10 Tasty Spots to Eat on the Cheap in Dallas

Dallas’ food scene is flourishing with upscale eateries, where pricey steaks and $100 tasting menus are not uncommon. But fortunately, for every high-end restaurant there are dozens of budget alternatives, so you don't need to empty your wallet in order to eat a fabulous feast. And we’re not talking about spots that offer cheap snacks for happy hour or early-bird dining deals, these are places that offer terrific meals for $20 or less.

Fancy a juicy slab of prime rib with roasted veggies? How about pan-seared salmon? Then head over to Edith’s French Bistro, a newly opened bakery/café that cranks out delicious all-day breakfasts along with a slew of Gallic classics and desserts. If you have more of a hankering for schnitzel, sausages and sauerkraut, then Kuby’s Sausage House is always a good bet.

Or maybe you’re more in the mood for Korean food? For that, you’ve got options. There’s bibimbap, kalbi, Korean fried chicken and a host of other delicacies on tap at Bbbop. Or when you’re ready to eat yourself into a carnivorous coma, hit Gen Korean BBQ. Here you can indulge in all-you-can-eat meat, seafood and side dishes for around $20. Plus, it's even cheaper if you go for lunch.

And for those who think good sushi can’t be had on a budget, behold Kula, a perpetually buzzing kaiten-sushi joint that delivers plates of sushi and other Japanese snacks to diners via a conveyor-belt. The best part? Almost everything on the menu is priced at $2.25 apiece.

Hungry for more? Then this list should come in handy next time you’re on the hunt for Dallas’ best bargain bites.

Truck Yard
Photo courtesy of Truck Yard


For nights when being surrounded by four walls don't quite cut it, this 15,000-square-foot urban playground of food trucks, flatbeds and mismatched lawn furniture might be exactly what's on order. The place is so popular that it even landed a...  Read More



When chef-restaurateur Nick Badovinus opened his pocket-sized burger joint in the Design District back in 2012, it became such a hit with locals that it was almost impossible to get in during the short hours it was open. Now in its new Trinity...  Read More

First Chinese BBQ
Photo courtesy of First Chinese BBQ


Craving Chinese barbecue? Got a penchant for Peking duck? Then this no-frills Richardson stalwart will be your new happy place. In fact, First Chinese is so renowned for its roast meats – which can be seen hanging by the front window – that...  Read More

Velvet Taco
Photo courtesy of Velvet Taco


Three words: Chicken tikka tacos. That's just one of the flavor mash-ups worth seeking out at Velvet Taco, a buzzy, late-night taco joint perched on the corner of Henderson Avenue and Central Expressway. Other killer taco twists run the gamut...  Read More

Bbbop Seoul Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Bbbop Seoul Kitchen


This fast-casual eatery has such a cult following that the owners opened up several more locations around town. The attraction? One word: Bibimbap. Really good bibimbap. Here, diners can tuck into eight different set-ups of the Korean staple,...  Read More

Ten Ramen
Photo courtesy of Ten Ramen Facebook


Miniscule in size, massive in quality, this Tokyo-inspired ramen shack has taken Dallas by storm with its stellar bowls of silky smooth, slurp-able soup noodles. Located in the Sylvan Thirty complex, Ten Ramen (Ten, meaning heaven in Japanese)...  Read More

Kuby's Sausage House
Photo courtesy of Kuby's Sausage House


This family-owned German market and restaurant has been anchoring the corner spot in Snider Plaza since 1961. And, not only does the place boast one of the best selections of meats, cold cuts and European food imports in town, it's also the best...  Read More

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar
Photo courtesy of Kula Revolving Sushi Bar


The best sushi in Dallas? Perhaps not. But if you're looking no-frill hand rolls and nigiri that won't bust your budget, then Kula is the spot. Hailing from Japan, this buzzy kaiten joint (aka conveyor belt sushi) churns out all manner of sushi...  Read More

Gen Korean BBQ
Photo courtesy of Gen Korean BBQ


Talk about getting a bang-for-your-buck. You'll be hard pressed to score a better meal deal than the one on offer at Gen Korean BBQ, a cavernous, neon-lit AYCE (all-you-can-eat) yakiniku chain restaurant based out of California. But don't be...  Read More

Edith's French Bistro
Photo courtesy of Edith's French Bistro


You normally wouldn't think of French food when it comes to cheap eats, but that's exactly what you'll find at this cozy bakery and bistro tucked away in Mockingbird Station. Practically everything on the menu here is priced under $15, with the...  Read More


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