Discover Some Superb Scratch-Made Fare in Monte Vista

Welcome to the Monte Vista neighborhood in San Antonio, where the tree-lined streets and beautiful architecture gives you a good sense of what life is like in the Alamo city. This somewhat sleepy neighborhood is a favorite for those who appreciate the local food scene and the independent, chef-driven restaurants that shine here. 

On that note, Periphery  is one of the newest restaurants to grace Monte Vista. The menu here is intriguing and unique and one that will have you salivating before you even arrive. They offer a small, curated menu of flavorful dishes in a cozy atmosphere. It's an ideal place for a date night or special occasion, without putting a huge dent in your wallet. 

Just up the road a few minutes is yet another local's favorite, Tribeca 212. This European-inspired New American restaurant offers several dining rooms, a wonderful patio for dinner or brunch, great libations and special lunch options throughout the week. You might enjoy their Pistachio Crust Lamb Chops for dinner or simply a perfectly-made pepperoni pizza! 




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Barbaro isn't just any pizza joint, think of it more as a pizza speakeasy, a neighborhood bar that features craft beer and absolutely fantastic pizza, salads and desserts showcasing the finest ingredients in combinations you wouldn't come up with on your own but make perfect sense once they're on your palette. If pizza had its own Oscar's, Barbaro's would be the Scarlet Johansson of the evening - sexy, sophisticated, clever and unique. We'd like to add cheesy, but you get our meaning. Barbaro's recently moved into the quaint Monte Vista neighborhood next to Lilly's cookies on McCullough and is yet another brilliant culinary creation birthed by the restaurateurs of The Monterey and Hot Joy.

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: Where pizza is concerned, it doesn't matter if you're in the 'hood or not, go to Barbaro!

Kimberly's expert tip: Also known for their drinks.

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North Central
Niki's Tokyo Inn
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Niki's Tokyo Inn is probably the most authentic Japanese restaurant in San Antonio. Sure, it doesn't look so hot on the outside, but you'll quickly forget about all that once you have a taste of their sushi or any of the number of traditional Japanese dishes on their extensive menu. Niki's is run by a Japanese family and is most often frequented by the Japanese community. It's likely you'll see a few Toyota executives when you go. Their miso is heavenly as is their shrimp fried rice, but if you're a sushi fan, make sure to try everything you can manage. The eel is just about the best thing you'll ever eat and their portions are quite generous, the seafood fresh and the ambiance, well, unique!

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: A little outside of the neighborhood, but the closest place to go if you're craving sushi!

Kimberly's expert tip: The unagi is divine.

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San Antonio
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Grayze is one of the newest restaurants to appear on the culinary landscape in San Antonio, conveniently located across Broadway Street from the popular Pearl Brewery Community. Grazye, which also sports a bar and patio, is the first of hopefully many more restaurant concepts to spring from this new restaurant group. With 50 percent farm to table ingredients, this self-proclaimed approachable gourmet cuisine served in a barnyard chic setting is expecting their affordable menu of familiar dishes will help establish Grayze as the new neighborhood hot spot and for good reason. The price point is almost unbelievable, making it the kind of place that a family could easily dine at a couple of times a week. Although they're certainly appealing to locals, the Pearl area is without-a-doubt the must-see neighborhood of San Antonio right now, and Grayze is the perfect place to dine to get a taste of the emerging food culture there. The menu ranges from mouth-watering burgers and scrumptious sides like frites with house-made ketchup and aioli, calamari with shishito chamoy and saffron aioli to heart happy vegetarian dishes like The Harvest, which comes with beets, green beans, asparagus, barley, farro, ricotta, almonds and preserved lemon vinaigrette. So good you don't miss the meat. Grazye also offers Happy Hour, which runs from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm from Monday through Saturday, and they also just they have also introduced breakfast and brunch on weekends.

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: Although technically not located in Monte Vista, Grayze is just a few minutes away, offering both affordable and popular dishes.

Kimberly's expert tip: The soup de jour is always fantastic!

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Mixtli is so much more than just a satisfying meal, it's truly a journey of the spirit and senses. Owners Diego Galicia and Rico Torres, also chefs, have developed a unique dining experience they're calling progressive Mexican culinaria, which is unlike anything in San Antonio, perhaps even in the U.S. Torres and Galicia know how to make great food, that's a fact, but what's more enticing is they know how to entertain you. If food were live theater, Mixtli would be a hit Broadway show. Everything is made from scratch, and they source many of their ingredients locally, mostly from farmer's markets, although some ingredients are imported from Mexico and South America, such as their cocoa beans. Mixtli, which means cloud in the Aztec language of Nahuatl, represents the ever-changing cuisine. While the emphasis is on Mexican food that celebrates traditional ingredients and cuisine, just like their ranching grandmothers used to make, they present each one of the dishes on their pre-fixe tasting menu with a fascinating explanation and such artful presentation that you may, if you're a serious foodie, shed a tear.

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: This is a bit north of Monte Vista, but worth the extra few miles for an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

Kimberly's expert tip: Mixtli only takes reservations and they book up at least a month in advance so be sure to pre-plan.

