10 Best Takeout Restaurants in Dallas: Get It and Go!

We get it - sometimes you just don't have the desire, time or energy to make a home cooked meal. Take out is perfect for days like this, and it's also a weary business traveler's best friend. Fortunately for Dallas residents and visitors, Big D is a take out-friendly town, and there are plenty of options for you!

If you want to impress your guests or family with some good ole' Tex Mex and you don't have hours to make your own homemade tortillas or roll enchiladas, make the call to Mariano's Hacienda. This popular local spot does take out perfectly - all you have to do is call in your order, arrive and park in the take out parking spot, and call the phone number on the sign in front of you! Then they'll bring your food out right to your car. As an added bonus, their food is terrific and some of the best Tex Mex in the entire Lone Star State.

If you're planning on "tricking" your guests with a homemade meal, you have some great options in Eatzi's and Central Market. These market/restaurants have huge take out sections that specialize in gourmet appetizers and dips, salads, healthy sides and even homestyle casseroles. All you have to do is take it home and reheat.



Located in the heart of Dallas on Greenville Avenue, Central Market is the premier grocery market in Dallas. It has an onsite cafe and specialty sections dedicated to fruits and vegetables, fish and meats, breads and desserts, cheese, and wine...  Read More



If you're in the mood for unique, innovative salads using the freshest ingredients combined in the most distinctive ways to please everyone from the devout vegetarian to the diehard meat-eater, head on over to Greenz in Uptown. This delicious,...  Read More

Wang's Chinese Cafe
Photo courtesy of Wang's Chinese Cafe


This University Park neighborhood staple packs a lot of punch in a cost-efficient manner. In fact, lunch specials average around $7 per plate. Some of the most popular items there include the Hunan Shrimp, General Tsao's Chicken, broccoli beef...  Read More

Café Izmir
Photo courtesy of Café Izmir Facebook


From hummus to lamb, this popular restaurant wonderfully mixes Middle Eastern cuisines; Turkish, Lebanese, Persian, and Greek. Mama Nazary, who prepares entrees for the cafe's daily fixed price menu, heads the kitchen and puts forth plenty of...  Read More

Pei Wei Asian Diner


The highly sought-after combination of inexpensive and high-quality makes a rare appearance at this well-loved Chinese diner. The portions at both lunch and dinner are huge by any standard, and the average cost is typically around $7. The staff...  Read More

P.F. Chang's China Bistro


This fashionable Chinese bistro gets high marks with North Dallas's trendier diners, who adore the contemporary interior and eclectic menu. While this is a chain restaurant, the service and food are well worth a visit. Start off your meal with...  Read More



Not to be confused with Campisi's, and considered a Dallas institution, Campisi's Egyptian has been satisfying Dallas appetites for nearly 50 years. First known as the Egyptian Lounge, this local favorite decided to tack on "Campisi" name and...  Read More

Lake Highlands


Located in Lake Highlands, Mariano's Hacienda is one of the best Tex-Mex restaurants in Big D. The decor is kitsch at its finest - the bar is covered by a traditional palapa roof, and there's a pinata room, a ranch room (complete with stuffed...  Read More



Unique gourmet takeout is what Eatzi's is all about. This convenient market and bakery has provided diners with the freshest sandwiches, hot entrees, bottled salsa and chutney in town. The shop offers touches like "create your own beer...  Read More



If you're in the mood for fast food or delivery, but want to skip the chains, head on over to Cowboy Chicken on Greenville Ave. This delicious restaurant has been serving Dallas diners for more than 30 years, and it specializes in natural...  Read More


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