Bangkok's 10 Best Chinese Restaurants: From Street Food to the Fanciest Tables

Bangkok's Chinatown is one of the world's best, a raucous and bustling place, and of course there are plenty fantastic spots to sample delectable Chinese meals. The emphasis is on Tsewchao Chinese, as this is where most of the Thai Chinese come from, with all the local southern Chinese favorites such as shark's fin soup or roast suckling pig part of most menus. Places like Hua Seng Hong are packed every night and as authentic as you can get with their goose feet and roast duck plates, as are nearby favourites T&K Seafood, and Tang Jai Yoo. Even better than the big establishments are the little holes in the wall, like Hong Teong Long, whose xialongbao dumplings are some of the best in town, if not on the planet, and worth joining the queue for. For something more upmarket, why not try some of the classiest joints in town, like renowned dumpling masters Din Tai Fung, the Mandarin Oriental's China House or the Banyan Tree's Bai Yun, where you can dig into superb Cantonese cuisine with great city panoramas. Whether you want to join the locals at Yong He Dou Jiang or partake in fine dining dim sum at Man Ho in the JW Marriott, the choice is yours, but one thing is for sure, Bangkok knows what top ten Chinese means.

Siang Ping Loh Chinese Restaurant
Photo courtesy of courtesy of Grand China Princess


Another one of Bangkok's top Cantonese and dim sum establishments. Siang Ping Loh has an elegant dining room located on the 8th floor of the Grand China Princess Hotel, and their food has a reputation for being some of the most consistent and...  Read More



Mention dumplings to any local in Bangkok and they will point you towards Yong He Dou Jian. This simple eatery located just below the stairs of the Chong Nonsi Skytrain Station is not only easy to get to, it provides plenty of inexpensive and...  Read More

T & K Seafood
Photo courtesy of T & K


You can't miss T & K Seafood. Hundreds of tourists and locals descend on its corner tables set up at the Phadungdao intersection with Yaowarat Road each night, to take part in a feast of every type of seafood imaginable, from fresh oysters...  Read More

Bai Yun
Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Banyan Tree Bangkok


as with all of the Banyan Tree's exquisite restaurants and bars, Bai Yun gets high marks for its fine dining experience. This 60th floor elegant restaurant with views of the city offers sumptuous Cantonese dining, with top menu items such as...  Read More

Hong Teong Long
Photo courtesy of Hong Teong Long


If you have an affinity for Chinese dumplings, you have found nirvana at Hong Teong Long. This hole in the wall with red lanterns hanging outside specializes in Shanghai cuisine, and boy do they get their dumplings right. Look on every diner's...  Read More

Hua Seng Hong Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis


Goose feet and noodles, sharks fin soup in a clay pot, and plenty of tender roast duck served with sweet sauce are just some of the staples at Hua Seng Hong that draw patrons in night after night. Other great eats include the "aw suan" oyster...  Read More



Anthony Bourdain has written about it, McDang, a famous Thai food critic raves about it, and the crowds that pack the round tables of Tang Jai Yoo each night attest to just what kind of outstanding Chinese food you are going to eat here. All the...  Read More



If you are looking for authentic dim sum, then you're headed in the right direction if you've come to Man Ho, set on the 2nd floor of Sukhumvit's JW Marriott Hotel. The five-star dining restaurant offers an exquisite all you can eat dim sum...  Read More

The China House
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While Chinatown may offer an authentic experience and while there are plenty of cheap joints that make very good Chinese food in town, if you want a fabulous splurge in Bangkok, head for the China House, the Mandarin Oriental's offering to...  Read More



There is a reason why Din Tai Fung has been named one of the world's ten best restaurants by the New York Times, one of the best franchises by CNN, and awarded a Michelin star. This Taiwanese originated franchise excels at clean and delicious...  Read More


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