Best Restaurants for Fall in San Antonio

"Fall" in love with these mouthwatering San Antonio restaurants

This fall, it's easy to fall in love in San Antonio - with the wide array of exceptional restaurants, that is! The top 10 spans the gamut from land to sea, from high end to drive-thrus. Vegetarians and vegans should read on too. There's something for everyone this season.

One of the newest restaurants to catch some buzz is Mako's on the Creek, located just outside of the city. This seafood restaurant has been impressing locals with its fresh flavors and eclectic menu. They'll have you enchanted with their flaky Shiner Bock Beer Battered Fish-N-Chips alone. A great choice for a special date or family gathering.

Downtown dwellers looking for a stunning and spacious patio to enjoy the perfect weather will love Dorrego's Argentinean eats at the chic Hotel Valencia. This fine-dining restaurant is classy yet not too costly with delicious cuisine, gorgeous decor and exceptional service. With their new made-to-order paella lunch special, it's also a smart choice for afternoon eats. 

Of course, not everyone has time for a leisurely meal, and that's where Earth Burger comes in. Vegans will be delighted with this quick and yummy option, but so should everyone else. The burgers are not only tasty but scout's honor, you won't be asking 'where's the beef?' With plenty of other options the whole family will enjoy, budget-friendly and sustainable eating can meet again. 


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Barbaro isn't just any pizza joint, think of it more as a pizza speakeasy, a neighborhood bar that features craft beer and absolutely fantastic pizza, salads and desserts showcasing the finest ingredients in combinations you wouldn't come up with on your own but make perfect sense once they're on your palette. If pizza had its own Oscar's, Barbaro's would be the Scarlet Johansson of the evening, sexy, sophisticated, clever and unique. We'd like to add cheesy, but you get our meaning. Barbaro's recently moved into the quaint Monte Vista neighborhood next to Lilly's cookies on McCullough and is yet another brilliant culinary creation birthed by the restaurateurs of The Monterey and Hot Joy.

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: It's never the wrong time for pizza, especially Barbaro's rustic wood-fired pizza.

Kimberly's expert tip: According to Barbaro, they offer the best darn happy hour in town every day from 3 to 6 PM, with 50% off select beverages. They're also open late during the week, for a much better choice than national chains.

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North Central
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Clementine is a family-owned, visionary neighborhood restaurant created by two of San Antonio's favorite chefs, John and Elise Russ (husband and wife team). The menu focuses on seasonal Southern and American eats in a casual but elegant setting. They source from several local farms so you can expect fresh, seasonal fare. The Country Fried Bandera Quail is impeccable. You might also enjoy the Seared Tri-Tip with wilted greens, giant beans, front garden chimichurri, seared tomato and grilled bread. The truth of the matter is you can't go wrong here, whatever you choose. If you're in a daring mood, order the "Feed Me," prix fixe menu, where the chef sends out course after course of superb seasonal flavors. You may get so full you'll want to say, "no more," but you won't!

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: One of the most lovely, thoughtful restaurants to grace the San Antonio food scene.

Kimberly's expert tip: Clementine is now open for lunch with some fun options such as Brick Grilled Rabbit Leg or Spanish Mackerel.

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Ruth's Chris Steak House
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Founded by a woman entrepreneur who was ahead of her time, Ruth's Chris Steak House is well known for its prime cuts. Ruth Fertel showed spirit and determination in choosing her restaurants. The quality of the restaurant steaks is a clear reflection of her eye for the best. Choose from a wide variety of full-flavored classic steaks, such as a T-Bone or Cowboy Ribeye, for an outstanding example of USDA Prime at its best. The steaks come out sizzling on a plate of butter and herb, and the smell alone will have you salivating. Complement your steak with a lettuce wedge salad or lobster bisque. You can wrap it all up with their customer favorite, Chocolate Sin Cake. Ruth's Chris Steak House may be a chain, but they continue to win points with steak lovers around the country for many delicious reasons.

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: Everyone's always looking for the perfect steak, but no need to look further, because Ruth's never disappoints!

