Wheatless And Wonderful: Ten Top Spots To Indulge Your Gluten-Free Sweet Tooth

Who says you have to forgo flavor when you're following a gluten-free diet? Especially when it comes to sweet treats. Luckily, for those with a celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, more places are offering interesting and diverse gluten-free options to their repertoire.

First up is Unrefined, one of the first dedicated gluten-free bakeries to open up in the metroplex. Aside from excellent breads and colorful cakes, expect to find cookies, pies and even freshly made sandwiches.  

When it comes to gluten-free cinnamon rolls, no one is doing it better than Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery, located in the Dallas Farmers Market. But the shop's offerings don't stop there, you'll also find doughnuts, cookies and an amazing selection of cakes. Then there's Reverie Bakeshop, Dallas' only vegan bakery. This place boasts a wide range of delicious gluten-free options that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the stomach. The raw pina colada cake here is definitely what gluten-free dreams are made of.
Don’t bother scanning the menu for gluten free items at Company Cafe, because everything here is made without gluten, including pancakes, sandwiches, cocktails and desserts. The cafe also operates an online bakery that delivers GF breads and sweet treats to your location.

And if you want to buy straight from the source, then hit up Local Oven, one of Dallas' largest dedicated gluten-free bakeries that supplies crusty baguettes, artisan breads, pastas and sweet treats to grocery stores, restaurants and hotels nationwide.

With bakeries scattered all across Dallas' surrounds, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of ways to get an indulgent gluten-free fix on. Just make sure to put these ten best spots at the top of your must-try list.

My Fit Foods
Photo courtesy of My Fit Foods Facebook


For those on the go, clean eating just got a whole lot easier and tastier with this Houston-based healthy food take-out chain. Boasting nine locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (90 locations nationwide), My Fit Foods offers a smorgasbord of...  Read More

Kozy Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Kozy Kitchen Facebook


This charming Uptown cafe is so dedicated to producing sumptuous, from-scratch dishes, that you'd never know that almost everything on the menu is completely gluten-free. And we're not talking salads, though there certainly are plenty of those....  Read More

Dude, Sweet Chocolate-Lowest Greenville
Photo courtesy of Dude, Sweet Chocolate


Craving a gluttonous chocolate binge, but can't face the guilt you might feel after? Then Dude, Sweet Chocolate has you covered. Founded by pastry chef and chocolatier, Katherine Clapner, the shop is best known for its quirky one-of-a-kind...  Read More

Lowest Greenville Avenue
Company Cafe
Photo courtesy of Company Cafe


Bananas foster pancakes, sour cream coffee cake, French dip sandwiches and chicken fried steak with garlic mash and honey jalapeno gravy— all gluten-free? You betcha. This casual Greenville Avenue eatery has made its mark on Dallas'...  Read More

Bisous Bisous Patisserie
Photo courtesy of Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie Facebook


It's difficult to find– and virtually impossible to park up close– but that hasn't stopped folks from pouring into Andrea Meyer's bijou sweets boutique. And it's easy to see why: the place is a Gallic gold mine of tasty treasures that include...  Read More

Haute Sweets Patisserie
Photo courtesy of Haute Sweets Patisserie Instagram


Though it has only been opened less than a year, Haute Sweets is already shaping up to be one of the city's hottest bakeries. Which is especially surprising since the place is located in an off-the-beaten-track shopping strip near White Rock...  Read More

Local Oven
Photo courtesy of Local Oven


If you've had any gluten-free products in Dallas restaurants, most likely they all came from Local Oven, a dedicated gluten-free and kosher certified baking facility located in the suburb of Carrollton. It offers one of the largest selections of...  Read More

Reverie Bakeshop
Photo courtesy of Reverie Bakeshop Instagram


From the looks of the pastry case, jammed full with a bounty of taste-tempting treats, you'd never guess that everything here has been made with nary an egg or dairy product in sight. Behold Reverie Bakeshop, an entirely vegan bakery that offers...  Read More

Hannah's Gluten Free Bakery
Photo courtesy of Hannah's Gluten Free Bakery


From tempting cinnamon rolls and doughnuts to beautifully decorated custom cakes and cookies, Larissa Wilson is so dedicated to producing delicious baked goods that you'd be hard-pressed to detect that everything at her bakery is gluten-free....  Read More

Unrefined Bakery
Photo courtesy of Unrefined Bakery Facebook


A whole bakery dedicated to serving up scrumptious gluten free goodies? Yes please. In fact, mother-and-daughter duo, Anne Hoyt and Taylor Nicholson, take the healthy eating concept one step further by cranking out alternative breads and other...  Read More


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