Scuba Diving & Snorkeling



Coral World boasts one of the world's largest coral reef tanks and a giant circular aquarium with more than 20 viewing stations. Visit the mangrove lagoon, the turtle pool or the open-air shark tank. One of the most popular exhibits is the touch...  Read More



This popular beach is known for its clear, calm, warm waters. It is also a destination for snorkeling since brightly colored tropical fish flock to the coral reef just off the beach. Vendors even sell fish food so that you can attract a greater...  Read More

Sapphire Beach
Photo courtesy of Karen Elowitt


This family-friendly beach is part of the Sapphire Beach Resort complex, near the east end of St. Thomas. The beach is wide, the sand gleaming white, and the surf is usually gentle, which makes it great for families with kids. There are terrific...  Read More



The appropriately-named Secret Harbour is hidden away in a quiet corner of the East End. Besides guests of the resort, few make the trip to this lovely secluded southwest-facing beach, which boasts some of the best sunsets on the island. The...  Read More



Mangrove swamps, nurse sharks, tropical fish, barracudas and snowy egrets are just a few of nature's wonders on view during these three- or five-hour kayak tours offered by Ecotours. Most tours ply the waters of St Thomas Marine Sanctuary, but...  Read More

Snuba of St. Thomas


Want to see the underwater world but don't want to spend the time to learn scuba? Then Snuba is for you. This combination of scuba diving and snorkeling is safe and fun for anyone over the age of eight. "Divers" begin their tour in shallow...  Read More

Blue Island Divers


The staff at this dive shop are more than just employees – they are all enthusiastic master divers themselves. Blue Island is PADI certified and they offer a huge assortment of diving trips, lessons and packages. Cave dives, night dives and...  Read More



Aqua Action offers snorkeling and dive trips to about 40 different sites around the island. Colorful natural and artificial reefs harbor all manner of sea life, from huge moray eels to diminutive urchins. Some of the dive sites are known for...  Read More

St. Thomas Diving Club


Whether you're a beginning snorkeler or an experienced diver, prefer shore dives or boat dives, or even if you want to expand your scuba knowledge, this much-respected outfit can accommodate. A daily schedule of dives and snorkeling covers the...  Read More

Dive In!


There are a plethora of fantastic dive sites around St. Thomas and Dive In's PADI certified divers can show you all the best ones. Even if you've never scuba dived before! Snorkeling trips and diving courses are also available.