10 Best Shopping Options in Pathumwan in Central Bangkok

The choices for shopping in Bangkok's Pathumwan District are simply staggering, and you will need a full day, if not more, if you want to cover all of them. Almost all of Bangkok's most famed shopping malls and department stores are located here, and they are all centrally located making it easy to navigate. The most famous and extravagant of them all are the Siam Paragon Mall and Central World Department Store, both of which house every famous fashion and designer brand name, not to mention endless restaurants, multiplex cinemas, and plenty more (there are even hotels located in these malls!). If you want the upmarket experience without the crowds, the elite Gaysorn Plaza across the street from Central World features only the uber-luxury items and shops. Joining it is the new Central Embassy, which has an innovative architectural design, and will soon house a 6 star hotel to go with its upmarket shopping options.

More mid range choices include the newly relaunched Siam Center and its neighbor Siam Discovery, still featuring tons of luxury but just not quite as glitzy. Stepping down a notch, MBK down the road is a great place to buy mobile phones, and if it is computers or just about any kind of electronic equipment you want, head over to the famed Panthip Plaza IT mecca, but do be aware of the pirated software here.

For a completely unique Asian shopping experience, head to the street stalls and alleyways of the Pratunam Market, where you might have to fight the masses for space, but it is colorful and certainly inexpensive. You have plenty of options here, and use this 10 Best guide to make the most of your time.



Siam Discovery is nowhere near as glitzy as Siam Paragon or the newly relaunched Siam Center next to it, but it is an easy to navigate straightforward shopping mall without any of the gimmicks and many like its unpretentious atmosphere. There...  Read More

Mah Boon Krong (MBK)


Maboonkrong, more commonly known as MBK, may not be as fancy as its neighbors Siam Paragon or Central World, but it is certainly as popular. Probably best known as the place to buy a mobile phone in Bangkok, this is actually just one floor of...  Read More



Recently relaunched, the longstanding Siam Center now is as cutting edge, hip, and chic as any of Bangkok's shopping malls. It combines fashionable Thai designers along with big name foreign brands, along with plenty of hi tech and glitzy...  Read More



Groove @ Central World is a foodie shopping paradise tucked in between Central World and Siam Paragon in the heart of shopping crazy Ratchaprasong in central Bangkok. The glitzy mall boasts a rather hi tech and futuristic looking facade that is...  Read More



While Pratunam is not a shopping mall or department store proper, it is a fascinating outdoor market area that features hundreds of small clothing stalls selling at highly discounted prices, and is especially good for wholesale. Not to be...  Read More



Bangkok's number one high tech mall. Anything you want or need having to do with computers, cameras, and any electronics, this is the place to come. While there is plenty of decent and legit hardware and software, the market is also notorious...  Read More



Perhaps Bangkok's most luxurious and upscale mall, Gaysorn sits across the street from Central World and houses a collection of the most high end fashion brands and designs. Luis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and all the most noted names are...  Read More



Once known as the World Trade Center, the Central World Plaza is the third largest shopping complex in Asia, and even with the opening of nearby Siam Paragon, still remains one of the top shopping draws in Thailand. The outside of the mall is...  Read More



Bangkok's newest opulent luxury mall doesn't disappoint. Named after the former British embassy gardens upon which it sits, this futuristically designed building is made out of shimmering aluminium tiles and seeks to pay homage to Thai temple...  Read More



Siam Paragon is all about big. One of Asia's biggest malls, featuring a 15 theater multiplex cinema which includes Asia's largest screen, the Siam Ocean World, which is Southeast Asia's largest aquarium, a bowling alley, a concert hall, and of...  Read More


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