Great To-Go Options: Memphis Takeout Is Easy and Excellent

Memphis is turning into quite the foodie town, and finding excellent take out here goes way beyond pizza or burgers - although you will still find those on this list of our 10 favorite take out spots in the city. All of the options on our list are locally owned, so they have their own made-in-Memphis taste - and you can have the added satisfaction of supporting local businesses.

Note that each of the eateries on this list have different take-out options - and by that, we mean in terms of how you can order. Some take no phone calls, others offer online ordering. Because Memphis is an easy town to navigate and in which to park, grabbing a meal to go is usually pretty easy - exceptions have been noted.

From hand-tossed pizza to juicy burgers and the city's best Asian food, finding take out to suit your taste is easy and relatively inexpensive; take options range from a few of Midtown's best eateries, including pizza from  Trolley Stop and deli-style sandwiches at Fino's, and our favorite East Memphis go-to's - Swanky's for tacos and Mosa for Asian.

And for a really quick take-out experience, check out the the local food truck alliance, which offers food truck rodeos and special lunchtime gatherings throughout the city.




You'll get a huge bang for your buck at this family-run restaurant, located in a strip mall that has admittedly seen better days, just outside of downtown in a neighborhood that has also seen better days. What's missing in ambiance is more...  Read More



Cheffie's is where the guest is the chef - building salads and sandwiches from scratch - or for those who can't make a decision, you can choose from a broad menu of options. We love, love, love the salad-making; choose from a few lettuce...  Read More

Young Avenue Deli
Photo courtesy of Courtesy Young Avenue Deli


Don't be thrown by the name; this cavernous space is indeed a deli - and a tasty one, at that. Young Avenue has one of the broadest menus we've ever laid eyes on; there's everything from killer fish and chips to a cowboy pita to a pimento...  Read More



One of the most unique spots in town, the Trolley Stop is part restaurant, part bar, part market and part gift store - and we adore each and every part that exists here. The cavernous space located across from the Orleans trolley stop on...  Read More



A great little Italian deli and market, Fino's has just a few tables for the lunch crowd, and does a ton of take-out business. During the warmer months, picnic tables are set up out on the sidewalk of this Midtown Memphis gem. Sandwiches...  Read More



Memphis has more than its fair share of neighborhood bar and grills, and Huey's happens to be one of the best. The atmosphere is no frills and all bar, and the menu features what many locals regard as the area's tastiest burger. With...  Read More

Gus's World Famous Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken


The basic brick building on South Front might scare some folks away – but trust us, walk in and load up. Gus's is a franchise of the original in Mason, about an hour from Memphis; that eatery opened in 1953 and the chicken was served up in...  Read More



The restaurant is tiny, the menu impressively expansive, and the pizza crust brushed with garlic sauce – and this neighborhood pizza joint tosses some seriously good pizza that way better than anything one can have delivered in town. With...  Read More



A fresh -and we mean fresh -take on Asian dining, Mosa is a bistro that combines the best of Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes - noodle and rice bowls, curries and a host of small plates - in a casual atmosphere that rocks with the business...  Read More



During lunch, it's a walk-up and order spot, with the line moving quickly as customers build-their-own burritos, tacos and salads – with the help of the friendly and often teasing food builders. One can get more complicated at lunch;...  Read More


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