Don't Stray Far from the AT&T Center for Exceptional Eats

Where should you grab a bite to eat before heading to San Antonio's AT&T Center for the Spurs game or any other event? Read on and find out how to satisfy those cravings that go beyond cheap burgers and beer. 

In fact, if it's the perfect burger that you're after you can't do better than a Boiler House burger. Their Au Poivre Steak Burger, for example, comes with bacon onion jam, fontina cheese, a fried egg, sriracha aioli and is absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious!

If your tastes tend to run towards the eccentric, then just a few steps away is Botika, one of the Pearl Brewery's newest restaurants, featuring Peruvian fare that will have your mind and tastebuds spinning. You can also dine on some familiar foods, such as sushi and steamed buns. 

For a quick, easy and affordable meal in a chill outdoor setting, head over to Dignowity Meats for some succulent barbecue, served up KC-style with lots of sauce and sass. Do not leave without ordering at least a half a dozen pork ribs or you'll be sorry! 



Mi Tierra might indeed be a tourist destination, but it's earned that reputation for a reason. This family-owned restaurant has been in business since 1941. It's located downtown near the Mercado, a great place to do a little shopping and pick...  Read More



Housed in a renovated home next to the Pearl Brewery, The Granary 'Cue & Brew offers patrons a one-of-a-kind globally-inspired barbecue experience as well as hand-crafted, fresh-brewed beer, even root beer for the kids! While Central Texas...  Read More

King William District


Rosario's, which has been around now for over 20 years, has transported itself from a local favorite to a critically-acclaimed restaurant. They have been featured in Southern Living, Texas Monthly and The New York Times, and have been listed as...  Read More

The Luxury
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This recent addition to San Antonio eateries is just one example of why San Antonio is a supreme vacation destination. The Luxury is Chef Andrew Weissman's (one of San Antonio's finest) newest restaurants. Located across the river from the San...  Read More

King William District


Typically, San Antonio is as far away from European as you can get. That is until you walk into this quaint little bistro in the heart of the Southtown arts district. With its warm, inviting decor, wide array of wine selections and...  Read More

Dignowity Meats
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Dignowity Meats is a smoked meat sandwich shop located in San Antonio's Eastside historical neighborhood of Dignowity Hill. The name may be hard to pronounce, but by the time you're done with your meal, you won't forget it. They offer elevated...  Read More



What could be better than Italian seafood? Il Sogno, located at the historic Pearl Brewery, is a five-star Italian cafe that offers homemade Italian classics created by the well-known restaurateur, Chef Andrew Weissman. The space is bright and...  Read More

San Antonio
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Grayze is one of the newest restaurants to appear on the culinary landscape in San Antonio, conveniently located across Broadway Street from the popular Pearl Brewery Community. Grazye, which also sports a bar and patio, is the first of...  Read More



Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden is a true Texas original with an Executive Chef, Jeff White, who knows how to satisfy a wide array of palates. Situated in the historic Pearl Brewery complex on the San Antonio River Walk, this...  Read More

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East meets west at this Peruvian restaurant that gleefully plays with Asian-South American fusions. The cuisine is properly referred to as Chifa Nikkei. In Peru, Chifa refers to Chinese-Peruvian cuisine and Nikkei to Japanese-Peruvian food. The...  Read More


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