Take Out

A Moveable Feast


Originally a health food and vitamin store, this restaurant developed from the owners' desire to share the belief that healthy eating tastes great. All dishes are made fresh in-house and never have anything artificial added to them. Special...  Read More

River Oaks


Serving organic, natural fare, this casual restaurant is “certified green” by the Green Restaurant Association. Walk up and place your order for the likes of an all-natural buffalo burger, quinoa spaghetti and turkey meatballs, a veggie...  Read More

Egg Cetera


All organic and all amazingly tasty, the breakfast specialties are praised far and wide. People go well out of their way to eat here, sometimes trekking up from the city several times a week to get their fill of lemon ricotta pancakes, crab cake...  Read More

Café Express


Café Express provides fresh, handmade food in a sophisticated, urban setting. A stylish interior features natural stone and recessed lighting; al fresco dining is also an option. Made-to-order dishes can be kicked up with special olive oils,...  Read More



Sleek, airy, and punctuated with top-quality contemporary artwork, Tony's has been a premiere dining destination for many years. All dishes are made fresh daily using the best ingredients, and the kitchen's care is evident in everything from...  Read More

River Oaks
Avalon Diner


It's all casual at this appealing diner, which sits adjacent to a local drug store. Red-and-black checkered floors, vinyl-covered booths, counter seating, ceiling fans, and warm-hearted servers give it charm, and regulars can't get enough of the...  Read More

River Oaks


For decades now, this diner has been bringing together young and old, traditional and alternative, uniting them all with the allure of homemade pies and short-order fare. Don't come if you're on a diet, but do show up if you're in the mood to...  Read More



Eat inside or outside at this rustic BBQ shack, where brisket sandwiches, smoked duck and smoked chicken draw lunch crowds from all around the West University area. Be sure to have your game plan set as you make your way through the...  Read More

Swinging Door


Don't give a second thought to embarking on the longish drive to suburban Richmond – Swinging Door makes the trip worthwhile, if not necessary. The rustic, smokehouse-style joint doesn't presume to be anything more than it is: a friendly place...  Read More

The Heights
Barbecue Inn


For terrific Texas barbecue, savvy locals recommend this '50-style diner, where leather chairs and tile floors contribute a bit of local color. Even with its popularity, the owners –thankfully – haven't felt compelled to glitz up the place....  Read More