10 Best Museums to See in Bangkok

It may be crowded, hot, and full of traffic, but one thing about Bangkok is certain, it will never be dull. This is true even of its museums, places most tourists skip, having heard more about the nightlife, the shopping malls, and the golden temples. While it may not be Paris or London, there certainly are some really interesting museums that should be part of any visitor's itinerary to the Big Mango. There are some very offbeat and rather bizarre spots, such as the ghoulish Siriraj Medical Museum, home to a forensics and pathology display that will certainly leave you shaking your head. Or how about the Museum of Counterfeit Goods, which offers an informative look at the efforts to curb Thailand's rampant rip off industry. Also of weird and quirky would be a stop at the Condom Museum, only to be found in Bangkok. On a more cultural note, places like the Suan Pakkad Palace and Jim Thompson House have some outstanding Thai architecture and a peek into the past of Siam, while the Museum of Siam tends to be a winner with the entire family, as their "touch everything" highly interactive displays are great for kids, and adults will appreciate the digital technology and extremely well put together presentation of just what it means to be Thai. Also of interest, as well as free, the Bangkok Folk Museum, known also as the Bangkokian, provides a glimpse as to what life was like in Bangkok in the mid-1900s.

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Another one of Bangkok's quirkier attractions, and given its reputation for the naughty nightlife, perhaps a well needed one. Far from just a barrel of laughs, the recently opened Condom Museum is an effort by the Ministry of Health to get Thais...  Read More



A former New York architect who came to Thailand as a soldier in WWII, Jim Thompson is known for re-establishing the Thai silk industry. His beautiful traditional home, renovated from several up-country buildings, house a fine and priceless...  Read More



This relatively unknown gem was the former palace of Prince Paribatra, grandson of King Rama V, and is a series of eight traditional reconstructed Thai houses which are full of memorabilia of the Prince's artistic collection, including musical...  Read More

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Muang Boran, which means "ancient city" in Thai, is an immense outdoor museum spread over 240 acres on grounds that are sculpted to resemble Thailand. The museum, supposedly the world's largest outdoor one, has over 100 miniature replicas of...  Read More

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The world class Siriraj Hospital is also home to one of Bangkok's weirdest attractions, the rather macabre Forensic and Pathology Museum, which features all sorts of ghoulish displays, ranging from dead bodies and mummified corpses of murderers...  Read More



Thailand's national museum is the main home of Thai art, history, and culture. Set in the former Wang Na Palace just near the famed Grand Palace, the museum has a great ethnological collection, with items such as classical dance costumes and...  Read More

M.R. Kukrit's House
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Most visitors to Bangkok never make it to Baan Kukrit, the heritage home and museum of one of Thailand's most interesting and many talented individuals. Not only is this quiet spot an amazingly green oasis, it is also an architectural gem, an...  Read More



certainly one of Bangkok's more unique, relevant, and interesting museums, the Museum of Counterfeit Goods is well worth spending an afternoon in. Bangkok is well known as one of the world's capitals of counterfeit goods, as any waltz down the...  Read More



The Museum of Siam, also known as the Discovery Museum, is a well designed and lain out multimedia exhibition, focusing on the questions of "who are Thais" and "what is Thai culture?" The museum traces Thai history from past to present, going...  Read More



The Bangkok Folk Museum, also known as the Bangkokian, sits behind a lovely garden, where a house dating from 1937 and comprised of three buildings, shows off what life was like in Bangkok prior to World War Ii. There are some really great...  Read More


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