Rise and Dine in the Alamo City's Best Breakfast Spots

Breakfast may just be this city's favorite meal! San Antonio is known for its cheap and delicious breakfast tacos (they can easily compete with Austin any day of the week). So, we've got you if that's what you're looking for, but we promise so much more on our list of top 10 breakfast places in town you must explore before noon!

Snooze tops the list, especially if you're not sure what you want, but you know you want a stellar breakfast with all the fixings. They take it up a notch (or 10) with their scrumptious array of everything from decadent pancakes to bennys. You can not go wrong here!

If it's gotta be Latin, why not step outside the box. Ocho  serves up the city's best Cuban sammy (with huevo) for breakfast, and Cascabel  brings you to central Mexico with their homemade corn tortillas, black beans and cafe de olla. We suggest you dig into their chilaquiles, but make sure to ask for it with bacon and grilled cactus. 


Bird Bakery
Photo courtesy of Bird Bakery

Bird Bakery is like a little bakery heaven. The staff is overwhelmingly friendly, encouraging you to try the wide variety of samples, from carrot cake, salted peanut butter cups, and Mexican chocolate brownies. Make sure to ask which items are gluten-free, as this is not a dedicated gluten-free bakery but comes with a variety of wonderful options. They have an amazing honey cheesecake made with Greek yogurt, but it tastes just as decadent and delicious as any cheesecake you've every tasted. Of course they have an array of cupcakes from the Elvis cupcake with peanut butter frosting to the Lemon Blueberry Pancake cupcake. Yum! Bird Bakery also serves lunch and dinner in a chic atmosphere.

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Bakery Lorraine
Photo courtesy of Nick Simonite

Bakery Lorraine started out as a hole in the wall on Grayson street. Now at the Pearl Brewery in a much larger, more upscale location, they have earned a reputation as the cafe to go for the most delicious sandwiches and pastries. There is nothing more comforting or homey than fresh baked pastries made from scratch, and Bakery Lorraine puts a sprinkle of TLC on everything they make. Jeremy and Anne met while working for Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bakery in the Napa Valley, California and have been baking together ever since. They honed their skills in different kitchens around the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to San Antonio in the summer of 2010. In 2011 they established Bakery Lorraine, through which they wish to share their craftsmanship with you. Every item that they put out is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Recommended for Breakfast because: There's nothing better for breakfast than the perfect pastry, just made that morning!

Kimberly's expert tip: Try the Quiche Lorraine!

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King William District
Madhatters Tea House & Cafe

Madhatters is a local favorite for all things deli. If you're wanting some healthy, homemade-esque take out, this is an excellent choice. They have all the traditional favorites such as turkey and tuna salad sandwiches, but also offer some not-so-usual deli items such as couscous, turkey burgers and a grilled eggplant and hummus sandwich. Even if you're wanting something a little sweet to take back to the hotel, you can't go wrong at Madhatters. They have a bakery-style case filled with enormous cakes and scrumptious pies. Unfortunately, the only thing you can't take with you is the charming atmosphere, but everything else is up for grabs!

Recommended for Breakfast because: Madhatters is the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely breakfast with someone you love.

Kimberly's expert tip: We recommend getting a delicious pot of tea while you wait for your to go order. They offer an assortment of over 50 different kinds, served in the cutest little teapots!

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Tito's is your classic hole in the wall restaurant, but it's most definitely worth a visit. Located in San Antonio's acclaimed arts district, Southtown, Tito's is the place the locals go again and again and again. They put the T in Tex-Mex with some of their signature dishes, such as the Chipotle Cream Chicken Enchiladas or their delightfully juicy Crispy Beef Tacos. This is one of the best tasting and inexpensive places you'll find in San Antonio or, possibly, even in Texas. All of the plates come with rice, beans and tortillas. It's practically guaranteed you'll leave Tito's both full and happy!

Recommended for Breakfast because: Tito's offers classic Tex-Mex dishes that are yummy and inexpensive.

Kimberly's expert tip: A great local hangout where you can go watch the Spurs games and enjoy great Tex-Mex!

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Magnolia Pancake Haus
Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pancake Haus

Known for its buttermilk pancakes that started from a recipe called 'The World's Best Pancakes,' the Magnolia Pancake Haus is a favorite among locals. Ask a group of San Antonians what their favorite place for breakfast is and you'll hear the name Magnolia many times. The Magnolia prides itself on making the type of food your great grandmother would have served to her guests. They even make their syrups right there in the restaurant. They offer a wide selection of breakfast products including omelets, waffles, Eggs Benedict and a variety of pancakes. Pancake flavors include bacon, bananas foster, blueberry, chocolate and of course their famous 'World's Best Pancakes.'

Recommended for Breakfast because: Magnolia Pancake Haus doesn't have a line around the block for no reason. They are one of the most popular restaurants in town.

Kimberly's expert tip: Kids under four get a free pancake.