Kimberly's expert tip: Ruth's has a spacious patio in the heart of downtown along the Riverwalk, ideal for enjoying dinner or after-dinner dessert and drinks.

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5 Points Local
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Owner of the popular and long-standing, The Cove, has opened up a new restaurant called 5 Points Local that nourishes the mind, body and spirit with local clean food and yoga to boot! What's even better is the entire menu is gluten-free, so you can eat anything and everything you want without the worry of miscommunication or cross-contamination, which as people with gluten allergies know, is a rare treat. What's, even more, is that 5 Points Local cares to source quality ingredients that are healthful to your body, as well as delicious, although truth be told, they sometimes do not skimp on the calories. If you're looking to indulge in some delicious pastries, both savory and sweet, you can do that here. It's also possible to dig into a satisfying meal that is entirely guilt-free. You decide, based on your mood and how tight your pants are fitting at the moment. Their brunch on Sundays is fantastic... you can enjoy biscuits and gravy and even some classic gluten-free pancakes, which means good ole American deliciousness! If you're not too full afterward, pop on in for a yoga class to work it off!

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: On the forefront of the shifting culinary trends, 5 Points Local is one hundred percent gluten-free, but simply a cool place to enjoy any meal.

Kimberly's expert tip: They serve delightfully fluffy (and gluten-free) pancakes all day, and what could be better than that?!

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What's wonderful about Feast is their original perspective on food, not to mention their amazing execution of said perspective. They have divided their dishes into six categories, those being Oceanic, Heat, Chilled, Grilled, Crispy, Hearty. Feast opened their doors in September of 2011 and have been offering spectacular New American cuisine with a Mediterranean flair in a variety of appetizers, entrees and "small plates" ever since. Chef Stefan Bowers culinary career developed its initial roots while growing up in Berkeley California during the early 1980s. Living in a city on the forefront of the organic movement gave him his first look at the now popular "sustainable" culinary food culture.

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: A local's favorite, this unique restaurant features shareable plates that pack a lot of flavor.

Kimberly's expert tip: For a divine treat, order the Peanut Butter Pie for dessert. Piled high with fresh whipped cream and a thick layer of peanut butter mousse and chocolate cookie crust, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!

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San Antonio
Fratello's Deli
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Fratello's is part restaurant, part deli, part market and wholly delicious! It's a great place to grab a quick bite to eat that's not only fresh but affordable. Their dishes come from hearty family recipes that inspire memories of sitting around the kitchen table, talking, eating, laughing and loving life. The "American Dream" brought many immigrants to America, including their Italian grandparents, uncles and aunts that settled in San Antonio, Texas. Fratello's offers beloved Italian classics such as Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna, Linguine with meatballs and traditional tomato sauce. Fratello's makes all their bread from scratch. Plus, it's the only place in town you can get a bowl of Bucatini al' Amatriciana! They use premium imported Italian ingredients as well as locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. They also use Volpi, America's Oldest Maker of Dry Cured Italian Meats. You'll find a love for tradition and flavor in every Fratello's bite!

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: It's time for some guilt-free eating, and what better place to enjoy some carbs than at Fratello's!

Kimberly's expert tip: Fratello's also has a downtown location near the Spanish Governor's Palace, which makes for a great afternoon adventure.

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Biga on the Banks
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Biga on the Banks has earned a stellar reputation. Request table 31 when you make a reservation at Biga on the Banks, and you'll end up with the best view in the house. You won't be gazing at the river, but you will have an eye on chef Bruce Auden as he concocts lobster ravioli on arugula and guinea ham in guajillo sauce. Steak lovers will enjoy their Griddled Angus Beef Ribeye or their Grilled Beef Tenderloin, but you cannot go wrong with their Eleven-Spiced Hill Country Venison and Grilled Quail. The tasting menu is highly recommended, but the cuisine is equally as interesting when ordered a la carte. The loft-inspired space is airy and light, but don't worry, you'll have plenty of elbow room when you dig in.

