Best Elvis Shops in Memphis

From Blue Suede Shoes to Bobbleheads, Shop Everything Elvis

If you're looking for Elvis key chains, leather jackets, t-shirts, or even a bejeweled jumpsuit for your favorite Elvis tribute artist, then there's no better place than the stores of Graceland at which to shop. But if you want a real pair of blue suede shoes, a bottle of Jailhouse Rock Merlot, books detailing his life and death, chocolate guitars with his signature, then it's time to venture beyond Graceland.

Throughout Memphis, you'll find Elvis gifts where you least expect them. In Cooper-Young, you can hit me & mrs. jones - the studio and workshop of a painter of fine finishes who also has an Elvis connection. Stephanie Jones - a.k.a mrs. jones (lower case intentional) is the co-author of an Elvis travel app with yours truly. But she's an artist at heart, so a hand painted, stenciled, and waxed subway sign featuring all of Elvis's favorite places are for sale in her shop, along with her fabulously painted furniture. Then, there's the city's oldest confectioner - Dinsthul's, which creates scrumptious chocolate bars with the King's signature and likeness. Seriously, what could be more yummy than a dark chocolate bar with an Elvis wrapper?

From those unlikely spots to the local studios where he recorded, to a bookstore, his clothier, and beyond, our list of the best Elvis stores will have you rocking and rolling all over the city he loved.


Sun Studio is a tiny spot - but really, really big events in the history of music happened here. The most famous of all, of course, was Elvis Presley recording 'That's Alright, Mama' in 1954; within a year, he was a superstar and the Sun label was known throughout the world. Those whose names would become synonymous with rock, country and even the blues recorded at Sun including Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and B.B. King. The famous Sun facade is one of the most photographed sites in Memphis. A 1950s-style diner / gift shop offers up snacks a selection of music souvenirs.

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The local bookstore lives on - and lives on in splendorous existence at the Booksellers. Locals still call it Davis-Kidd, as the store was formerly known before it was bought out by the staff in order to ensure its survival. This is the kind of store where you can pick up a gift as well as a book - and we guarantee you can't stump the staff - they know everything. The delightful Bistro in one corner of the store serves up a fantastic breakfast, lunch, or dinner with signature items including a bleu cheese-topped tomato soup, and scrumptious offerings from local and regional cookbooks.

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: The Booksellers carries a selection of books, CDs, and more upscale Elvis-themed items, including quite charming bobble-heads.

Sally's expert tip: Make a donation to the Booksellers' Give Back program, and you get a $25 card to use in the Bistro, as well as a discount on all purchases.

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Located on historic Beale Street since 1876, this general store is a Memphis institution. Schwab's has changed hands over the years, but the employees and inventory seem to remain the same.The dusty and vast inventory includes everything from kitchen flatware to overalls and knick-knacks. Be sure to visit as you'll feel as if you have stepped back in time and are visiting the only store in a small town – and boys particularly love this place, as it is full of essentials like whoopee cushions and other staples of boy-toys. You need to pay the old-fashioned way, too – no credit cards accepted!

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: A. Schwab's has plenty of Elvis kitsch in its aisles - and saves you a trip to Graceland.

Sally's expert tip: Hit A. Schwab's early on Saturdays - it can be a jungle after noon. And - it's cash and carry - no credit cards.

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You never know what you'll find at the super-fun and super-funky Flashback,a vintage store that focuses on clothing, accessories and home decor - and that's what makes it so much fun. There's always a great selection of mid-century furniture and home decor, a great selection of women's dresses and finery, and plenty of wide lapels and skinny ties for men to peruse. But what we love the most - next to the amazing seasonal window displays (and during Elvis weeks) - is the retro holiday decor. From grinning 1960's pumpkins to cheery light-up Frostys and Santas, Flashback always amazes during the holidays.

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: At Flashback, you can get your inner Elvis on with vintage threads.

Sally's expert tip: During Elvis birthday and tribute weeks - January and August - be sure to swing by and check out the windows. Velvet Elvii abound!

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Graceland Area

This is the only outlet (sometimes called Graceland Outlet, sometimes called Memphis Outlet) of all things officially Elvis sanctioned by Elvis Presley Enterprises, and is full of officially licensed, past-season Elvis merchandise. Switchplate covers, clocks, key chains, mugs, t-shirts - you name it, it is for sale here, at prices definitely better than the full retail pricing up the street for similar merchandise. The best part is the exhibit-themed objects which were part of previous exhibits, as they tend to show or use photos or images that may have been in reserve, or simply just discovered, by the folks at Elvis Presley Enterprises. In addition to Elvis souvenir, the outlet stocks more general rock and roll-themed items

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: The outlet sells past-season Elvis merchandise - which many times looks like current season merchandise - at a huge discount.

