Sometimes, the urge to have Vegetarian food strikes, and nothing satisfies until you get it. When that happens, count on 10Best to point you in the direction of Austin's best Vegetarian restaurants. We understand the desire to have a great meal, and we work hard to bring you the top places to eat in Austin. We vet restaurants carefully for quality, and when we recommend popular eateries like Conscious Cravings or tell you that Koriente gets good reader feedback, you can believe it. We'll make sure you get - and eat - what's best.



Gourmet food trailers are fast becoming a popular and formidable force in their own right. Conscious Cravings is an example of how amazing these vendors can be. Vegetarian Austinites consider this Vegetarian eatery on wheels a bonafide...  Read More



This restaurant is loved for it's simplicity and relaxing atmosphere. You'll find it just 5 minutes from downtown Austin. Not only is Mr. Natural a restaurant but it also features a bakery, juice bar and health food store. The award winning...  Read More



If you're tired of vegetarian plates consisting mostly of lackluster lettuce, check out this quirky turquoise trailer dishing up what many call the most scrumptious vegetarian and vegan fare in Austin. Only the freshest, highest-quality...  Read More



Surrounded by a lush garden in downtown Austin, this primarily vegetarian cafe is dedicated to serving fresh, healthy and affordable Asian fusion dishes. The inventive menu options are always MSG-free and contain limited amounts of oil, salt and...  Read More