The Best Chinese Restaurants in Bangkok Chinatown/Yaowarat

Chinatown and its busy thoroughfare, Yaowarat Road, is packed night and day with food vendors and carts, and they sell everything from noodles to roast chestnuts, to every type of dumpling and soup variation you can imagine. Chinese New Year is a great time of year to be here, but there is excellent food to be found at all times. Eating al fresco may be hot and loud, but it is very atmospheric and there are some dynamite choices. T & K Seafoodand Lek & Rut are across the street from each other at the corner of Yaowarat and Padungdao, and they are both longstanding excellent choices, with plenty of giant prawns, black pepper crab, cockles, and fresh grilled fish catering to the masses. Far more entertaining is the pyromaniac chef down the street at Faikeaow Yaowarat, or the musical chair curry stall at Khao Geng Jek Pui. For something a bit more refined, try standouts like Yim Yim or Tang Jai Yoo, which has been written up by food critics for its suckling pig and other Chinese favourites. For something more relaxed and nostalgic, make sure to check out the Shanghai 1930's decor at Cotton Restaurant, one of the newer more modern spots in Bangkok's most atmospheric district. Little India is also found at the edge of Chinatown, and Royal India may look like a dive, but the food is, as they say in Delhi, "cheap and best!"

Yim Yim Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Yim Yim


Yim Yim has been going strong for more than 80 years, and it's easy to see why, as they serve up knockout food regardless of the rather kitschy and humble surroundings.The menu features an amazing array of favorites, with items like ham with...  Read More



Some people wont go near this place, and others who have discovered it via guidebooks often turn and walk the other way as if they have made a mistake. Set in a dark and dingy alleyway on the fringes of Chinatown, with a few dozen rats...  Read More

Hua Seng Hong Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis


Goose feet and noodles, sharks fin soup in a clay pot, and plenty of tender roast duck served with sweet sauce are just some of the staples at Hua Seng Hong that draw patrons in night after night. Other great eats include the "aw suan" oyster...  Read More



Lek and Rut have become an institution. This small street stall got its start by getting the overflow crowd from the other famed street side stall across the street, T & K, but these days, Lek and Rut seem to have the lions share of the...  Read More



While Chinatown is mostly noted for its no frills smoky eateries serving up excellent food in not quite so up to par surroundings, Cotton, a new jazz bar and restaurant in the boutique Shanghai Mansion Hotel, is a breath of fresh air and welcome...  Read More

Siang Ping Loh Chinese Restaurant
Photo courtesy of courtesy of Grand China Princess


Another one of Bangkok's top Cantonese and dim sum establishments. Siang Ping Loh has an elegant dining room located on the 8th floor of the Grand China Princess Hotel, and their food has a reputation for being some of the most consistent and...  Read More

T & K Seafood
Photo courtesy of T & K


You can't miss T & K Seafood. Hundreds of tourists and locals descend on its corner tables set up at the Phadungdao intersection with Yaowarat Road each night, to take part in a feast of every type of seafood imaginable, from fresh oysters...  Read More



Anthony Bourdain has written about it, McDang, a famous Thai food critic raves about it, and the crowds that pack the round tables of Tang Jai Yoo each night attest to just what kind of outstanding Chinese food you are going to eat here. All the...  Read More



While the food here is quite tasty, the main reason to come is to enjoy one of Bangkok's most original outdoor food venues with an outstanding show. Other than attending a Chinese opera performance, the most theatrical show you can see in...  Read More



Khao raat gaeng, or curry over rice stalls, are one of Bangkok's most iconic fixtures, always packed with hungry workers. But at Khao Geng Jek Pui, not only won't you not get a table, you might not even get a seat. At this seven decade old...  Read More


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