Best Farm to Table Restaurants in San Antonio

Delicious Farm to Table Feasts from Fine Dining to Park Picnics

San Antonio is full of mindful chefs who do their absolute best to source the freshest, most highly-crafted and thoughtfully-raised ingredients, which isn't always easy in the blazing Texas sun. Still, these artisan makers are the best of the best and a meal at these incredible restaurant is guaranteed to be exceptional! 

Few make more of an effort to source locally and make healthful scratch food than Chef Elizabeth Johnson from Pharm Table, which recently opened the doors to its new location in the Southtown Arts District. You can eat here with a carefree heart knowing that everything on your plate - soups, broths, salads, tacos made with heirloom tortillas, pizzas, etc. - is meant to nourish you, and that includes dessert! It's notably a hot spot for brunch on Sundays.

For some absolutely luscious seasonal dishes inspired by global flavors, made by one of San Antonio's most talented husband and wife teams, head to Clementine on the northside. Here, we recommend throwing caution to the wind and ordering the "Feed Me" prix fixe dinner to take advantage of the chefs' current inspirations and the freshest ingredients!

For something low-key but still truly amazing, order a stunningly scrumptious charc board from The Board Couple. Why not plan a picnic in the park with someone special and impress them with some fun, fresh and fancy foods? They're so local they even make their own boards! 


Sweet Yams
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Located on San Antonio's east side, just a few minutes from downtown, Sweet Yams is a little gem worth checking out if you're looking for healthy but tasty options, that include gluten-free and vegetarian, with a focus on organic, high-quality produce. The menu is simple but delicious and tends towards Southern-style comfort food such as collard greens. Their gluten-free mac-n-cheese with either blackened chicken or shrimp is to-die-for! They also have an impressive veggie chili that's worth the trip. The space is humble but has a charm that reflects the warmth and goodness of its owners. Unfortunately, the sweet potato pie is not gluten-free, but it's completely worth a cheat day, barring any allergies.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Although not much more than a hole in the wall, this funky eastside cafe offers some of the best farm-fresh southern-style eats.

Kimberly's expert tip: Don't leave without trying one of their organic and gluten-free sweet potato cupcakes!

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Meadow Neighborhood Eatery and Bar
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Meadow is a charming neighborhood restaurant located at The Alley in central San Antonio. The spacious eatery is family-owned and offers a creative menu of Texas-centric delights. Start your meal off right with their pork belly biscuit or wood oven cornbread accompanied by some scrumptious house-made jalapeno pimento cheese and honey lard-butter. Next, sample a variety of shared plates, such as their cabbage pancake or steak tartare. For entrees or large plates, you can't go wrong with their fried chicken served with braised greens, chow chow and hot sauce. It might just be the best fried chicken in the city! Everything is made from scratch by Chef PJ Edwards. The restaurant also makes an effort to work with local farmers and ranchers, ensuring the dishes are fresh and made with seasonal Texas ingredients that are guaranteed to have your mouth watering!

Recommended for Farm to Table because: This talented chef incorporates local South Texas ingredients into his traditional New Orleans fare.

Kimberly's expert tip: Their Half Fried Chicken with chow chow and buttermilk biscuit is a must!

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Photo courtesy of Joshua Simmons

Rebelle Restaurant, located in the St. Anthony Hotel is one of San Antonio's premier restaurants. Once, years ago, the restaurant at the St. Anthony was the place to go for dinner... and now it is once again! Executive Chef Stefan Bowers along with restaurateur Andrew Goodman, have already proven their talents at the successful Feast Restaurant in Southtown, San Antonio. With Rebelle, they're now well on their way to earning national attention. With Chef Bowers' gift for blending scintillating flavors and Goodman's aesthetic grace, this duo is a match made in heaven - which is what Rebelle looks like if heaven is an enchanting, purple-hued dreamscape where the lusty libations and seductive cuisine never end. For Chef Bowers, it's all about the flavor. While the dishes are certainly thoughtfully put together, you quickly lose sight its beauty once you taste it. Chef Bowers calls it "high-risk" cuisine because if even one component of these highly composed dishes is not on point, it throws the entire dish off. The concept is shared plates of elegant, extraordinarily fresh and diverse cuisine. Rebelle is French for rebel and is their acknowledgment of the common use of French techniques used in the dishes, even though the menu is quite global. It's also the perfect description for these two men who are true to their own vision and no one else's. The menu includes the most succulent Char-Grilled Spanish Octopus with braised corona beans and basil pistou; a decadent 32 oz. Cote de Boeuf (bone-in Ribeye with tarragon butter); perfectly-cooked Veal Sweetbreads with black trumpets and lobster knuckle butter and Rosemary and Red Pepper Spiced Goat Shank, to name a few. Bon appetit!

