Best Beer Pubs in Bangkok: A Brew-Lover's Guide to the City

While beer drinking is age old in Bangkok, it used to be limited to 3.5 liter towers of Chang and Singh served in raucous beergardens that had little variance in terms of theme, design, and vibe. All that has changed massively, both in place and taste. Bangkok now has superb beer, although you will pay dearly for it due to the excessively high customs duties and alcohol taxes. Places like Mikkeller, Pijiu, Hair of the Dog, Bottles of Beer, CRAFT, and Wishbeer Home Bar have changed the face of brew here, serving up superb craft beer offerings, both on tap and in the bottle. These brew pubs, along with newcomers Mash and rooftop venue Brewski head the list of a growing number of chill out spots serving American and European craft or micro beers. Local Thai craft brewers like Golden Coins Taproom are also hot on the scene, and they get around the draconian anti-brewing laws for small pubs  by having their beer made in Vietnam and then sent on over. Tawandang Pub actually makes their own beer, one of the few places licensed to do this, and while it isn't really craft beer, it's a fun place to go for drinking, eating, and dancing. One thing is for sure, you wont be shortlisted anymore when it comes to beer drinking in Bangkok.

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What started out as a German microbrewery has morphed into one of Bangkok's best all encompassing entertainment venues. Now at two locations, the original Tawandang still combines a country western pub complete with excellent ribs and tasty...  Read More



With 12 taps offering up Golden Coins own varieties of craft beer, local Thai craft beer looks to be here to stay. The brick interior pub hidden in a corner of the Ekkamai Mall is run by "Pleak" Pumpo, who was behind the now defunct Let the Boy...  Read More



The folks behind Beervana, the craft beer curatorship, and Whisgars, the cigar and whiskey bar, got together to create CRAFT, which started as a popup beer bar, and went on to have 20 rotating taps of fine craft beer. They have now expanded...  Read More



This hole in the wall pub has more space for beer than customers, but that is just fine, as their selection of bottles of craft beer and cider from around the world is simply outstanding. You sit around a long rectangular table, gape at the...  Read More



Wishbeer got its start when French owner Jerome Le Louer and several friends started dreaming of all the beers from home they loved to drink but couldn't find in Bangkok....which led Le Louer to do something about it, namely by opening his own...  Read More



While Silom Road has plenty of nightlife, restaurants, and bars, the massive craft beer scene invading Bangkok hasn't really taken firm hold here, and Mash is a welcome addition to the busy dining scene on Soi Convent, just off Silom. Mash (yes...  Read More



Rooftop drinking is a big part of the Bangkok nightlife, and now craft beer aficionados have their own place to pound good beer. Up on the 30th floor of the Radisson Blue Hotel the bar overlooks the lights of Sukhumvit and features 12 rotating...  Read More



With 30 taps and specialised bottle selections from around the world, Mikkeller has burst onto the Bangkok craft beer scene with a vengeance, and has to be on any craft beer lover's list. The array of great boutique beers here is staggering, and...  Read More



Call it a craft beer lover's speakeasy if you'd like, Hair of the Dog raises the bar on fine craft beer with its 13 rotating taps of some of the best craft beer from around the world. It's in the class of Bangkok brew masters Mikkeller, but in...  Read More



Soi Nana, a small lane on the fringes of Chinatown (not to be confused with the red light area of Nana on Sukhumvit), is leading the way for cool retro-style hangout bars coming to this older part of the city. While most of the bars here focus...  Read More


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