Best Outdoor Dining in Memphis

Dining Outdoors in Memphis: The City's 10 Best Patios

There may be no better city in which to dine al fresco than in Memphis, thanks to moderate temperatures for much of the year. While spring - which we say starts in late February - and fall - which ends in mid-November are the perfect seasons for dining outdoors, our favorite Memphis restaurants know how to beat the summer heat and humidity. The city's best patios sport misters, fans, and river breezes to combat the heat and humidity summer throws at us, meaning that outdoor dining is close to a year-round option in Memphis.

Our list of favorites covers every neighborhood and atmosphere, from chic and airy spots including Twilight Sky Terrace at the Madison Hotel in Downtown's central business district to Celtic Crossing, an authentic Irish pub in the Cooper-Young neighborhood of Midtown. Overton Square - and entertainment and dining district that's currently the city's hippest, hottest spot, boasts a number of great outdoor dining options, including Bablu, a taco and tapas restaurant, and The Second Line, a New Orleans-themed restaurant inspired by Chef Kelly English's days of working in that city's most beloved eateries.  In East Memphis, the sophisticated Acre offers a gorgeous slate-floored, rock-walled patio lit with tiny votive candles tucked into the recesses of the wall - a perfect spot for a romantic dinner under the stars.

Check out our ten favorite outdoor dining spots - they are just the start of exploring the city's rock-star dining scene.




Aldo's Pizza Pies specializes in hand-tossed pizzas, a wide variety of beer - 30 different draughts and 30 bottled options - and is quickly becoming known as the patio dining spot downtown. Situated on scenic Main Street in a cavernous space that lends to its big city atmosphere, Aldo's offers a huge patio for outside dining and people-watching. The New York-style pies served up in two sizes - small and large - as well as by the slice. A small is enough for two if ordering more than just pizza (see below). Options range from create your own to the Italian Popeye with vodka cream,chicken, spinach, and bacon or the Memphis Bird with barbecue chicken and red onions. Try the veggie dishes for something different; salads and sandwiches are also on the menu.

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: The patio at Aldo's offers a big-city feel, and buzzes on weekend nights.

Sally's expert tip: Save room for the house-made cheesecake - it is truly one of the best we've ever tasted.

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During lunch, it's a walk-up and order spot, with the line moving quickly as customers build-their-own burritos, tacos and salads – with the help of the friendly and often teasing food builders. One can get more complicated at lunch; there are grilled entrees including fish tacos, quesadillas and fajita plates. The star of the menu may just be the white queso; it is super creamy and rich, and practically a meal in itself. The fish tacos are another must-order with crispy yet lightly breaded white fish. Two locations - both on Poplar Avenue and one nearly in Germantown - offer a mixed lunch crowd of business execs, young professionals, yard guys and moms with tots, and both locations offer patio dining when the weather is fine.

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: We love getting our chill on, sitting on the patio at Swanky's - it's an East Memphis hangout.

Sally's expert tip: During the heat of summer - July and August - avoid the patio at lunch, unless you like to sweat on your meal. Since the patio is a) uncovered and b) next to the parking lot, it's H-O-T.

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The Second Line is chef Kelly English's more casual, New Orleans-influenced spot that's right next door to his Restaurant Iris. As with Iris, English took an old Midtown house with lots of character and a nice porch and space for outdoor dining. English calls Second Line "casual, honest, delicious and true" - with the true being true New Orleans comfort food, not the blackened versions of fish and chicken that he considers tourist food. So the menu is full of po'boys - catfish, shrimp, roast beef and other options - snack food including fried oyster salads, meat pies and more; and side dishes, or what is termed groceries on the menu - french fries, cheese grits, "fancy ass" coleslaw, and more. Food is served up on baking sheet-style trays lined with waxed paper, or small cast-iron style ramekins which is novel. Local beer gets its due here, with loads of local craft offerings on tap.

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: The patio at Second Line is about three times as big as the inside dining space, and includes a long bar, too.

Sally's expert tip: Be prepared to wait for a table, even early.

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The Terrace at the River Inn has upgraded to become a year-round spot - and brings a casual yet upscale nightlife offering to Harbor Town. Big glass windows are either thrown wide open to welcome the weather - or closed to ward it off - and the views over the Mississippi River change with the light and the season. Sunsets tend to be spectacular, and during the summer, quite long - which means you can linger with your handcrafted cocktail or glass of sophisticated yet not outrageously-priced glass of wine. The food had a make-over as well, and now includes a variety of small plates with a southern touch; only in Memphis may one see a combination of scallops and hoecakes. Sliders (traditional and lamb), skewers, pizettas, and charcuterie plates are offered, as well as some simple snack items including truffle oil fries.

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: We love the open-air, but set-apart feel at the Terrace, and especially love river views.

Sally's expert tip: Post-sunset may be the best time to snag a table and a meal.