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Rebelle sources their produce from a Texas farm in order to create incredible farm-to-table dishes.

Kimberly's expert tip: They have one of the best deals in the city on fresh, scrumptious oysters!

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Photo courtesy of Jody Horton

Hotel Emma showcases its culinary prowess in multiple ways, but it's the on-site restaurant, Supper; located along the northern extension of the San Antonio river walk, that is their best representation of what good food is all about. This farm-to-table restaurant almost dares you to not like veggies. Their menu is largely vegetarian, but each dish is so flavorful you don't miss the meat. Of course, that's not to say they don't also feature some amazing proteins, but they certainly don't rely on them. When they do feature dishes like their Duck Confit, it's balanced with a refreshing herb salad that accentuates the duck but doesn't weigh you down. A meal at Supper is an utter delight, not only because of the food and clear spirits cocktails, but also because of the stellar staff, beautiful views of the river from their outdoor patio, and the simple feeling that you're somewhere special. In truth, you are and all of San Antonio knows it!

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Supper makes sure to let the ingredients shine, which is easy when you use such beautiful fresh and local gems.

Kimberly's expert tip: After dinner, make sure to have a cocktail or two at Sternewirth Tavern and Club Room, which is also located inside Hotel Emma.

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Photo courtesy of Veronica Luna

Cured is one of the newest restaurants to grace the historic Pearl Brewery and it clearly belongs in such fine company. Chef Steve McHugh brings charcuterie, salumi and other hand-made, farm-to-table dishes to the carefully restored Administration building at the Pearl. Their charcuterie options are cured from 60 days to 10 months and are becoming quite popular fare in San Antonio. All of the items, such as the Apple Jalapeno Pork Rillettes, Whipped Pork Butter and Country Style Pork Pate are made in house and proudly displayed in their humidity-controlled locker. The entrees at Cured aren't to be overlooked. Whether you're in the mood for seafood, fowl, beef, pork, goat, lamb or simply vegetarian, there's a little something scrumptious for everyone!

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Located at the Pearl, Cured is more than just farm-fresh food, they have a great story, thanks to Chef McHugh, who is a cancer survivor.

Kimberly's expert tip: For dinner, try their seasonal Pearl Farmers Market Vegetarian selection for something truly local! For example, a "scallop turnip" with carrot puree, butternut squash agnolotti and peas.

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Whiskey Cake
Photo courtesy of Kimberly A. Suta

Whiskey Cake is the first farm-to-table chain to open in San Antonio. With its sizable bar and dining area offering seasonal and often locally-sourced cuisine, it's hard to believe how affordable it is. The cool, industrial space, fresh-squeezed juices and famous Whiskey Cake the restaurant is named after are just a few of the highlights. The consistency, service and overall dining experience are superb here. While it's fresh and local, that doesn't always mean its low on calories. The OMG Burger is piled high with all kinds of fixin's, including a big onion ring, muenster cheese, roasted criminis and more. The rotisserie "farm bird" of spit-roasted chicken along with cauliflower, mustard greens and carrots or the grilled Texas Striped Bass are equally delicious, healthy and affordable. You won't be disappointed, that's for sure. If you are looking to splurge, definitely go for the fried green tomatoes or deviled eggs.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Whiskey Cake has a broad menu filled with foods that are sourced locally and thoughtfully incorporated.

Kimberly's expert tip: You can currently get farm-fresh favorites delivered to your doorstep.

