Fun for all the family at family-friendly museums in London

If you've got children, then London is a great place to take them as there is no shortage of family-friendly museums and attractions to take them to which will delight, inspire and make them gasp in awe. All these places will educate but also entertain so the children won't even realise that they've learnt something if they don't want to. But nevertheless they will and will enjoy it too. The Science Museum is just brilliant, Science is forgotten by many kids today who seem far more interested in celebrities and their smart phones but this museum will really delight and attract them to realise that science built and will build the world around them. They can jump on a flight simulator, or see how gravity works in this great and busy museum. The Natural History museum is similar, with gigantic dinosaurs to astound as you enter, and then galleries of the world's tiniest inhabitants like insects, to mammals. 

If you've already done the big museums then you might prefer the delights of the Geffrye museum in Hackney which takes us on a detailed history of 400 years of the British home, with temporary exhibits and courses and seasonal ones like a history of Christmas or Christmas decorations through the ages. For the bookworms among you, the Charles Dickens museum might fill in the background on the great author. And for those fascianted by Kings, prisons dungeons, and jewels, the Tower of London exhibit will delight.



The London Transport museum is a wonderful family-friendly place to visit in the capital. Housed in Covent Garden in some old tram sheds, there are more than 80 full sized vehicles to climb aboard and a nice mix of technical and fun history to...  Read More



The Geffrye museum is a wonderful museum of The Home in London, with brilliant child-centered exhibitions telling people of all ages about the wonderful history of the home and domestic life, the museum of childhood and how things have changed...  Read More



Inside a graceful stone structure, this edifying museum has a broad scope, addressing the nation's involvement with water and the sea throughout its long history. Themed galleries set the scene, organizing everything from maritime art to...  Read More

Galleries of Modern London at the Museum of London


The renowned Museum of London unveiled its million Galleries of Modern London in May 2010, to great critical acclaim. The five new galleries, which took three years to create, relate the history of London from 1666 to today, focusing on people...  Read More



Enthusiasts of English literature find much to appreciate in this fine home, the only one of Charles Dickens' residences still remaining. "Oliver Twist" and "Nicholas Nickleby" were penned here, and visitors can examine photographs and other...  Read More



London's Olympic park was the subject of much controversy prior to the London Olympics in 2012, and since the end of the games in September, the whole area has been shut off as many of the stadiums have been dismantled and the offices and...  Read More



The Tower of London draws tourists who are taking a growing interest in some of the more lurid, murderous aspects of London's history. This vast, imposing brick building has been the site of many bloody events, including the murder of future...  Read More



One of London's most popular museums, this facility gets ample attention, and it's no mystery why. The well-designed space and its host of fascinating artifacts provide plenty of educational distraction. Kids and adults alike love exhibits on...  Read More



Anyone thrilled by innovation and scientific advancement will find much to explore at this comprehensive museum. Documenting science in all its fields and variations, the facility looks at space, medicine, energy, animation, public health,...  Read More



The "V&A South Kensington" occupies a gorgeous facility near Kensington Gardens and displays an extensive collection of decorative arts. In fact, it boasts more than 4 million objects in 146 galleries. Highlighting cultures from around the...  Read More


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