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Babalus Tacos & Tapas is a Southern mini-chain, if you will; the original is in Jackson, MS, the Memphis location in Overton Square was restaurant dos, and Birmingham gets numero tres. The food is super-fresh, the ambiance rocking, and the crafty cocktails sure to please. Located in a cavernous space in the Overton Square district of Midtown, Babalu is basically one giant room with a long, long bar – and the bar opens to the back, right to the outdoor patio where there are lounging couches and cocktail tables. The menu offers a variety of food made to share – from a killer bacon cheeseburger with white cheddar, roasted tomatoes and chipotle aioli on a sweet sourdough bun (our new favorite burger in town, bar none) to gourmet tacos and Spanish-style tapas (potatas bravas!). There's also the occasional dash of Southern cooking – garlic shrimp and grits, or tamales from the Mississippi Delta to name a couple. The drink list is extensive and fabulous, with a huge list of tequilas and a bunch of fun cocktails – there are seasonal options, as well.

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: Babalu's patio is one of the hippest scenes in town, and mixes it up with a combo of lounge furniture, cocktail tables and conventional seating.

Sally's expert tip: Come early if you're planning to dine al fresco at Babalu, whether at lunch or dinner, as the patio seating is limited.

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Acre is an example of a great restaurant that serves up an awesome signature steak - a grilled angus ribeye served with garlicky rosemary 'crushed' potatoes in a red wine reduction. Y-U-M. The menu changes frequently based on what's available - both in terms of the locally produced foods and the fresh seafood, flown in daily. This is the restaurant where Memphians will find the most unusual combination of ingredients, bar none. For example, the braised short rib entree is paired with aligot potatoes, chanterelle mushrooms and a black garlic glaze. Foodies will delight in perusing the offerings, while those with less adventuresome or less experienced palates will be questioning the servers. A bar menu offers simpler fare and smaller bites, plus fantastic people watching.

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: Acre's patio is probably the prettiest - and certainly one of the quietest - in town, so it's perfect for a romantic evening.

Sally's expert tip: A gorgeous dining patio, with candles tucked into recesses of the stone walls, is open when the weather is fine, and is definitely a romantic setting.

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Central is one of our favorites, thanks to the huge patio that's open during fine weather (often with a band tucked into the corner), the homemade potato chips with bleu cheese dressing, which our table of six agreed recently were the work of the devil, they're so delicious, or maybe it's just the atmosphere - fun and funky, with that aroma of smoking meat wafting from the pit. The magic numbers for Central are 250 (as in degrees) and 14 (the number of hours meat is cooked). The pork is always tender, the ribs have just the right balance of crust on top and moisture inside. Probably our favorite dish is the pork barbecue nachos, which feature a two cheeses - the melt-y nacho cheese down under, then a layer of pulled pork, then shredded cheese on top. Y-U-M. Central's patio is always hopping, and many times there's a band on Friday nights, or Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The beer selection focuses on local brews like Ghost River, and the staff - from the counter help to the food runners - are super-friendly. A second location is further east, at 4375 Summer Avenue.

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: Central's patio is pretty darn basic - but always buzzing.

Sally's expert tip: Barbecue joints in Memphis tend to close shop earlier than most other restaurants, so be sure to arrive at Central with plenty of time to enjoy your meal - by 8:30 most nights, as the restaurant closes at 9 daily.

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Everything about Celtic Crossing feels authentically Irish pub, and walking into the bar is like going through a wormhole into another dimension. Like any respectable pub, the decor offers a mix of tables and chairs, there's always a football match being beamed in from somewhere around the world (if you don't know what EPL stands for, this may not be your bar), and you can order just about any Irish whiskey every made. You can order corned beef, shepherd's pie bangers and mash and even Scotch eggs, or go for the more traditional American pub fare of a burger or salad.

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: Celtic's patio is pretty darn perfect - set in a vibrant neighbohood-y neighborhood, the clientele is always changing and never dull.

Sally's expert tip: Celtic's patio is all that - but if you're hoping to catch a game on TV, grab a seat inside.

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The Kitchen brings the philosophy of founder Kimball Musk to Memphis with a beautifully designed, naturally chic ambiance. Natural light floods in through the huge glass windows that overlook the revitalized Shelby Farms. Inside the eco-friendly, LEED-certified building, the emphasis is on seasonal dishes and creative cocktails. A lovely covered patio expands the dining space, and the the view over Hyde Lake is fantastic, especially at sunset. Holding to its close-to-the-source sourcing of food philosophy, much of the food served is grown as close to the restaurant as possible,

Recommended for Outdoor Dining because: We love the expansive patio outside the main dining room - it overlooks Hyde Lake and offers killer sunset views - and you can take advantage of it almost year-round!

Local Expert tip: Try The Kitchen's signature Persian lemon cocktail, a scrumptious concoction of house-infused lemon vodka and pomegranate liqueur.

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