Breakfast in San Antonio is a Fantastic Reason to Wake Up!

Breakfast isn't always the most exciting meal of the day, that is, unless you're in San Antonio! With Tex-Mex restaurants peppering the city, you can pretty much close your eyes and point at the nearest Tex-Mex joint and be pretty happy with a dozen variations of breakfast tacos. However, San Antonio has so much more to breakfast and brunch on!

Supper, located at the Pearl Brewery's Hotel Emma, can be hard to get into for dinner, but not so for breakfast. Still it has their signature style. Where else can you have a Belgian Waffle topped with rich, decadent duck? 

Of course, San Antonio, has some local favorites that shouldn't be overlooked. If you're sight-seeing or shopping in Southtown, make sure to grab a relaxing bite at the lovely Guenther House. Their fluffy biscuits and creamy gravy are some of the best in town.

For pancake-lovers, is there anywhere better than Magnolia Pancake Haus? Probably not! Although you might have difficulty choosing which type of pancake you want, sometimes difficult decisions must be made!

King William District
El Mirador
Photo courtesy of El Mirador

Packed houses attest to El Mirador's popularity with locals, and its traditional cuisine ventures beyond the standards to include grilled goat, wild boar, and tongue. Its soups are especially lauded, particularly the much-requested sopa Azteca....  Read More

Photo courtesy of Kimberly A. Suta

What's wonderful about Feast is their original perspective on food, not to mention their amazing execution of said perspective. They have divided their dishes into six categories, those being Oceanic, Heat, Chilled, Grilled, Crispy, Hearty....  Read More

Las Ramblas
Photo courtesy of Hotel Contessa

Las Ramblas is a local hot spot and one of the most beautiful places to dine in San Antonio, whether you want to sit inside or on the limestone patio with exceptional views of the river walk. The talented Executive Chef, Jeff Axline, is at the...  Read More

Friendly to vegetarian and health-conscious diners, this funky spot serves breakfast tacos wrapped in whole-wheat tortillas, fruit muffins, and other diverse breakfast and brunch fare. The flour is stone-ground and unbleached, and most...  Read More

What could be better than Italian seafood? Il Sogno, located at the historic Pearl Brewery, is a five-star Italian cafe that offers homemade Italian classics created by the well-known restaurateur, Chef Andrew Weissman. The space is bright and...  Read More

Cascabel's is one of the best-kept secrets in San Antonio and sports a wonderful outdoor patio with umbrella-covered tables. It's different than every other Mexican food restaurant in the city because it features regional specialties from...  Read More

Bakery Lorraine
Photo courtesy of Nick Simonite

Bakery Lorraine started out as a hole in the wall on Grayson street. Now at the Pearl Brewery in a much larger, more upscale location, they have earned a reputation as the cafe to go for the most delicious sandwiches and pastries. There is...  Read More

Magnolia Pancake Haus
Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pancake Haus

Known for its buttermilk pancakes that started from a recipe called 'The World's Best Pancakes,' the Magnolia Pancake Haus is a favorite among locals. Ask a group of San Antonians what their favorite place for breakfast is and you'll hear the...  Read More

King William District
Guenther House
Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pancake Haus

Sausage, biscuits, eggs, pancakes, waffles with sweet cream and a San Antonio mainstay: breakfast tacos. It is all at The Guenther House! Like so much of San Antonio, this restaurant has history behind it. The building is nearly 100 years...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Jody Horton

Hotel Emma showcases its culinary prowess in multiple ways, but it's on-site restaurant, Supper; located along the northern extension of the San Antonio river walk, is their best representation of what good food is all about. This farm-to-table...  Read More


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