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Capparelli's has several locations around San Antonio where you can enjoy the old world tradition of wholesome, rustic Italian cuisine made with fresh ingredients. The Capparelli name is synonymous with the masterful preparation of great Italian food for the better part of a century and spans three generations. At Capparelli's on Main, this expertise is apparent from the moment you walk in to the restaurant. From the warm and inviting fine dining atmosphere to the rich aroma of fresh baked bread and simmering sauces, you'll realize you're about to embark on a fantastic dining experience. Capparelli's on Main has been here for many years and is easily a favorite dining spot for locals. It's a wonderful venue for both large family gatherings or intimate, romantic evenings. They are certainly well known for their pizza, but it's worth giving all of their delightful Italian dishes a try!

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: Capparelli's has been around a long time and have earned a great reputation for their delicious Italian fare.

Kimberly's expert tip: Order the deluxe pizza!

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If you want some equally scrumptious and authentic yet unique Chinese street food, you're in luck! Locals know Ming knows her thing! She's also known for her booth at The Pearl Farmers Market. Ming's has developed a following over the years of local foodies who can't get enough of Ming's noodles, steamed buns with pork belly and housemade sausages. Typically, there's a long line at the market, so you're better off hitting up the brick and mortar. It used to be located in the Yard inside a train boxcar but has since expanded to a new location but still offer the same great cuisine in a relaxed setting. Check out the egg noodles with fresh veggies and a sesame dressing or the sweet potato noodles in a Sichuan broth. Ming's food hits all the notes from sweet to savory and umami too. Soon you'll be wishing there was a Ming's in your own hometown!

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: Ming offers a great variety of dishes for those looking for some Asian flare and fresh flavors.

Kimberly's expert tip: Check out dinner on Friday and Saturday nights only.

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Yaya's offers two locations in San Antonio, but all the same delightful Thai fare. Whether you're a fan of Pad Thai, Green Curry or a steaming hot bowl of Thom Kha, you'll find all of your favorites at Yaya's and then some. They offer a large menu with all the classics and a few of their own. Their duck with curry, tamarind or basil sauce is customer favorite, not to mention the pork fried spring rolls. Yaya's also offers a good assortment of lunch specials. Great for a quick business lunch or while you're out doing a bit of shopping!

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: The only place to go near Monte Vista if you're in the mood for some fantastic Thai food.

Kimberly's expert tip: You may think you don't have room for dessert, but once you taste Yaya's scrumptious pound-cake-coated, deep-fried ice-cream, you won't care anymore!

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La Fonda is the oldest Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. Established in 1932, the restaurant has served at least two American presidents (Teddy Roosevelt and Lyndon B Johnson). However, their primary focus is on serving the city of San Antonio and the locals love this place! The restaurant serves Tex-Mex as well as interior Mexican foods. In a casual atmosphere with colorful decorations, diners relax and enjoy themselves. From the Espinaca Omelet to Migas La Fonda, you will find the perfect Tex-Mex brunch here. You'll also find traditional sides in the form of hasbrowns and a fruit cup available.

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: La Fonda is a local's hang out for good, clean and delicious Mexican cuisine.

Kimberly's expert tip: Request a seat on the patio.

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Tribeca 212
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Tribeca has managed to find the right balance of great New American cuisine and exceptional service in a warm, cozy atmosphere and all at a surprisingly low price point. They're also open for lunch during the week, brunch on Sundays and happy hour for some mixologist-invented elixirs. The cuisine is eclectic and largely created with locally-sourced ingredients from a wide variety of Texas farms and ranches that Tribeca proudly displays on their website. The dishes are nothing short of divine. Where else will you find a dish made of brussel sprouts, crispy house-made pancetta, pecorino, rosemary vinaigrette and a poached farm egg that can so easily become an obsession? Other favorites include the Oven-Roasted Lockhard Quail with asparagus and wild mushroom risotto and Seared Scallops, perfectly cooked, with butternut squash risotto, sauteed spinach and lemon butter sauce.

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: Tribeca serves up some of the most delicious fare on this side of town and lets you know where the food comes from!

Kimberly's expert tip: You can get one of Tribeca's amazing homemade pizzas for half off during Happy Hour!

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If you're looking for a special neighborhood eatery where you can delight in some thoughtfully-prepared dishes that give you a true taste of the evolving culinary scene in San Antonio, then Periphery is the place! This chef-driven restaurant, with its seasonal menu, showcases one-of-a-kind new American dishes that tantalize on every level. For example, you might enjoy one of their house favorites of crispy lentils with celery, sunflower seeds, avocado, sumac and red boat or a chicken liver bolognese with cavatelli. Other options might entail a prime New York strip with blue cheese / anchovy butter or roasted cauliflower with brown butter and mint. The vibe here is so relaxed you might just feel like you belong in Monte Vista.

Recommended for Monte Vista's Best Restaurants because: Located in the Monte Vista area, Periphery is an excellent and fairly new, independent restaurant with scratch-made deliciousness.

Kimberly's expert tip: Periphery is an easy Uber away from the downtown hotels!

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