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: A truly old-world fine dining restaurant, Biga's is a must for a splurge and features a balcony overlooking the riverwalk.

Kimberly's expert tip: Take advantage of the staff's expertise, by asking them to make recommendations for wine or cocktail pairings with your meal.

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North Central
Earth Burger
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Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or someone just looking for a quick and yummy meal with a healthier bent, San Antonio's got something for you! Introducing Earth Burger, the city's only vegan fast food. Although that may sound like an oxymoron, trust that it's not. From the signature quarter-pound veggie Earth Burger on a whole wheat bun with all the fixin's to the fan-favorite Spicy Chik-N Sandwich or BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, it's so fantastically delicious that you'll never miss the meat. The fries can hold their own against virtually any national chain and then some, not to mention the vegan-friendly brownies and Earthshakes. For those truly wanting to keep it light, dig into their Plant Protein Bowl or Southwest Veggie Bowl, filled with a cornucopia of veggies that are equally refreshing and satisfying. On top of that, a dollar from every bowl goes towards a local non-profit and this company is dedicated to being green, in more ways than one. Point being, there's no need to ever feel guilty about going through the drive-thru again!

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: With summer over, Earth Burger comes to the rescue with quick, yummy and healthy meals. The fact that it's vegan is just an added plus!

Kimberly's expert tip: This location near North Star Mall can get very busy, so if you're in a hurry, you might want to swing by their Nacoghoches location, which is still conveniently located in central San Antonio.

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The Valencia Hotel's new restaurant, Dorrego's, proves that some hotel restaurants can shine. Although Latin flavors are not rare in San Antonio, Dorrego's showcases Argentinean fare, something you're not likely to run across in the Alamo City. Chef Mesa visited Argentina and brought back his inspirations, incorporating those authentic ingredients into his cuisine. Start your meal out right with Mexican street corn and the Proveleta Flamado a la Mesa, a tequila flamed cheese grilled Argentian provolone. The entree choices are diverse, elegant and scrumptious, ranging from gulf prawns (head-on), duck empanadas, grilled octopus, TX pig meatballs, smoked short rib ravioli and more. For dessert, even if you're too full, try the DDL Panna Cotta. For downtown visitors, you might wish to stop in for some cocktails to enjoy on their lovely patio, situated along the riverwalk. Dorrego's is a veritable treat and the perfect choice for patio dining.

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: Located in one of San Antonio's sexiest boutique hotel, Dorrego's has it all from top-notch cuisine to fine wines and riverwalk views.

Kimberly's expert tip: Dorrego's is now offering a daily lunch special featuring a fun made-to-order Paella station. Guests can enjoy a variety of Paella ingredients, such as chicken, shrimp, house-made sausage, P.E.I. mussels, onions, tri-colored bell peppers, corn, tomatoes and peas with either saffron or cilantro rice.

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Mako's on the Creek
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Although finding great seafood in the San Antonio area can be a bit of a challenge, when you do find it, it can be such a delightful surprise, as is the case with the newly opened Mako's on the Creek, located just outside of the city. With such a vibrant and spacious dining room, walking into Mako's feels like a breath of fresh air. The staff is exceptionally friendly and ready to offer thoughtful recommendations for first-timers. Seafood-centric though they may be, their menu is eclectic and nobody will go home hungry. Play it safe with a hefty portion of Shiner Bock Beer Battered Fish and Frites, truly some of the best you will ever have the pleasure of eating. The more adventurous eaters will thoroughly enjoy the Pan-Seared Halibut in a charred tomato broth or the succulent Bison Short Rib. Whatever you choose, you'll end up with a happy belly.

Recommended for Best Restaurants for Fall because: One of the newer restaurants in the San Antonio area, foodies will enjoy exploring the offerings at this fantastic seafood-focused restaurant.

Kimberly's expert tip: For dessert, do yourself a favor, and order the absolutely stunning Lemon & Lavender Layered Cake with lavender-blueberry infused cream cheese frosting. It tastes as good as it looks!

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