Sally's expert tip: The store opens daily at 8 a.m., so if a drive-through of Memphis is your only option, you can still pick up an Elvis souvenir.

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The totally talented Stephanie Jones set up shop in Cooper-Young, and talented DIY-ers across the region are celebrating. Jones, who shudders at the use of the word 'faux', notes that fine finishes are what her artistry is all about. She teaches hands-on workshops in her studio, sells painted furniture, Annie Sloan chalk paint and Miss Mustardseed Milk Paint; she also sells brushes, books, custom stencils, interesting knobs, local travel guides, flea market finds and whatever else strikes her fancy. If you, like yours truly, doesn't have the ability or patience to paint, fear not - Jones and company always have the shop stocked with a number of finely painted furniture pieces.

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: The Elvis-themed subway sign, hand-painted by Mrs. Jones herself, is our favorite Elvis item.

Sally's expert tip: The shop's hours have expanded, with Saturday hours from 10 -1. Mrs. Jones is available by appointment at other times.

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Stax is one of our favorite museums and must-hits in Memphis - and the gift store at this museum of American soul music is one of our favorite stores in town, too. In addition to all the greatest music from the label, Stax offers music-themed gifts - plenty with retro flair. We've bought silk ties with a print of 45 adapators (if you have to ask, then forget it) and colorful paper coasters, as well as more traditional t-shirts with the funky Stax logo. Since Grammy-winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum came to Stax as head of the Stax Foundation, the shop has also started carrying lots of colorful logo'd baseball caps...very likely a nod to Whalum's signature style.

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: Elvis recorded three albums at Stax in 1973; these were his last major recording sessions.

Sally's expert tip: For music lovers, a Stax-logo goodie is a true piece of American music history.

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Dinstuhl's Fine Candy Company
Photo courtesy of James Davies

Dinstuhl's makes an official line of Elvis chocolate bars, chocolate albums, and CDs which you can buy in their store as well as at locations throughout the city. The 100-plus year old Dinstuhl's stores - there are three stores and a dozen others carry the Dinstuhl's line - keeps the city's dentists employed, as the candy is just too irresistible. The Grove Park location reminds us of the old-fashioned candy counter one used to find at every department store; the ladies behind the counter are sweet, and there's an array of the locally-made specialties on tantalizing display. The chocolate pecan fudge is made with the same recipe from 1902 - the year the store opened - and the selection of candied or chocolate fruit slices, nut brittles and cream-filled delights can make one weak.

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: Dinstuhl's sells a dark chocolate Elvis bar. Could there be anything better?

Sally's expert tip: Buy an Elvis trio to take home - a milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk choclate with almonds - for $12.95.

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We find it utterly ironic that a man who didn't drink has a line of wines named after him. You can buy Jailhouse Rock Merlot, King of Rock 'n' Roll Cabernet, Blue Suede Chardonnay and Blue Hawaii Riesling at Busters; we think they should have named the Riesling Private Presley, since he served his time in the Army in Germany - but no one asked us. Buster's is a one location, family-owned operation that runs like clockwork, has a friendly staff and the fastest check-out in town --and opens at 8 a.m., which was a real surprise when we hit the store on the off chance on the morning before Thanksgiving. What a treat to load up on wine before anyone else was out of bed! The store is laid out with wines to the left and liquor to the right as you walk in; wines are arranged mostly by country and then by appellation. Being in a central location right on the East Memphis / Midtown border, there's hardly ever a down time at Buster's, but these folks know how to staff for peak hours and around the holidays. There's always someone nearby to answer a question or point you in the right direction. Prices are reasonable if not better than most spots in town, and there is a discount for case purchases - including mixed cases.

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: Buster's is a music-loving liquor store; it carries the Elvis Presley wines as well as Justin Timberlake's 901 tequila.

Sally's expert tip: Through no fault of its own, the parking at Buster's is tricky - narrow, narrow, loads of traffic. Best to park on the side of the strip center and hoof it.

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Lansky Brothers fashions are a part of Memphis history, and their upscale designer clothing stores are a local fixture. While musicians like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and B.B. King provided the sound of Memphis, Lansky Brothers provided their fashion sense. Most well known for Elvis's Hi-boy collars, peg-legged pants, and pink/black combinations, they have been bringing the funkiest and hottest looks to Memphis for more than 50 years. The shop is small yet well-stocked, and they even carry blue suede shoes (and they're quite stylish). They also know how to tie a bow tie, if you're staying at the Peabody and need a rescue. Even if the prices are out of your range, browsing the 2000-square-foot store inside the lobby of the Peabody is quite an experience.

Recommended for Elvis Shops because: The Lasnky brothers were the guys who helped Elvis find his fashion sense.

Sally's expert tip: The store sells an exclusive line of Elvis-themed clothing, including a cologne.

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