Houston Does India Proud!

Indian food is a delicacy and if cooked correctly, can push your palate into a whole new world. Whether it’s off the beaten path or standing tall in the trendy Galleria area, there are many good restaurants to choose from in Houston. Indika has been a popular restaurant in the Houston area for a long time and continues to bring in rave reviews. The classy Kiran's restaurant is sure to "wow" your date with its spectacular menu, ambiance and service. And, if meat isn’t your thing, Udipi Café specializes in vegetarian cuisine. Indian food can be prepared from mild to volcanic, so make sure you specify the amount of heat your tongue can take! Raita, a whole-milk yogurt mixed with cucumber and carrots, is recommended to soothe the palate against spicier dishes. Eating Poppadoms, which is a wafer-thin Indian bread seasoned with spices like cumin and pepper with select sauces for an appetizer at an Indian restaurant is similar to eating tortilla chips and salsa at a Mexican joint. If offered, mint sauces are good for digestion prior to eating a big Indian meal and is generally served with poppadoms.


Houston offers an array of restaurant choices from casual to classy, from traditional menu to exotic and from curry to pizza. Yes, pizza. So, if you haven't tried Indian food, don't shy away from what Houston has to offer. The choices for reasonably priced, authentic, Indian-styled food are pretty awesome!



If you are looking for a British Indian flare to your fare, the London Sizzler Indian Bar & Grill is the one to choose. The restaurant features fresh tandoori dishes, curries, and sizzling platters, which are prepared with regional...  Read More

Udipi Cafe


Previously known as Krishna Chaat House, Udipi Cafe offers multiple locations, reasonable prices and tasty vegetarian dishes. This restaurant is a good starting point for anyone who is interested in tasting good Indian curry for the first time,...  Read More



Owner, Anita Jaisinghani, formerly at the helm of Indika, has brought the flavors of her native Sindh culture and blended them with local Texas ingredients to bring Houston a new, organic approach to the Indian restaurant scene. Pondicheri Café...  Read More

India's Restaurant


Locals flock to this incredible Indian restaurant for the generous lunch buffet and tantalizing dinner menu. Perfectly fried samosas make a perfect starter, and classic entree options like tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, saag paneer and...  Read More

Shri Balaji Bhavan
Photo courtesy of Shri Balaji Bhavan


Specializing in authentic Southern Indian cuisine, this beloved hole-in-the-wall is all about flavor. The casual eatery offers an impressive all-vegetarian menu complete with popular dishes like samosa chaat, madras thali, rava masala dosa,...  Read More

The Bombay Pizza Co.


If you merge an Italian pizza with Indian flavors what do you get? The Bombay Pizza Co., which offers a unique spin on pizza. Pizza flavors like, Tandoori Chicken, Mitul's Masala and Gateway to India are big hits with fans of the parlor. They...  Read More

Shiva Indian Restaurant


An award winning restaurant, the Shiva Indian Restaurant has been a staple in the Houston community for over 20 years. Moderately priced, traditional classics such as Saag Paneer, Vindaloo, Tikka Masala and Gobi Aloo are listed on the menu,...  Read More



If you are wondering where to go for progressive Indian food head to Montrose and dine at the Indika restaurant. Mouth-watering cuisine is served for lunch and dinner with specialty fusion items such as the sweet potato samosas, roasted eggplant...  Read More


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