Best Sushi in San Antonio

Sushi in San Antonio! Who Knew There Was More Than Tacos?!

San Antonio is easily the city of tacos, well anything Tex-Mex really, but fortunately, there are a number of alternatives for when you're finally tired of tacos. Thankfully, there are a handful of excellent sushi restaurants in town to satisfy your craving for fresh sushi and Japanese favorites. 

Start with Sukeban! Located in the Blue Star Arts Complex, this funky cool sushi joint is a great place to take your friends, enjoy platter after platter of scrumptious sushi and flirty cocktails. The decor and servers are as exciting as the sushi. While their menu is not extensive, you'll be sure to leave sushi satisfied. 

After a visit to the Zoo, the Children's Museum or a stroll through picturesque Brackenridge Park, hop over to Koi Kawa. This neighborhood restaurant hasn't been around for years for nothing. They're known to offer the best of the best when it comes to everything they serve. Enjoy a variety of more traditional fare with some twists. Who's ready for some Lobster Tempura?


Central Market
Photo courtesy of Central Market

By definition, it's a grocery store, but unlike any you've ever seen. Central Market offers a wonderful variety of Chef prepared foods, sushi being one of them. The great thing is you can pick and choose to create your perfect meal. Pair your salmon, chicken, roast beef or other protein with an endless number of sides, from traditional items such as mashed potatoes and Caesar salad to, well, literally a hundred other options. They also have a made-to-order grill with sandwiches, burgers, stir-fry and more. Oh, and did I mention sushi? And for dessert, guess what? They now have homemade gelato. Stock up and settle in for a night of delicious delicacies!

Recommended for Sushi because: Central Market has a little sushi bar inside with fresh sushi. It's a great grab and go when you're in a hurry!

Kimberly's expert tip: They have an interior dining room as well as an outdoor patio to enjoy your sushi.

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Osaka has an awesome deal on Bento Boxes. For just ten bucks, you get your fill of your choice of Sushi, such as a California roll, a spicy tuna roll, a crunchy roll, a shrimp roll or several others, as well as a salad, some gyoza, a miso soup and even a slice of orange for dessert. It really is the perfect sushi meal. Osaka's sushi is clearly fresh and the rice cooked to perfection. They offer an assortment of both Americanized as well as traditional rolls and a number of other Japanese favorites such as Yakisoba, Teriyaki Chicken, Katsu Pork and even Hibachi options such as Filet Mignon and Vegetables.

Recommended for Sushi because: If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck but have a penchant for sushi, Oasaka is a wonderful option.

Kimberly's expert tip: Their Bento Box lunches are a steal!

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Koi Kawa
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Offering superb views of the San Antonio River and Brackenridge Park, this sushi and sashimi spot serves fresh, succulent creations, as well as a host of noodle-based dishes. Koi Kawa has been a sushi staple in San Antonio for a long time. They are easily a neighborhood favorite, and always offer a truly enjoyable experience. Start off with their flavorful miso soup, edamame, fried oysters, and a sushi roll or two before heading into some more exciting choices. Try the lobster and vegetable tempura, chicken katsu, stir fried vegetables or fried shrimp and you'll leave with a satisfied smile on your face.

Recommended for Sushi because: Koi Kawa is a popular neighborhood sushi restaurant that you can count on to get great food and service.

Kimberly's expert tip: This is a great choice for a relaxing, delicious lunch.

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Sushihana Japanese Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Joshua Simmons

There's a reason why Sushihana, which opened in 2003, continues to be one of San Antonio's premier Japanese restaurants. Simply, the staff is exceptionally passionate about everything they do. Sushihana's Japanese fusion artfully combines freshness and finesse to create sushi, sashimi, and entrees that are as delicious as they are impeccable. From the vibrant Crudo to the Spicy Salmon Poke, delicate tempura and succulent Ribeye, made with an orange, ginger and arbol teriyaki sauce, there's absolutely nothing they serve that's not worth coming back for again and again. While the menu isn't constantly changing, it seems like there's always something new on offer. Even the desserts are sweet surprises, such as the house-made Carrot Cake with cream cheese foam and caramel.

Recommended for Sushi because: The chefs here take sushi seriously, always preparing it to meticulous perfection.

Kimberly's expert tip: Ask the chef to prepare you something off menu.

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Sushi with a Texas spin (think jalapeno and chipotle) distinguishes this inviting spot, which also offers a wide array of Japanese entrees. Their menu is extensive. While they offer a variety of traditional choices, their talent lies in creating clever and delicious fusions that merge American and Texas tastes with Japanese ingredients. Their Cosimo Roll, for example is a winner, with fried shrimp and cream cheese, rolled uramaki style, wrapped in avocado, then tempura fried and topped with Tampa Bay, sprinkled with furikake, and finally, drizzled with eel sauce. With a spacious dining area, fun cocktails and desserts, always friendly service and affordable choices, Sushi Zushi is an easy go-to.

