The 10 Best Places to Party and Drink on Ekamai

Ekamai has a reputation for being expensive, glamorous, and being the spot (along with nearby Thonglor) for the well heeled to strut their stuff. While that is certainly still true at some of the larger clubs, there are still plenty of great places to drink and party here without breaking the bank. Tuba has been serving the city's largest and best value happy hour drinks in its furniture shop bar for years. If craft beer is your thing, Danish gypsy brewers Mikkeller, have opened up shop in a lovely garden home hidden away in an Ekamai alley, and have 30 taps of hard to find high end craft beers for aficionados to sample. Also on the beer front is Wishbeer Home Bar, which has 500 bottles of beer and cider from all over the world to select from, and if you are up for trying the local Thai craft beers, make sure to call in at Golden Coins taproom. For big clubbing nights, head to the longstanding Nang Len to see how young Thais like to party, or else to the nearby Do Not Disturb to dance to electronic music, or the more intimate open-air venue THAY. Sherbet is another large club, although this one aimed at wealthy gentlemen, with choreographed sexy coyote dancers competing with the expensive bottles of whiskey for attention. For a relaxing time in chilled out venues, try popular Thai restaurant-bars like Platform 5/6, Ekannek@Ekamai, or Baan Puen, all of which combine drinking, good Thai food, and live music, and are very popular with locals.



It is hard to miss Sherbet as one drives up Ekamai, with it's White House-like dome and glowing lights. Billing itself as an exclusive gentleman's club, it's actually a lot more tasteful than seedy, and is a place where mostly Thai guys with...  Read More



This chic bar and restaurant is a popular night spot, offering decent food, an easy-going fun and young crowd, and plenty of beer specials. The bar sports an industrial vibe, with brick walls and a large slate board listing all the food and...  Read More



With 12 taps offering up Golden Coins own varieties of craft beer, local Thai craft beer looks to be here to stay. The brick interior pub hidden in a corner of the Ekkamai Mall is run by "Pleak" Pumpo, who was behind the now defunct Let the Boy...  Read More



Located up under the roof of the Ekamai Mall, Baan Puen means "friends house" in Thai, and lives up to its moniker as a low-brow and relaxed alternative to the Ekamai norm, which usually means expensive hi-so clubs with a lot of attitude and...  Read More



This happening dance club specialises in EDM electronic dance music, with both DJ's spinning non-stop tunes as well as live Thai bands performing. The large club is set in a venue that is decked out to resemble a European boutique hotel, with...  Read More



Wishbeer got its start when French owner Jerome Le Louer and several friends started dreaming of all the beers from home they loved to drink but couldn't find in Bangkok....which led Le Louer to do something about it, namely by opening his own...  Read More



If you are looking for something in-between loud clubbing and an intimate bar night, Ekannek@Ekamai might be your kind of place. Displaying the rather cute cartoon sketch character claiming, "It's not love, I'm just drunk" on both their Facebook...  Read More



Young, hot, loud, and happening, and not necessarily in that order. Nang Len has been around for ages, one of the top Thai clubs and actually a good spot if you want to see what a Thai style nightclub is all about. It is full of pretty and...  Read More



Tuba is a nice place to come hang out for awhile if only for their comfortable sofas, different themed rooms, and very artsy vibe, as the place is full of antiques, paintings, retro furniture, and all sorts of other odds and ends, which are all...  Read More



With 30 taps and specialised bottle selections from around the world, Mikkeller has burst onto the Bangkok craft beer scene with a vengeance, and has to be on any craft beer lover's list. The array of great boutique beers here is staggering, and...  Read More


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