Nashville's Top Lunch Spots Shine Light On Sandwiches and More

Lunch is an important meal. It get's us over the hump of the workday, symbolizing a time to take a break from your job and fuel yourself. Luckily, lunch spots in Nashville are abundant, and all of them aim to do more than simply give you enough energy to get going. They are angling to show Music City diners that fancy dinner plates have nothing on a hearty midday meal, prepared to perfect. At the classic Monell's, feed off the energy of your fellow diners as well as the delicious Southern soul food at the communal dining table. And over at Butterbean Bakery and Bistro in Gallatin, you can be assured that the ingredients couldn't be more fresh considering they came right out of the ground from the 33 acres out back. And at Woodland's on West End, people keep flocking to the vegetarian Indian buffet for some of the most flavorful plates of food to be had during the middle of the week. While most of these spots fill up quickly during the middle of the day, the service is great and the food is totally worth the wait. From gluten-free and vegan to Indian and soul, any craving can be met during your break.



Sometimes the only thing that will do is a sandwich. Prepared well, there can be no finer meal than some sandwiches, and the offerings at Rae's are just right. Deli classics like beef and cheddar, ham and Swiss and tuna are joined by hot options...  Read More



The Wild Cow is a restaurant on a mission. Serving vegetarian, vegan and sometimes gluten-free fare in casual East Nashville, the aim of the restaurant - other than to serve incredibly delicious food - is to make sure that food is cruelty-free...  Read More



Monell's occupies n historic Victorian house in Germantown. Dining is communal, and long wooden tables and an all-you-eat menu (choices of entree, vegetables, breads, and desserts) set the scene. Simply ask fellow diners to pass around the...  Read More

Mitchell Delicatessen
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Mitchell Delicatessen first opened its doors in 2008 with the idea to provide East Nashville with a full service delicatessen that only used the highest quality, natural ingredients from local sources. Residents responded - they ran out of food...  Read More

Germantown Cafe


Swanky, elegant, and eclectic, Germantown Cafe showcases straightforward cuisine is at its best. The fresh, delectable cuisine comes at affordable prices and they are known for their classics with a twist - like the BrieLT with fried green...  Read More

12th Avenue South


At Burger Up you won't find anything but the utmost respect for the meat. The menu and ingredients revolve around the notion of thoughtful consuming, sourcing as many products as possible from local sustainable farms, with new locales and their...  Read More

Berry Hill


Located in a charming little house on Thompson Lane, The Yellow Porch features intimate indoor and outdoor dining options. Diners enjoy mains like Black Angus filet mignon, Greek salad, Mediterranean vegetable lasagna, and paella complemented by...  Read More



You don't get more fresh than your own backyard, and since Butterbean is located on 33 green acres in Gallatin, you can bet the ingredients used in the completely gluten-free menu are as fresh as you can get. Chef Meredith Jones is committed to...  Read More



Ordering off the menu at Woodland's can be intimidating, so go ahead and ask for recommendations. Or, go crazy and just guess - the food is really that good that you will not be disappointed. Some can't fail picks include the samosa chat topped...  Read More


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