Food Trucks in Bangkok: The Mobile Gourmet Revolution Hits the Streets

While street food sold from a cart has long been a staple of great eating in Bangkok, the city revolutionized for several years, with all sorts of gourmet and ethnic food trucks taking the city by storm and putting Bangkok at the forefront of the Asian gourmet foodie scene. Unfortunately, the military government has been on a rampage to "clean up" the street food scene, and trucks have fallen slightly by the wayside over the past year. VW cocktail bars are pretty much out, but some of the old food players still survive, so look for them while they last. Hamburger masters like Orn the Road still serve up blue cheese and Cajun sauce burgers on black buns, while the original food truck guru Daniel Thaiger has moved a few blocks down but still has lines clamouring for his delicious burgers. Other favourites include the outstanding Mexican food at La Monita Taco Truck, or the homemade gelato dished up out of retro iconic tuk tuks at Annette I Tim Tuk Tuk. Seafood is another unique option, with barbecued platters of prawns and mussels leading the way at Summer Street. Pizza gets in on the action with a mobile wood fired pizza oven from Rolling Stone, and even the eclectic mix of kebabs and frozen cocktails can be found on the streets with Jungle Juice's excellent melange.

Joining the different food truck cuisine ranks, Rolling Stone brings quality wood fire oven pizza on wheels to the masses. After vacating a space left by the closing of the former On Nut Night Market, Rolling Stone has found a home at the new...  Read More

Jungle Juice has outlasted a lot of the other belly up food trucks in town, and they have a few trucks in different locations, with the most stable option being in front of the Novotel and Platinum Mall across from the Pratunam Market. They...  Read More

These heavyweights have also muscled in on the mobile burger trade and serve up Bangkok's most whopping hamburgers, 150 gram beef and pork patties. Young students love this truck and they certainly deliver on giving customers a mouthful for...  Read More

Pizza Aroy is the only food truck in Bangkok bringing wood fire oven pizza to the hungry hordes via a truck. The truck features a full wood fire oven with an attachable hanging exhaust pipe, and one can usually spot (and smell) the tasty...  Read More

After dinner from a food truck one does need dessert, and Annette I Tim Tuk Tuk not only fulfils that need, it is certainly one of the more novel food truck players on the Bangkok scene. Actually, I Tim Tuk Tuk is not a food truck but a classic...  Read More

La Monita is already a well known Bangkok name, famed for their Mexican taqueria that has gotten accolades for being the real deal, at least as far as Bangkok goes. They have now added to their repertoire by opening up a traditional San...  Read More

A leader in the gourmet burger scene, Orn's bright orange burger truck charcoal grills their patties, and tops them with signature sauces like blue cheese or Cajun spices. This foreign/Thai duo had 28 years in Bangkok running a grill, so they...  Read More

With a truck named after their son, Daniel Thai, Mark and Honey Falcioni, a Thai/Western couple, put food trucks on the map in Bangkok. While street food had been around forever, the Falcionis were the first to put pedal to the mettle by acting...  Read More

While most food trucks have been aiming at the hamburger market, the guys behind Summer Street are doing things a bit differently, opening Bangkok's first seafood truck. Summer Street dishes out grill it yourself barbecued seafood baskets right...  Read More


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