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Gwendolyn, located downtown along the Riverwalk, is a fine-dining American restaurant that, like the Grandmother, it's named for, inspires deep love and devotion. A cozy, romantic venue, Gwendolyn is an ideal place for a first date, anniversary or if you're simply a foodie who appreciates impeccable food. Gwendolyn is committed to serving handmade food made from local ingredients. Chef Michael is a devotee of the Slow Food Movement which emphasizes eco-awareness. Even more impressive, Gwendolyn refuses to use all the modern gadgetry that most restaurants can't seem to live without. The menu is small, offering a three course or five-course prix fixe menu with two options for each course that changes daily. You can check the website to see what the current day's menu will be, and you'll want to call ahead to book your reservation.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Gwendolyn is the best of the best when it comes to farm-to-table, dedicated to fine dining, scratch-made cuisine.

Kimberly's expert tip: Dine early to take advantage of their early bird special.

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The Board Couple
Photo courtesy of The Board Couple

The Board Couple ideally illustrates what happens when a couple gets bored and decides to get creative. Although not a traditional restaurant, this hybrid concept has become a local's favorite very quickly and for good reason! Culinary power couple, Monica Nino and Bryan Gonzales, have craftily crafted a business built on phenomenal charcuterie boards, wine and more. They make "lavish" cheese, charcuterie and grazing boards that can be easily delivered or picked up. It makes for the perfect accompaniment on a picnic, outdoor date, special family outing or just a night snuggled up watching Netflix. The boards are artfully curated for two on up to 30 or more and include a smorgasbord of delicacies, such as artisan cheeses, cured meats like hot sopressata and prosciutto, along with dried fruit, ripe fruit, nuts, seasonal spreads, fun add-ons like honeycomb, and so much more! This fantastic couple takes it up a notch by sourcing locally as much as possible to turn this into a farm-to-table feast. They source their produce from a local company, some of the charcuterie, preserves and mustard from Texas Hill Country makers, honeycomb from a Texas farm and the baguettes, cold brew coffee and olive leaf tea are made by craft producers in San Antonio. All of this goes on boards that are created by their in house carpentry team. So, who's ready to get board?!

Recommended for Farm to Table because: The Board Couple offer a delicious alternative to a traditional sit down dinner with gorgeous charcuterie boards filled with locally-crafted ingredients.

Kimberly's expert tip: Make sure to check out their wine offerings to take your picnic next-level!

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North Central
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Clementine is a family-owned, visionary neighborhood restaurant created by two of San Antonio's favorite chefs, John and Elise Russ (husband and wife team). The menu focuses on seasonal Southern and American eats in a casual but elegant setting. They source from several local farms so you can expect fresh, seasonal fare. The Country Fried Bandera Quail is impeccable. You might also enjoy the Seared Tri-Tip with wilted greens, giant beans, front garden chimichurri, seared tomato and grilled bread. The truth of the matter is you can't go wrong here, whatever you choose. If you're in a daring mood, order the "Feed Me," prix fixe menu, where the chef sends out course after course of superb seasonal flavors. You may get so full you'll want to say, "no more," but you won't!

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Clementine offers a wonderfully well-crafted meal with the best ingredients and overall one of the best well-rounded dining experiences in town.

Kimberly's expert tip: Start your meal off right with some hush puppies, made with herb laden labneh, wildflower honey, sumac and smoked paprika.

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Pharm Table
Photo courtesy of Pharm Table

Conveniently located across from the Tobin Center, this unique cafe's slogan is "eat to live." Pharm Table's mission is to offer nourishing yet delicious foods to the community because they understand how food impacts not only the body but the mind as well. Besides offering breakfast and lunch, they also offer to-go meals and health-centric classes and events such as yoga, essential oils and more. The globally-inspired menu offers dishes made with ingredients that are locally-sourced from Texas farmers. For brunch, enjoy dishes like sweet potato waffles. For lunch, you can expect a mix of savory soups like Winter Squash Moqueca, vibrant salads and bowls, such as the Avocado Collard Bowl made with coconut oil, seared collards, avocado, hemp, pepitas, blueberries, maple syrup and toasted coconut.

Recommended for Farm to Table because: Ahead of the curve, Pharm Table offers truly healthy and delicious farm-fresh food with an Ayurvedic twist.

Kimberly's expert tip: Start your meal off with a Ginger Meal Starter.

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