Master Mixologists to Cutting Edge Cocktails & Craft Beer: Bangkok's Best Bars

One could probably write a War and Peace length guidebook on where to drink in Bangkok. Not only are there so many old favorites, there are also endless numbers of new, novel, and well worth it places going up every week. Heading the list is the  completely unique and creative Smalls, a Parisienne style bohemian bar run by the former owner of the famed Q Bar. Then there are the designer mixologists, several whom have won awards and accolades and can create incredible cocktails like at Nori's Bar, Sugar Ray, or Escapades. If drinks with views are your thing, the heady Moon Bar gives one of the city's most dazzling panoramas. For beer aficionados, Brew has just about the largest selection of every type of beer in the world to be found in town, and then there is Mikkeller, the Danish craft beer brewery that is turning heads and wowing palettes, not to be missed for lovers of great micro beer. And if you just want to kick back amidst funky couches, old record turntables, and plenty of retro, the aptly named Shades of Retro is a great choice, not to mention that they serve up some of the best caiparinhias in town. You certainly won't go thirsty in this town. 

Photo courtesy of Brew House of Beers


Brew brings a welcome sigh of relief to beer lovers after going relatively dry for years in a beer drinking desert dominated by Chang and Singha. Brew has imported beer and cider from just about every spot on the planet, featuring over 300...  Read More



Australian nightlife designer and creator Ashley Sutton was already famed for his bizarre and unique Iron Fairies bar, but rather than open a sequel, he made a different film altogether, this time round creating what he termed "a fish and chips...  Read More



Tuba is a nice place to come hang out for awhile if only for their comfortable sofas, different themed rooms, and very artsy vibe, as the place is full of antiques, paintings, retro furniture, and all sorts of other odds and ends, which are all...  Read More



Imagine sitting in a rennovated garage full of retro relics that serves outstanding drinks and you've got Shades of Retro. This cozy happening neighborhood bar, hidden down a sub soi of Thong Lor, is crammed in every niche with everything from...  Read More



This new hole in the wall New York style speakeasy sits hidden above a clothing shop, and looks a bit like an office space, which it actually is, home to local syrup makers Socrates, who decided to turn their crafting spot into a bar which is...  Read More



One of Bangkok's most unique and distinguished bars, J.Boroski is also its most hidden. This New York-styled speakeasy is the personal bar of Joseph Boroski, the "mixsultant" as he calls himself, who is a legend in Bangkok and elsewhere, having...  Read More



With 30 taps and specialised bottle selections from around the world, Mikkeller has burst onto the Bangkok craft beer scene with a vengeance, and has to be on any craft beer lover's list. The array of great boutique beers here is staggering, and...  Read More

The Moon Bar
Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts


The Moon Bar, perched on the rooftop of the Banyan Tree Hotel, offers one of the most stupendous panoramic views of Bangkok, and a sunset here is a memorable occasion, well worth the price of a cocktail. The bar sits in a stylish roof garden,...  Read More



Set in a three story shophouse over on Suan Plu off of Sathorn Road, which seems to be Bangkok's most up and coming new drinking spot, Smalls is the brainchild of David Jacobson, the nightclub whiz who started the famed Q Bar in Bangkok several...  Read More



Started by the knowledgeable team of mixologists behind the experimental cocktail bar Sugar Ray, Q & A combines all the suave and elegance of a five-star hotel bar with the intimacy of a speakeasy. Hidden down a dead end alley with just a...  Read More


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