Where to Find the Tastiest To-Go Food in San Antonio

San Antonio's To-Go food options don't get tastier than these 10 best! For fresh, inexpensive Asian fare that can't help but hit the spot, try Ming's Noodle Bar. Ming established herself as the place to eat at the Pearl Farmers Market each weekend before she opened up her funky brick-and-mortar. Besides a variety of noodle bowls, Ming's is also known for their to-die-for steamed buns with pork belly. Your only regret will be not ordering more!

Nothing usually accompanies a TV marathon more than good old fashioned pizza, but why go with a chain when you can get a freshly-made (not frozen) pizza at Il Forno, owned by one of San Antonio's most renowned chefs. These Neapolitan-style pies are wood-fired in a kiln made by the hands of the chef/owner himself, and all the ingredients are made in-house or procured from local farmers. It really doesn't get better than this!

If you can't decide what you want, then head to Central Market where the sky's the limit. Choose from dozens (probably hundreds) of chef-prepared foods, and take a gander at their extensive wine selection on your way out. Couldn't hurt!



Central Market
Photo courtesy of Central Market


By definition, it's a grocery store, but unlike any you've ever seen. Central Market offers a wonderful variety of Chef prepared foods. The great thing is you can pick and choose to create your perfect meal. Pair your salmon, chicken, roast beef...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Suta


Sushi meets Japanese pop art in this new Southtown restaurant, Sukeban, located at the Blue Star Arts Complex. Seasoned restaurateurs of Mon Thai in Alamo Heights have brought some funky charm and fresh, delicious sushi offerings to the...  Read More

Bakery Lorraine
Photo courtesy of Nick Simonite


Bakery Lorraine started out as a hole in the wall on Grayson street. Now at the Pearl Brewery in a much larger, more upscale location, they have earned a reputation as the cafe to go for the most delicious sandwiches and pastries. There is...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Zedric's


If you're visiting San Antonio and looking for quick, healthy, delicious food on the go, you're in luck! Zedric's doesn't only cater to folks who lack the time to cook for themselves because they lead a busy lifestyle, but still want to eat...  Read More

San Antonio
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Grayze is one of the newest restaurants to appear on the culinary landscape in San Antonio, conveniently located across Broadway Street from the popular Pearl Brewery Community. Grazye, which also sports a bar and patio, is the first of...  Read More

San Antonio
Fratello's Deli
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Fratello's is part restaurant, part deli, part market and wholly delicious! It's a great place to grab a quick bite to eat that's not only fresh but affordable. Their dishes come from hearty family recipes that inspire memories of sitting around...  Read More



Housed in a renovated home next to the Pearl Brewery, The Granary 'Cue & Brew offers patrons a one-of-a-kind globally-inspired barbecue experience as well as hand-crafted, fresh-brewed beer, even root beer for the kids! While Central Texas...  Read More

MAX's Wine Dive - San Antonio
Photo courtesy of Joshua Simmons


Max's Wine Dive doesn't look very divey at all, in fact, they're an upscale joint but with a pretty humble attitude. Designed to be a chill and relaxed bar and restaurant, Max's blends a casual, industrial feel with a gourmet comfort food and...  Read More

Il Forno
Photo courtesy of Il Forno


What do you get when you pair one of San Antonio's most exceptional chefs with America's favorite food? You get a restaurant like Il Forno, that serves up the most incredible Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas, made with the freshest ingredients that...  Read More

Ming's Noodle Bar
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Ming of Ming's Noodle Bar, also known for her booth at The Pearl Farmers Market, Ming;s Thing, has developed a following over the years of local foodies who can't get enough of Ming's noodles, steamed buns with pork belly and housemade sausages....  Read More


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