Lowest Greenville Avenue: Two Of The Tastiest Blocks In Dallas

Lowest Greenville Avenue has gone from being a desolate strip of seedy bars and vacated storefronts to a sizzling dining mecca filled with sidewalk cafes, gastropubs and eclectic restaurants sporting rooftop terraces.

If you're off to an early start, stop in at Boulangerie by Village Baking Co.– where a creamy cappuccino and a few French pastries or sandwiches serve as the perfect pick-me-up.

Remedy, a modern day soda fountain eatery, serves everything from house-made sodas, egg creams and boozy shakes to upscale BLT's, burgers and southern fried duck confit. Bbbop Seoul Kitchen cranks out stellar bibimbop, as well as Korean fried chicken, handmade dumplings and kimchi fries.  
If you're craving fresh Maine lobster then Daddy Jack's Lobster and Chowder House is your stop. For Japanese food–Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

If you like Middle Eastern cuisine, your going to love the Afghan fare at Nora Restaurant and Bar. Be sure to reserve a spot on the rooftop terrace, it offers spectacular views of downtown Dallas. Nora's neighbor, HG Sply, touts a paleo-centric menu and boasts a similarly stunning rooftop view. Across the street at The Blind Butcher you'll find innovative dishes ranging from hand-crafted charcuterie to Quebecois poutine with foie gras. Clark Food & Wine Co. serves charcuterie and excellent small plate options. Last but not least, there's The Libertine Bar, one of the area's buzziest gastropubs, offering an amazing selection of brews and an equally outstanding lineup of food to pair it with.

The Libertine Bar-Lowest Greenville
Photo courtesy of The Libertine Bar


A Greenville Avenue mainstay since 2006, this popular gastropub offers a laid-back buzz, great people-watching and a host of events, ranging from beer and wine specials to tappings, pairing dinners, game-watching parties and family-friendly...  Read More

Bbbop Seoul Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Bbbop Seoul Kitchen


This fast-casual eatery, wedged in next to Trader Joe's, is a top spot for locals craving a quick bibimbap fix. Here, diners can tuck into 8 different set-ups of the Korean staple, ranging from the traditional version with short rib to coconut...  Read More

Daddy Jack's Lobster and Chowder House
Photo courtesy of Daddy Jack's Lobster and Chowder House


For over two decades this cozy, candlelit seafood tavern has been shelling out some of the most succulent lobster and seaworthy fare in town. The reasonably priced menu, an ode to the bounty of the East, West and Gulf coasts, runs from mussels...  Read More

HG Sply Co.
Photo courtesy of HG Sply Co.


At HG Sply, which translates into hunter and gathering supply, gastronomes can fuel up on food that takes its inspiration from the Stone Age. But make no mistake, this hipster oasis of re-purposed wood and exposed brick isn't turning out the...  Read More

Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar
Photo courtesy of Joey Stewart Photography


Dallas has almost as many sushi restaurants as it does Tex-Mex ones, but not many live up to, and in this case, exceed expectations like this pocket-sized sushi-paradise does. And with its sleek decor and prominent sushi counter, Teppo would fit...  Read More

Clark Food & Wine Co.
Photo courtesy of Clark Food & Wine Co.


When you're in the mood for well-constructed small plates served up in a convivial atmosphere, this much buzzed about eatery should be on your list. The menu, conceived under Randall Warder, a former chef at Dallas' five-star Mansion Restaurant,...  Read More

Nora Restaurant and Bar
Photo courtesy of Nora Restaurant and Bar


Those who like to tuck into Middle Eastern cuisine will find an enticing flush of sumptuous stews, succulent kabobs and exquisite dips at Dallas' only Afghani restaurant. Here, you'll find familiar favorites like hummus and dolmas alongside...  Read More

The Blind Butcher
Photo courtesy of Joy Zhang


Since this meat-centric haunt opened in 2014, hipster gourmands have been gladly squeezing into its handsomely, rustic space to savor a menu ranging from hand-cranked sausages and hand-crafted charcuterie to dolled up versions of Quebecois...  Read More

Boulangerie by Village Baking Co.
Photo courtesy of Boulangerie by Village Baking Co. Facebook


Dallas' best bakery? The local Francophiles who stake out this bastion of baguettes think so, and with good reason. The shop's hearth-baked boules, crusty baguettes and buttery croissants are as good as any found across the Atlantic. Boulangerie...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Instagram User Se7en30


The folks behind Remedy have taken the traditional soda fountain concept into the 21st century by serving up-to-date versions of favorite countertop classics. You'll find house-made sodas in flavors like kaffir lime and Meyer lemon, sundaes...  Read More


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