Feast on the Flavors of the Far East at Dallas Area Chinese Restaurants

Think you can’t find authentic Chinese food in Big D? Think again. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is home to a blossoming Asian population– which in turn has created a diversity of food options when it comes to Chinese cuisine.

You’ll find the highest concentration of eateries located in the suburbs of Plano and Richardson, but that’s not to say that Dallas doesn’t have its own star: Royal China. Going strong since 1974, Royal China is the city's go-to spot for both authentic and Americanized Chinese fare, ranging from moo shu pork and kung pao chicken to Peking duck and ma-po tofu. Don’t miss the homemade dumplings. Oh, and they also put on the greatest noodle pulling show in town.

More treasures await in Richardson at DFW Chinatown, a retail center filled with restaurants offering options for dim sum, hotpot, dumplings, and more. For the best xiao long bao (aka soup dumplings), head to Jeng Chi; for delicious dim sum, locals favor Kirin Court; and for Cantonese-style barbecue– no place does it better than First Chinese BBQ.

And though Plano may not have a designated Chinatown, it is DFW’s epicenter for Chinese food. After all, the city boasts the sixth largest percentage of ethnic Chinese in the country. Here you can dig into Mongolian hotpots at Little Sheep, Taiwanese fare at Wu Wei Din and modern Cantonese cuisine at Mah-Jong.

Of course, these restaurants just scratch the surface of the Far East delights the Dallas area has to offer, but the following list will certainly give you a good start. Just be sure to bring an empty stomach.

Secret Recipe Asian Bistro
Photo courtesy of Secret Recipe Asian Bistro


In the mood for Asian food, but not sure which type to choose? Then you're in luck: this self-service eatery showcases flavors that transport you to the Far East with a menu offering up an array of all things pan-Asian. That means you'll find...  Read More

Fortune House Chinese Cuisine
Photo courtesy of Fortune House Chinese Cuisine


From the outside, this looks like just another average run-of-the-mill Chinese joint, but once you step past the red lanterns, you'll soon realize it's a little bit more special. Behold, Fortune House, a casually-chic restaurant dishing up...  Read More

First Chinese BBQ
Photo courtesy of First Chinese BBQ


Craving Chinese barbecue? Got a penchant for Peking duck? Then this no-frills Richardson stalwart will be your new happy place. In fact, First Chinese is so renowned for its roast meats – which can be seen hanging by the front window – that...  Read More

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
Photo courtesy of Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot


If you're not familiar with one of China's ultimate comfort foods, it's time to meet Little Sheep, a popular Mongolian-born chain specializing in a style of hot pot cuisine that was invented 1,000 years ago by nomadic tribes traveling through...  Read More

Imperial Cuisine
Photo courtesy of Imperial Cuisine


At this sleek Richardson hotspot, you can dig into everything from kung pao steak and Sichuan spicy fish to seafood hot pots and handmade dumplings. But the main attraction is its mouth-watering hand-pulled noodles, which are freshly made before...  Read More

Wu Wei Din Chinese Cuisine
Photo courtesy of Wu Wei Din Chinese Cuisine


Tantalizing wontons, noodles and drunken chicken? Say hello to Wu Wei Din, a buzzy little eatery that has a reputation for dishing up some the best Taiwanese fare in the metroplex. No matter what you do, be sure to kick off with an order of...  Read More

Kirin Court Chinese Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Kirin Court Chinese Restaurant


The dim sum dining darling of the metroplex, Kirin Court is perennially popular for its authentic, perfectly prepared little packages of Cantonese treats, which fortunately can be had every day of the week. Though if you're yearning for the full...  Read More

Mah-Jong Chinese Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Mah-Jong Chinese Kitchen


Don't let its suburban shopping strip location put you off–this sleek spot is real gem and offers some of the best renditions of modern Cantonese cooking in the metroplex. Here, diners can tuck into everything from fried tofu tossed in truffle...  Read More

Jeng Chi Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Jeng Chi Restaurant


One word: Dumplings. Jeng Chi is arguably one of the metroplex's hottest spots for dumplings, specifically soup dumplings (xiao long bao) –a Shanghainese specialty featuring delicate little purses of dough filled with meat and piping hot...  Read More



A stalwart of Dallas' Chinese food scene since 1974, this family-run restaurant is perennially popular for its authentic dumplings, perfectly prepared dim sum and fantastic regional Chinese dishes. While you can expect to find iconic...  Read More


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