From fine dining to to-go cuisine, Alamo Heights has it all!

If you want to explore all that San Antonio has to offer, then make sure to take a jaunt north of downtown to Alamo Heights, a stunning historic neighborhood of incredible homes, great retail and coffee shops, not to mention a plethora of neighborhood eats.

Silo has bee a staple of Alamo Heights for a very long time. Fine dining aficionados love it here. They're always reliably delicious with favorites such as their signature Chicken Fried Oysters served with Angel Hair Pasta, Sautéed Spinach, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Tart Apples and Mustard Hollandaise. They offer a prix fixe if you want to do it up right!

For something wholly unique in the Alamo Heights area, just a few minutes from the center of it, visit Jamaica Jamaica for some authentic Jamaican eats and Soul Fusions that will make your heart happy, not to mention your tummy. Count on some true home cookin' - Jamaica-style, such as Jerk Chicken and Shrimp and Grits. There's no skimping on portions or flavor here! Their lunch specials are a steal and weekend events make it a great place to chill with Caribbean cocktails for some live music or a DJ. 


Piranha Killer Sushi Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Piranha Killer Sushi is a trendy Americanized Japanese restaurant with a bit of a twist. There is no confusion in this fusion! Whether for a business lunch or date night, Piranha's nouveau Japanese atmosphere and expansive menu, including a-rockin' list of martini options as well as wine and sake, will not disappoint. Piranha offers up super fresh sushi, inspired presentations and unique flavor profiles, such as the White Lotus Roll, a crab, shrimp tempura, cream cheese roll topped with escolar and a colorful pico de gallo served with a delicate truffle oil sauce. Unexpected and savory items such as the Vietnamese beef salad with sriracha lime sauce and the Vietnamese summer roll of salmon, tuna, crab, micro greens, mango and asparagus in rice paper with a ponzu sauce are not to be overlooked. If you're a traditionalist, Piranha's has some classics you'll enjoy, but don't be afraid to venture out into the unknown. Sushi is not for the faint of heart!

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: Located conveniently at the Quarry Market, this sushi hot spot is a great place for an afternoon respite or evening out with friends.

Kimberly's expert tip: The sushi is so fresh and delicate, you'll want to start with the Crudo of Hamachi, Tuna and Escolar. If you're in the mood for something off the beaten path for dinner, try the Grilled Salmon with Mussels in a Saffron Cream Sauce. It's to-die-for!

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Central Market
Photo courtesy of Central Market

By definition, it's a grocery store, but unlike any, you've ever seen. Central Market offers a wonderful variety of Chef prepared foods, sushi being one of them. The great thing is you can pick and choose to create your perfect meal. Pair your salmon, chicken, roast beef or other protein with an endless number of sides, from traditional items such as mashed potatoes and Caesar salad too, well, literally a hundred other options. They also have a made-to-order grill with sandwiches, burgers, stir-fry and more. Oh, and did I mention sushi? And for dessert, guess what? They now have homemade gelato. Stock up and settle in for a night of delicious delicacies!

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: If you want to grab something and take it back to your hotel, Central Market has an entire smorgasbord of local favorites and delicacies.

Kimberly's expert tip: Make sure to take a stroll through the bins and candy aisle for some unique spices and gourmet snacks, from gourmet barbecue rubs to the finest dark chocolate.

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If you want some equally scrumptious and authentic yet unique Chinese street food, you're in luck! Locals know Ming knows her thing! She's also known for her booth at The Pearl Farmers Market. Ming's has developed a following over the years of local foodies who can't get enough of Ming's noodles, steamed buns with pork belly and housemade sausages. Typically, there's a long line at the market, so you're better off hitting up the brick and mortar. It used to be located in the Yard inside a train boxcar but has since expanded to a new location but still offer the same great cuisine in a relaxed setting. Check out the egg noodles with fresh veggies and a sesame dressing or the sweet potato noodles in a Sichuan broth. Ming's food hits all the notes from sweet to savory and umami too. Soon you'll be wishing there was a Ming's in your own hometown!

