Bangkok Buzz: Gourmet Coffee, Tea and the Latest Caffeine in Bangkok

For a city that not so long ago was a complete wash when it came to caffeine and not on anyone’s world coffee map, Bangkok has certainly come a long way. These days, gourmet slow drip coffee is all the rage, with a bevy of knowledgeable roasters and brewers leading the charge of caffeine consciousness. 

For great single bean origin cups, and plenty of barista knowledge to go with the brew, head over to cozy Ceresia, or stop by Gallery Drip for a slow pourover. Kaizen is one of Bangkok's best, serving Melbourne style flat whites and knockout nitrogen brewed coffee. Pacamara and Roots are also great spots to try out locally grown organic Thai beans and support the local growing industry, with Thailand's northern slopes actually being quite fertile spots to grow arabica beans.

If traditional Thai coffee perks your interest, café Boran or antique coffee as they call it, dark, strong, and sweetened with plenty of condensed milk, try drinking in a place like Chinatown’s Eiah Sae with a bunch of locals who have probably been sitting in the same spot for the past 20-30 years. At the other end of the spectrum, head for high end tea and scones in an English garden far more reminiscent of Piccadilly than Bangkok at Agalico.

Other unique spots to drink coffee and tea in include being surrounded by antique Chinese furnishings at Hundred Children Cafe or enjoying your latte while perusing Bangkok's best selection of used books at Dasa Book Cafe.

Hundred Children Cafe and Gallery
Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis


A rather odd little gem right in the heart of Bangkok, A Hundred Children Café and Gallery is actually an old fashioned furniture shop selling Chinese house furnishings like cushions or lacquer boxes, and plenty of other decorative items. Add a...  Read More

Photo courtesy of courtesy of Kuppa


Kuppa is a real man's coffee shop. Not only is it an extremely pleasant café, located in an old warehouse, but it also roasts and sells its own coffee, hand roasting and grinding up blends like Indian Monsooned Malabar or Guatemalan Volcan de...  Read More

Dasa Book Cafe
Photo courtesy of courtesy of Dasa Book Cafe


In the age of I Pads, Pods, and Phones, not to mention Kindles, it is tough to find a good old fashioned book cafe, but Dasa keeps the pages turning. Based on the "dasa" (meaning slave) in the venerated name of the Thai monk Buddhadasa Bhikku,...  Read More



Roots is at the epicenter of the Bangkok coffee renaissance. What started out as the production kitchen for the folks over at Roast (an artisanal coffee and brunch spot) has evolved into a coffee workshop (from home brewing to tasting and latte...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis


Not only one of the best cafes in Bangkok but an amazing respite from the urban jungle and perhaps worth a sightseeing visit alone. Agalico is the brainchild of renowned Thai landscaper and interior designer ML Poomchai Chambala, who did the...  Read More



This intimate and top notch cafe in the Rainhill Plaza was named by owner Chartree Treelertkul after the El Salvadorean pacamara arabica, a hybrid of the Bourbon mutation Pacas and the Maragogype beans, known for being a big bean with great...  Read More



If you are looking for authentic, this is the real deal. Over 60 years old, Eiah Sae has been churning out the owner's great grandparents' coffee recipe to an endless array of chain smoking regulars, ranging from old Chinese men to hip young...  Read More



Run by a Thai and his Venezuelan wife and her sister, Ceresia specialises in superb gourmet coffee from around the world served with plenty of love and affection. Bret Asavaroengchai and his wife Lucia Aguilar and her sister Marian know coffee...  Read More



Started by a couple of photographer friends, this charming cafe in the Bangkok Art & Culture Center is the ideal hangout for artsy types. The owners take their coffee seriously, serving Kenyan and Ethiopian single origin beans along with...  Read More



Kaizen is one of Bangkok's newest and hippest cafes, but not only is it cool, it serves up some of the city's best brews. Three hipster friends started up this small spot way up Ekamai, and the quaint all white interior cafe serves up high end...  Read More


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