from which to choose....  Read More



Don't be put off by the 'it's attached to a gas station' location of Elena's; this is truly one of the city's best taco shops. There's a real emphasis on freshness at Elena's, from the meats to the fresh herbs and salsas. And the dishes are...  Read More



During lunch, it's a walk-up and order spot, with the line moving quickly as customers build-their-own burritos, tacos and salads – with the help of the friendly and often teasing food builders. One can get more complicated at lunch;...  Read More



The food at Las Tortugas is un-American - that is to say,it's made as if you were in Mexico City and hasn't been American-ized. The focus is tortas (sandwiches) and tacos, with an emphasis on all-fresh ingredients - think lots of fresh...  Read More



The space is uninspiring, in the corner of a strip mall, with little decor on the walls and basic furnishings. But no one's coming to Las Delicias for the decor, now are they? No, they come for the freshly-made guacamole, chunky and...  Read More


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