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: If you're craving Asian food in the Alamo Heights area, Ming's is an ideal place to stop for a quick and tasty fix.

Kimberly's expert tip: Ming's is open for lunch during the week and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights only.

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Tribeca 212
Photo courtesy of Yvonne Deleon

Tribeca has managed to find the right balance of great New American cuisine and exceptional service in a warm, cozy atmosphere and all at a surprisingly low price point. They're also open for lunch during the week, brunch on Sundays and happy hour for some mixologist-invented elixirs. The cuisine is eclectic and largely created with locally-sourced ingredients from a wide variety of Texas farms and ranches that Tribeca proudly displays on their website. The dishes are nothing short of divine. Where else will you find a dish made of brussel sprouts, crispy house-made pancetta, pecorino, rosemary vinaigrette and a poached farm egg that can so easily become an obsession? Other favorites include the Oven-Roasted Lockhart Quail with asparagus and wild mushroom risotto and Seared Scallops, perfectly cooked, with butternut squash risotto, sauteed spinach and lemon butter sauce.

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: Tribeca is a gorgeous neighborhood menu with a wide variety of options for everyone.

Kimberly's expert tip: You can get one of Tribeca's amazing homemade pizzas for half off during Happy Hour, which runs Tuesday through Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m.

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Photo courtesy of Joshua Simmons

Mixtli is so much more than just a satisfying meal, it's truly a journey of the spirit and senses. Owners Diego Galicia and Rico Torres, also chefs, have developed a unique dining experience they're calling "progressive Mexican culinaria," which is unlike anything in San Antonio, perhaps even in the U.S. The duo know how to make great food, that's a fact, but what's more enticing is they know how to entertain you. If food were live theater, Mixtli would be a hit Broadway show. Everything is made from scratch, and they source many of their ingredients locally, although some ingredients are imported from Mexico and South America, such as their cocoa beans. Mixtli, which means cloud in the Aztec language of Nahuatl, represents the ever-changing cuisine. The emphasis is on Mexican food that celebrates traditional ingredients and cuisine, just like their ranching grandmothers used to make, yet much more refined.

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: Mixtli offers a completely original dining experience of elevated Mexican cuisine served in a boxcar.

Kimberly's expert tip: Mixtli only takes reservations and they book up at least a month in advance so be sure to pre-plan.

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San Antonio
Fratello's Deli
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Fratello's is part restaurant, part deli, part market and wholly delicious! It's a great place to grab a quick bite to eat that's not only fresh but affordable. Their dishes come from hearty family recipes that inspire memories of sitting around the kitchen table, talking, eating, laughing and loving life. The "American Dream" brought many immigrants to America, including their Italian grandparents, uncles and aunts that settled in San Antonio, Texas. Fratello's offers beloved Italian classics such as Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna, Linguine with meatballs and traditional tomato sauce. Fratello's makes all their bread from scratch. Plus, it's the only place in town you can get a bowl of Bucatini al' Amatriciana! They use premium imported Italian ingredients as well as locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. They also use Volpi, America's Oldest Maker of Dry Cured Italian Meats. You'll find a love for tradition and flavor in every Fratello's bite!

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: Just a little jaunt up Broadway from downtown, you can enjoy some authentic Italian food that is incredibly affordable.

Kimberly's expert tip: Fratello's easily makes THE best Neapolitan-style pizza in town! If you like spicy, try the Salame Piccante. You can even watch your pie being made before it's put into the oven.