Recommended for Sushi because: Sushi Zushi has a few locations in San Antonio, and offers consistently good sushi.

Kimberly's expert tip: Their spicy scallop and tuna rolls are fantastic!

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With its spare yet inviting interior, Goro's has quickly become a hit with local sushi-lovers thanks to unique rolls and low prices. Try the delectable French roll, a rich combination of shrimp, smelt roe, and cream sauce, or the always-classic yellowtail. For patrons craving something more substantial, entree-sized portions of tempura and teriyaki are available. Goro's is the perfect spot, too, if you enjoy dining alone, take a seat at the sushi bar and enjoy the show! It's a bit of a drive if you are staying in the downtown area, but a great choice if you're near the airport.

Recommended for Sushi because: Goro's sushi is a steal. Perfect for those who like to try a little bit of everything.

Kimberly's expert tip: Eat like a King at Goro's.

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Godai Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Godai Sushi

This Texas-style sushi bar is packed nightly with regulars who crave Chef Goro's inventive creations. Come early to snag a seat at the sushi bar so you can observe the master at work, preparing delights like the Louisiana Roll (featuring deep-fried oysters) and the A&M roll (which includes tempura shrimp, avocado, and spicy mayonnaise). Sashimi and Japanese entrees can also be had. Try salmon teriyaki or yakisoba for noodles cooked to perfection. Fusion dishes, including tuna asparagus wraps, are a favorite on the menu as well. For some of the freshest seafood in town served up in both unique and traditional ways, Godai's should be at the top of your list!

Recommended for Sushi because: Godai Sushi is a tried-and-true sushi favorite in San Antonio.

Kimberly's expert tip: Go for Happy Hour!

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Piranha Killer Sushi Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Piranha Killer Sushi is a trendy Americanized Japanese restaurant with a bit of a twist. There is no confusion in this fusion! Whether for a business lunch or date night, Piranha's nouveau Japanese atmosphere and expansive menu, including a rockin' list of martini options as well as wine and sake, will not disappoint. Piranha's offers up super fresh sushi, inspired presentations and unique flavor profiles, such as the White Lotus Roll �" a crab, shrimp tempura, cream cheese roll topped with escolar and a colorful pico de gallo served with a delicate truffle oil sauce. Unexpected and savory items such as the Vietnamese beef salad with sriracha lime sauce and the Vietnamese summer roll of salmon, tuna, crab, micro greens, mango and asparagus in rice paper with a ponzu sauce are not to be overlooked. If you're a traditionalist, Piranha's has some classics you'll enjoy, but don't be afraid to venture out into the unknown. Sushi is not for the faint of heart!

Recommended for Sushi because: Pirahna Killer Sushi has proven itself to be a hot and happening sushi joint for years now, right in the middle of the city.

Kimberly's expert tip: Although the sushi is wonderful, they also offer some mouthwatering entrees.

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Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta

Sushi meets Japanese pop art in this new Southtown restaurant, Sukeban, located at the Blue Star Arts Complex. Seasoned restaurateurs of Mon Thai in Alamo Heights have brought some funky charm and fresh, delicious sushi offerings to the neighborhood, thankfully located just minutes from downtown San Antonio. The space is inviting and perfect for a date night or get together with a large group of friends. Enjoy a few cocktails, glass of champagne and appetizers or splurge on a glorious plate filled with an array of stunning fish decorated with edible flowers. Most of the rolls are familiar with just a few fun additions. Enjoy all your favorites from yellowtail, tuna and salmon to eel, octopus, spicy scallop and sea bass.

Recommended for Sushi because: Sukeban offers deliciously fresh sushi in a hip, modern atmosphere and cool neighborhood.

Kimberly's expert tip: Get a variety of yummy sushi and share!

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North Central
Niki's Tokyo Inn
Photo courtesy of Niki's Tokyo Inn

Niki's Tokyo Inn is probably the most authentic Japanese restaurant in San Antonio. Sure, it doesn't look so hot on the outside, but you'll quickly forget about all that once you have a taste of their sushi or any of the number of traditional Japanese dishes on their extensive menu. Niki's is run by a Japanese family and is most often frequented by the Japanese community. It's likely you'll see a few Toyota executives when you go. Their miso is heavenly as is their shrimp fried rice, but if you're a sushi fan, make sure to try everything you can manage. The eel is just about the best thing you'll ever eat and their portions are quite generous, the seafood fresh and the ambiance, well, unique!

Recommended for Sushi because: Niki's is perhaps the most truly authentic sushi restaurant in town.

Kimberly's expert tip: The eel is exceptional!

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