Bangkok's 10 Best Homestyle Restaurants to Dine In

Bangkok is renowned for its great local food, with an emphasis on home style cooking. Restaurants like The Local specialize in hard to find traditional recipes, all served in a cozy old home. And while they may not be as atmospheric, places like Lung Yai and Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant serve up northeastern Thai dishes and biryani better than mom could make them in a no frills family friendly environment. Krua Apsorn is legendary for its home cooking, especially its crab omelettes and crab in yellow curry, made simply yet mouthwateringly delicious. If you want Italian, nothing beats the homey traditional trattoria Appia, where Chef Paolo chats at your table and everyone is made to feel at home, and their new intimate pizzeria Peppina, is just as low key, welcoming, and utterly delicious. For local Thai family style spots, another good one is the long running Pochana 55, which has been serving faithful fans for decades, or newcomer Yang Gao Gorn, which means "like it used to be." If you are in the mood for Chinese, tiny Hong Teong Long provides a great family kitchen experience along with Bangkok's best dumplings. There are an endless array of homestyle restaurants in Bangkok to choose from, and this list will help you get a head start.

This small homestyle pizzeria is a welcome addition to the Bangkok pizza scene. Chef Paolo Vitaletti of Appia and Jarrett Wrisley of Soul Food Mahanakorn fame are the masterminds behind this epicurean delight, which prides itself on serving the...  Read More

Pad kee mao, or drunkards noodles can be found at many street stalls for 30 baht a plate, but for an experience that has been written up by food critics around the world, head over to the Saochingchao District of Bangkok to Jay Fai, where a home...  Read More

Hong Teong Long
Photo courtesy of Hong Teong Long

If you have an affinity for Chinese dumplings, you have found nirvana at Hong Teong Long. This tiny family style place makes you feel like you are eating in your own kitchen, with the town's best Chinese dumpling chef. Hong Teong Long...  Read More

Owner Kan Markawat comes from a family of traditional foodies, and puts his love of traditional and hard to find dishes from all over Thailand on display at his lovely home style eatery, The Local, where one can dine in a 70 year old traditional...  Read More

This lovely new trattoria brings a slice of Rome to Bangkok and the homey surroundings and personal attention by the chef make you feel like you are relaxing in a Tuscan home. Chef Paolo's father was a butcher in the meatpacking district in Rome...  Read More

Pochana 55
Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

Pochana 55 is a plainly decorated family style streetside restaurant that has been serving thousands of customers for over 20 years. Initially famed for its khao tom rice soup, served to clubbers coming home at 4am, the restaurant now serves up...  Read More

Lung Yai
Photo courtesy of Dave Stamboulis

Simply put Lung Yai is hands down the best local Isaan eatery in Bangkok, which is saying a lot. The homey place, packed with families and hidden off the street on Din Daeng, does not get a lot of foreigners, but those in the know come back here...  Read More

The Indian and Middle Eastern specialty of biryani (rice that is mixed with a combo of meat and vegetables that have been cooked in a spice hearty assortment of cardamom, bay leaves, coriander, mint, cinnamon, saffron, ginger, garlic, and...  Read More


The name of the restaurant translates to "like it used to be," and it really is a humble affair, serving old school Thai recipes up on the second floor above a futsal field. The owners here are a father and son team, and they are committed to...  Read More

Krua Apsorn doesn't look like much from the outside or inside, but foodies in the know recognize it as one of Bangkok's most venerated institutions. This is homestyle Thai cooking at its absolute best, no frills delicious using some superb...  Read More


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