Thong Lor's Top 10 Bars, Clubs and Nightspots

When people hear Thonglor nightlife, they think party, party, and big bills. While one doesn't have to break the bank here, Thonglor is some of Bangkok's more exclusive real estate, and the vibe here in most bars and clubs is upscale, urban, and hip. Famed designer/creator Ashley Sutton has three top nightlife venues here, the bizarre Iron Fairies, which is the best of the lot, but also the Wild West fish and chips saloon Fat Gutz, and the eco electronic Clouds. If these theme cocktail bars are appealing, you may want to check out the guru of the Bangkok drink, as well as one of the world's great cocktail connoisseur's, Joseph Boroski, at his hidden hole in the wall J Boroski Mixology, or else head out to Thonglor's best gin bar, Just A Drink Maybe. For something a bit more collegiate, with some great drinks to boot, try the unpretentious Shades of Retro or the happening music, dance, and drink venue, Badmotel. Thonglor also appeals to the all night party crowd, and on Soi 10, there are plenty of clubs where one can dance to the electronic beat along with live Thai bands until the wee hours. Funky Villa, along with Myst, are the pick of the litter. Finally, don't forget to take it all in from way above with a drink at the sky high Octave before heading home.



Imagine sitting in a rennovated garage full of retro relics that serves outstanding drinks and you've got Shades of Retro. This cozy happening neighborhood bar, hidden down a sub soi of Thong Lor, is crammed in every niche with everything from...  Read More



Leave it to one of a kind nightlife wonder guru Ashley Sutton to come up with yet another winner. The man behind Fat Gutz and Iron Fairies has this time transported us to the future, themed to the ideas of techno embracing and eco friendly....  Read More



Myst started out as a gourmet cocktail bar over at Grass on Thonglor, but has since relocated around the corner to Soi 10, where all the happening Thonglor clubs are. The new venue is more spacious, featuring lots of dance space inside of a mood...  Read More



Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar is the latest arrival to grace the sky high bar scene in Bangkok. While most of the airborne bars with views tend to be concentrated around Silom Road and the Chao Phraya River, Octave sits across town towering...  Read More



A bit of Bollywood in Bangkok has arrived in Thong Lor. Desi Beats is cocktails and dancing venue that occupies both an indoor and outdoor space in the chic trendy nightlife Opus Building on Soi 10, home already to Glam and Bombay Blues, which...  Read More



Joseph Boroski is at the top of the charts when it comes to world mixologists. Calling himself a "mixsultant," Boroski has created drinks for just about every major hotel and bar in Bangkok, not to mention New York, Paris, London, the Maldives,...  Read More



Just A Drink Maybe leads the charge of the sudden influx of gin bars popping up around town. While not as atmospheric as Teens of Thailand, set in the fringes of Chinatown, Just A Drink Maybe is far easier to get to, and a very welcome addition...  Read More



Badmotel certainly has turned heads on trendy Thong Lor with its unique abandoned house/wrecking crew demolition chic look. The owners here took an abandoned building and other than painting it all white, kind of left it, abandoned, with cracks...  Read More



If you want to see the young, pretty, and moneyed up hi-so Thai set, then look no further, as Funky Villa is in a league of its own. While the neighboring Muse Club also packs them in, the decor and appeal of Funky Villa is even more highbrow...  Read More



This much talked about bar does live up to its hype. The brainchild of Australian designer/author/creator Ashley Sutton, Iron Fairies is a bizarre blend of Gothic Victorian fantasy where blacksmith's forge meets bar meets gallery. Sutton's metal...  Read More


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