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San Antonio
Jamaica Jamaica
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

In a town abundant with breakfast tacos and other Tex-Mex, thankfully, Jamaica Jamaica comes to the rescue with a unique alternative of traditional Jamaican cuisine and Caribbean soul fusions. Dee and her husband, Chef Angello, have been serving up classic Jamaican dishes, such as Jerk Chicken and Curry Goat Stew, since 2011 and have developed a loyal following of patrons looking for something different to satiate their appetite. The focus is on delicious Jamaican comfort food that's authentic and something everyone can enjoy. Chef Angello was born in Jamaica and learned to cook from his mom and sisters. He's been in the kitchen since he was seven years old, where he first learned to make his favorite dish of Brown Stew Chicken. The soul influence comes from Dee, who was born in Georgia. Jamaica Jamaica is open for lunch and dinner on Tuesday through Saturday and special events, such as live music throughout the month.

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: Jamaica Jamaica is a great alternative to the ever-present Tex-Mex in San Antonio and offers a comfy, homey vibe.

Kimberly's expert tip: They just expanded their brunch to the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month and are showcasing some exciting dishes, such as Jamaica's national dish of Ackee & Saltfish with fried dumplings, Salmon Croquettes & Grits or the more familiar Fried Jerk Chicken & Waffles, as well as a monthly special.

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Smoke Shack
Photo courtesy of Joshua Simmons

Get ready for some wonderful Texas barbecue, right in the middle of San Antonio - more specifically in Alamo Heights, right across the street from the Witte Museum and Brackenridge Park. If the weather's nice, there's nothing better than grabbing your meats to go and taking them to the park for a picnic. This location is new, but Smoke Shack has been around having a food truck at 410 & Nacogdoches for quite a while. Their food truck still operates during the week. It's encouraged that you opt for the 3 meat combo. The barbecue is smoked to perfection and utterly tender. There's plenty of choices, from brisket and sausage to smoked turkey, chicken and succulently carmelized pork ribs. The sides are just as good and include potato salad, mac & cheese, fried okra and more. The portions are generous and potentially enough food for two to share, although you may not want to. If you're feeling frisky, give the Frito pie a chance. It's one of the best in town!

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: You can't leave San Antonio without trying some of our amazing barbecue, and this is a great place to start!

Kimberly's expert tip: Next to the restaurant is their meat market - a great place to pop in for some eats to take to the park or locally-made products to take home with you.

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MAX's Wine Dive - San Antonio
Photo courtesy of Joshua Simmons

Max's Wine Dive doesn't look very divey at all, in fact, they're an upscale joint but with a pretty humble attitude. Designed to be a chill and relaxed bar and restaurant, Max's blends a casual, industrial feel with a gourmet comfort food and wines from around the world. Max's mantra is "Fried Chicken and Champagne? Why the Hell Not?" Max's claims that on, "any given night of the week, you'll find a 20-something sitting at the bar next to a 60-something; each drinking the same Aussie Shiraz with the "Texas Haute Dog" and listening to rockin' tunes from the jukebox." All over the city of San Antonio, we've heard exclamations of delight over the most amazing fried chicken. Upon asking, invariably the answer is Max's Wine Dive.

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: Max's Wine Dive is a popular haunt for affordable and yummy drinks and eats.

Kimberly's expert tip: They feature a "Catch of the Day," such as a Soft Shell Crab Po' Boy, but you'll have to go in to find out!

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Photo courtesy of Silo

Enjoy a martini at ground level before ascending in the elevator to the dining area housed in this former silo. You can enjoy a prix fixe menu or just order by the plate. Thoughtfully-crafted dishes like scallop ravioli, mango-wasabi crab cakes, grilled and braised osso buco, and chicken-fried oysters (a local favorite) further distinguish Silo from other San Antonio establishments. Silo offers couples or families a place to celebrate a special occasion, even if it's just an hour or two of quiet time in an elegant atmosphere. If you're counting on chocolate souffle cake for dessert, call ahead because sweets vary nightly.

Recommended for Alamo Heights' Best Restaurants because: Silo is one of the finer restaurants in Alamo Heights and perfect for a special evening out.

Kimberly's expert tip: Silo Prime, located downtown, is also a treat with premium steaks and live piano music. It's a more high end option, if you're looking for a special evening out.

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