The 10 Best places to get gluten-free goodies

No more do you have to watch your friends and loved ones ooh and ahh over some kind of dessert that is off limits for you because of a gluten allergy. Nashville restaurants have been serving up delicious gluten-free options all over town, and bakeries are following suit. And it's not only bakeries that will do gluten-free upon request, like Crumb de la Crumb, but it is bakeries devoted to GF items only, whether they are special-order only locations that also deliver to area restaurants and coffee shops, like OMG That's Gluten Free?, or open all day, every day places like Khan's Desserts, people who can't gluten have many amazing options to choose from. There are even restaurants making their own creations to complement their more accommodating menus. At The Frothy Monkey, not only can you get a strong coffee creation, but you can also order up gluten free meals and desserts. Of course, this list is just the beginning as there are so many more places adding GF options without batting an eye, like the GF batter at The Pfunky Griddle or crepes at The Red Bicycle. So no more tears over those lost food memories. Now is the time where you can sink your teeth in and make everyone else jealous.



Considered a favorite among locals, casual and energetic Amerigo prides itself on serving some of the city's best and most innovative dishes. Although the decor is brighter and more modern than at this regional chain than at the traditional...  Read More

12th Avenue South


This isn't your typical coffee house. In fact, coffee is just one food group of many on the menu. From breakfast through dinner, fresh meals are served along with lattes.They support a number of local food vendors, farmers and purveyors to make...  Read More

Crumb de la Crumb


Renowned for their infused desserts thanks to appearances on The Food Network, cakes are their specialty. Fans flock for their "crumbteenies," a bite-sized version of some of their more decadent cakes, but more extravagant creations are also a...  Read More



Because of a family history with celiac disease, the OMG's owner had many memories of sub-par tasting treats that just weren't treats at all. And when she was diagnosed herself her final semester in college, she worried she would have to go...  Read More

Sylvan Park


Vegan Vee is a vegan and gluten-free only, special-order European and American-style bakery using only 'real' ingredients - that means fresh fruit that is local and organic whenever possible. Chef Vivi uses certified GF flour, premium GF...  Read More



You don't get more fresh than your own backyard, and since Butterbean is located on 33 green acres in Gallatin, you can bet the ingredients used in the completely gluten-free menu are as fresh as you can get. Chef Meredith Jones is committed to...  Read More


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