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Cascabel's is one of the best-kept secrets in San Antonio and sports a wonderful outdoor patio with umbrella-covered tables. It's different than every other Mexican food restaurant in the city because it features regional specialties from interior Mexico. You won't find the ubiquitous refried pinto beans here or even flour tortillas. Cascabel's serves everything with thick yet soft homemade corn tortillas and refried black beans that have an exceptional amount of flavor. If you want to try something unique, order the Birria, which is a rustic goat stew. If you want to play it safe, order the Huaraches, which are corn tortillas smothered in refried black beans, shredded cabbage, your choice of meat, a spicy red chile sauce and sour cream. Cascabel's will stimulate your palette without over-stimulating your bank account!

Recommended for Breakfast because: Cascabel's chilaquiles are quite literally to-die-for, and a refreshing change from all the Tex-Mex!

Kimberly's expert tip: This quaint and quirky little restaurant is great for breakfast too. Try the Mexican hot chocolate or the Cafe de Olla. There is nothing else like it!

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Savor and CIA Bakery Cafe
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Savor restaurant, which also doubles as the CIA Bakery Cafe for the first quarter of the year until mid-April, offers a unique opportunity to get a taste of the cutting edge culinary scene happening in San Antonio. The Culinary Institute of America is situated at the historic Pearl, and the culinary students are creating some delights here that are on par with the best of the best at this beautiful location. Go for breakfast and lunch, again while the student pastry chefs are in session, for an array of baked sweets and savories. From delicate almost croissants to classic Mexican pastries, they offer something for every sweet tooth. As for dinner, choose from customized three or four-course meals of modern American fare, such as honey-chili roasted chicken with fat rice and Asian lime. To top it off, the restaurant focuses on farm-to-table, so many of the ingredients are sourced locally.

Recommended for Breakfast because: Savor is a a must-go for true foodies who want to enjoy the food scene in San Antonio. The CIA Bakery Cafe is one of the top bakeries in town.

Kimberly's expert tip: The breakfast croissant is a great way to start your day, especially accompanied by a hot cappuccino!

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Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Not only is this Pan-Latin restaurant and bar located along San Antonio's picturesque riverwalk, but it has one of the most stunning dining rooms in the country, with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall the opens up when the weather's cool enough to enjoy it. Chef Edward Villarreal is at the helm, serving up an array of Latin-inspired breakfast dishes, from sweet plaintain griddle cakes to a Cubano con Huevo. This savvy chef is also the star of a culinary series, Homegrown Chef, that inspires gourmands to cook, eat and explore San Antonio's delicious food scene. Go for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. They also offer happy hour, and good eats from their downstairs speakeasy-esque bar and late night options, when most restaurants are closing down. The perfect choice before or after an event at the Tobin, as they're within walking distance.

Recommended for Breakfast because: Ocho serves up some great Latin-inspired breakfasts in one of the most gorgeous glass restaurants in the world.

Kimberly's expert tip: If you can, get a room at this beautiful historic hotel along the riverwalk.

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NOLA Brunch & Beignets
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

NOLA Brunch and Beignets is owned and operated by one of San Antonio's most talented chefs, Pieter Sypesteyn, who originally hails from New Orleans. He introduces those authentic flavors and cuisine at this fairly new eatery, that's sole focus is brunch. What could be better than brunch that can be had on days that aren't typically reserved for brunching? You can enjoy a relaxing "brunchy" meal here every Tuesday through Sunday. The menu is full of such yummy options, it's difficult to choose. You can nosh on Hashbrown Crusted Trout, Eggs Rockafella, Bread Pudding French Toast with seasonal marmalade, a Blue Crab Omelette or Shrimp and Grits, just for starters. You'll definitely want to save room for a plate of beignets for dessert, which come in classic powdered sugar or stuffed with lemon curd or coffee and chicory. Enjoy a meal from the Big Easy in the Alamo City!

Recommended for Breakfast because: NOLA offers New Orleans-style brunch all day. Get down to the Big Easy in SA.

Kimberly's expert tip: It's brunch at NOLA Brunch and Beignets, all day, every day, Tuesday through Sunday!

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Snooze: An A.M. Eatery
Photo courtesy of Snooze

For modern breakfast where sky's the limit everyday, from 6:30 to 2:30, head to Snooze. They pride themselves on offering innovative delights (including lunch options) in an energetic atmosphere. The only problem, sometimes, is getting a table. They're so popular they're often packed. Incredible breakfast options range from Corned Beef Hash and Shrimp and Grits to Juan's Breakfast Tacos (topped with green chile hollandaise and pico de gallo) and Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes. They also offer a pancake flight, so you can get any three flavors you like, and who doesn't want it all?! Although a chain born in Denver, this snazzy eatery focuses on community and sustainability, so it's a place that's easily found a home in the hearts of Texans. Definitely no snoozing at Snooze!

Recommended for Breakfast because: Snooze is a great place to grab some morning grub, with options that span the whole gamut.

Kimberly's expert tip: They offer a "Pancake of the Day," option, so be sure to explore!

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