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Originally, Galveston was a part of the Austin Colony in the old Republic of Texas. In 1839, the city was incorporated and enjoyed a prosperous 19th century due to mercantile firms, cotton plantations and a variety of other industries. As a port town located on a barrier island just off the Texas coast, Galveston has always benefited from a rich fishing industry and trade. In fact, Congress made Galveston an official port of entry in 1837, and the city has since welcomed so many immigrants that people now refer to the city as the "Little Ellis Island." Today, Galveston remains an important port town, although now the people pouring in are tourists who want to see Galveston's historic districts, which can boast of over 400 historic homes from the Victorian Age. Another big lure for tourists is Galveston's 32-mile stretch of beaches, which range from family-friendly and isolated to party-at-your-will. Those wanting fresh seafood will appreciate the large fishing industry's contributions to area restaurants, or they can step on to one of the piers or charter boats to catch their meal. The nightlife varies from typical sports bars and clubs to more upscale, trendy destinations. Some of the major attractions include Elissa, a landmark tall ship, and Moody Gardens, which offers visitors a Gulf Coast paradise to explore.