Fascinating Old and New Historical Sites in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas is a city rich with history and historical sites. Of course, when you're talking about historical impact, there's simply no landmark that is more recognized than the Alamo. It's so important that there's a city ordinance that restricts any construction that would cause a shadow to fall over it. San Antonio wouldn't be the city it is if it weren't for the battle at the Alamo. 

The Alamo was originally built to be the church for the Mission San Antonio de Valero, which was founded in 1718. In fact, there are five other missions that were built in the 1700's that still exist today and tell a much more detailed story of what life was like back then. The San Antonio Missions National Historic Park is a must-see for history buffs.

The riverwalk is more than just a fun place to shop and eat. It's been around for almost a century and millions of dollars and untold lives and organizations have influenced its development over the decades. Certainly, it's one of the most well-known landmarks in the city.

Cultural landmarks include the Majestic Theater and now, the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, which was recently renovated and is a magnificent SA site. 

Old is made new again at the Pearl Brewery Complex where a once abandoned old brewery has been transformed into a bustling hub of the city. Restaurants, bars, shops and a new hotel can all be found here. Explore these sites and more!





For the best view in San Antonio, go directly to the Tower of the Americas, which was built for the World's Fair back in 1968. Located downtown, this 750-foot-tall structure in the middle of Hemisphere plaza offers the most spectacular views...  Read More



The Tobin Center is a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose 1,759-seat (2,100-seat with flat-floor configuration) performance hall, a 250-seat studio theater, and an outdoor performance plaza connected to the river walk with a permanent 30 foot video...  Read More

Mercado O'liva
Photo courtesy of City of San Antonio


Mercado O'liva, located in a courtyard at the Plaza de Armas and Spanish Governor's Palace in San Antonio, is akin to a family-friendly block part. Mercado O'liva will be a place where locals and tourists can explore and buy original goods from...  Read More



If you have time to plan ahead a romantic night out be sure to check you who is performing at the Majestic Theatre. The Majestic Theatre is San Antonio's oldest and largest atmospheric theatre. The theatre seats 2,311 people and was designed by...  Read More



Southtown, San Antonio's arts district which abuts the King William District, one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city, is a prime site-seeing location. In Southtown you'll find local arts and local artists. Galleries line the main...  Read More

River Walk
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Travel + Leisure ranked the San Antonio River Walk as the #1 River Walk in America. Also known as Paseo del Rio, this major tourist attraction brings in over five million visitors a year. Delight yourself with a relaxing dinner at one of the...  Read More

Phil Hardberger Park


Phil Hardberger Park is the amazing creation of San Antonio's Mayor Hardberger, who has an eye for beauty, art and community projects. This classy park, if there is such a thing, is a relatively new 311-acre park located on either side of...  Read More



There were five missions established in the early 1700's. These Spanish missions were more than churches. They became towns with a focus on encouraging the natives to become Catholic in order to be citizens. The Spanish king was able to extend...  Read More

San Antonio


The Pearl Brewery is one of the coolest places you can visit in San Antonio. This brewery, established in 1883 and once home to Pabst beer, has recently been transformed from a historic brewery to a thriving multi-use space where you can eat,...  Read More



One of five missions established in the early 1700's, the Alamo is nearly 300 years old. It is perhaps the most cherished landmark in San Antonio. If you ask around, you will find that all children here and in surrounding towns take at least...  Read More


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