10 Best Shopping Experiences around Khao San Road

While Khao San Road is known for being cheap, it isn't always known for its quality, but there is a new renaissance of shops out to change that. Places like the Lofty Bamboo, which features Fair Trade practices and traditional clothing and handicraft products from ethnic minorities and craft villages around Thailand, or Pasiri Thai Handicrafts, with embroidered hill tribe products, are giving shoppers in the area hope. For high quality vintage clothing, LPs, and more, The Trapeze Swingers Shop is both unique and highly recommended. Jewellery also gives endless shopping possibilities in the Khao San area. Custom made quality silver can be found at the three decades plus running Rainbow Silver, you can get wholesale bracelets and earrings at JC Jewellery, and Oh La La features finely crafted homemade necklaces, pendants, and more. You can get a custom made suit at a fantastic price from the long running Buddy Tailors, you can buy Christmasy lights, souvenirs and gifts from Happy Time, and you can pick up some used paperbacks at Sara Barn Books. If you want to shop for yourself, try getting inked at Bkk Ink Tattoo, a top choice for those who want to get branded. Phra Athit road, near the river ferry pier and just five minutes from Khao San has a bit more refined shopping, such as the elegant textiles and even better postcards at Taekee Taekon. The entire area is a good place to pick up souvenirs, and follow it up with cheap eating and drinking.



This hole in the wall shop is just a small space set in the busy Susie Alley that runs from Khao San to Rambutri towards its east end, but it is one of the more eye-grabbing stalls in the alleyway, as it is full of colorful bags, clothes, and...  Read More



This little pop-up shop provides the lone decent souvenir stop leading from Rambutri Alley out to Phra Athit Road. It's a welcome addition to the Khao San scene, which tends to be stall after stall of repetitive fishermen pants, tie-dye rasta...  Read More



This large and reputable jewelry shop has a very wide selection of jewelry ranging from bangles, bracelets, earrings and chokers to a variety of pendants, rings, and all sorts of silver products. They also stock plenty of fine stones, whether it...  Read More



Bangkok is a good place to stock up on used paperbacks for traveling around Asia, and especially in this part of Khao San Road, all of the latest bestsellers and popular reads are always being swapped and sold, so the selection is pretty good....  Read More



While it might seem novel, actually a lot of visitors to Bangkok make a journey to a tattoo parlor high on their list. Getting inked isn't for everyone, but for those who want some body art, Bangkok has become a good place to get it, with some...  Read More



Bangkok is one of the better spots in the world to buy quality mens' clothing at excellent prices. Custom tailoring is a big draw here, yet it is often hard to know whom to trust and what a fair price is, especially around Khao San Road, where...  Read More



Rainbow Silver is a second generation family business that has been one of Khao San Road's top shopping spots since 1981. Not only are they a wholesaler of fine silver jewellery, but also a manufacturer that knows silver craft pretty darn well....  Read More



Taekee Taekon (pronoucned takeh takone) is a lovely shop specializing in textiles from all over Thailand. You can buy some decent silk here, along with plenty of other arts and crafts, and there will certainly be something here that can make...  Read More



While visitors to Thailand are often drawn to ethnic hill tribe crafts as souvenirs, it can be difficult to find genuine products that are actually made by villagers, not to mention the villagers actually receiving some real remuneration for...  Read More



While most shops around Khao San Road are geared towards the tourist trade, often selling similar tacky souvenirs and trinkets, this little gem over on Soi Rambutri just near the corner of Phra Athit is a must-stop for those into vintage items,...  Read More


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