Fun in London for Free (Yes, It's Possible!)

London ranks alongside Tokyo, Oslo, Paris, Sydney and Zurich for most expensive global cities, so being able to sniff out free fun is a valuable skill. Thankfully, though, London has always maintained an egalitarian spirit, especially when it comes to free art and public spaces. (This is, after all, the city that made squatting cool.) No fewer than ten of Zone 1's major museums (including The Victoria & Albert and The British Museum) offer huge yearly line-ups of free exhibitions. Even with its pricey quarters, London is a city of the people, and visitors should be advised not to equate cheap with cheap when writing up their itinerary. In fact, sticking to the freebies could land you a more authentic experience than you'd ever imagine: When the warmer months settle in there tends to be a greater divide in the paid attractions the tourists will line up for, and the hidden freebies that the locals know to pounce on. Maybe you're in the mood for a meander, or to see what the conceptual artists are up to. Schedule your stay around these colorful activities and you could easily put that hard earned cash towards something different entirely: leveling up your accommodation? A cocktail worth its weight in platinum? We'll leave it in your savvy hands.

London is most definitely not a city known for its skyscrapers. But, troublingly, it is a city with some of the most phenomenal views in Europe. And unless you're willing to shell out £24.95 to go up the Shard, or make a reservation at posh...  Read More


The British Library might be one of the most academically imposing institutions on Earth, with 170 million archived items (including the Magna Carta, Da Vinci's notebook, and the original scraps that Beatles songs were written on), and swathes...  Read More

London has dutifully churned out comedy giants like Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Saunders and John Oliver. But, like LA or New York, it's also where newbies climb and claw their way through the ranks with bloodthirsty (or shoegazing) zeal, one zingy...  Read More

Cross over the river from Aldwych and you'll find a city within a city. The Southbank Centre, with its sprawling temples to art and culture (Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room, the Hayward Gallery, The British Film...  Read More

What is there to say about the Victoria & Albert Museum, the world's largest museum of design and decorative arts, which hasn't already been said by historians, artists, and the public since its opening in 1852? It's a breathtaking triumph...  Read More

King's Cross

So many thousands of Londoners and tourists move through King's Cross Station daily that it's easy to overlook the hidden square to the north – the one where art students and foodies, architects and canal-dwellers come to relax, have a drink,...  Read More

Stoke Newington

If the sun is out and you don't feel like paying for one of the lounge chairs in Green Park (groan), hop on a northbound bus to Clissold Park. The centerpiece to idyllic family neighborhood Stoke Newington, the Victorian park houses four bodies...  Read More

The Hunterian Museum houses some of London's most curious curiosities, selected largely from the personal catalogue of John Hunter, one of the earliest pioneers of medical surgery. Here, in one of London's better hidden free museums, you'll find...  Read More

The Science Museum is often overshadowed by its neighbors: the behemoth Natural History Museum and the V&A, to be specific. But inside its doors is one of the most dynamic and cutting-edge series of exhibitions in London. Sure there are the...  Read More


The Tate Modern is an imposing indoor gallery built within the disused Bankside Power Station. That in itself lends the place an entrancing heft, blowing up the spirit of modern artistry to industrial proportions. But if its vertiginous...  Read More


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