Great Heights and Hidden Delights: Unmissable Sightseeing in London

Westminster Abbey, St Paul's, the London Eye – these aren't just some of the city's most astonishing sights, they're some of the most breathtaking icons of sightseeing gold in the western world. London has been home to revolutions and fiery infernos, scandals, dynasties, religious icons, and pure, unadulterated human innovation. No traveler to London needs to be told that the city is jam-packed with history, culture, architectural behemoths, and invaluable art ( --at least we hope they don't!), but London is nothing except fluid and ever-changing, reinventing itself year on year to honor its rich history and new visionaries. In a nutshell: keeping up with London is hard work! And we've just about managed to whittle down its countless treasures to the ten that truly can't be missed. Many require walking shoes (that heath gets muddy!), some require floatation jackets, and one requires a bit of a taste for danger. And what with London's long-standing respect for its broke students and crafty bohemians, not all of them require loads and loads of dosh. But we're certain that hitting these landmarks will ensure memories to last a lifetime, and potentially overload your Instagram feed. Get those cameras ready and those coffees in take away cups.



If you couldn't find who you were looking for in Westminster Abbey, and you're craving some of the rich greenery offered up by north London's less tread territory, then a serene visit to Highgate Cemetery is a must. Nestled in the quiet...  Read More



Hampstead Heath used to be the last stretch of countryside for travelers coming into London from the north. It was home to Keats, and a much-visited haven for Dickens and Byron. It is 790 acres of lush forests, rolling hills, and still ponds...  Read More

South Bank


The Shard might be London's most controversial, complex, and – oh yes – BIG piece of modern architecture, but love it or hate it, very few skyscrapers would claim to be "a vertical city". We've got to say, that kind of gumption alone makes...  Read More



Don't be fooled by its grisly reputation and overwhelming antiquity: The Tower of London has had millennial makeover. Its moat was recently host to the stunning Armistice Day memorial display of close to one million ceramic poppies, and a brand...  Read More



If Harrod's has left you broke and claustrophobic, and your trip to the Royal Albert Hall has left you wanting to cosplay Victorian dandies, then a promenade along the Serpentine is most certainly in order. The snaking lake, connected through...  Read More



Warwick Avenue, The London Zoo, Camden Lock, Central St Martin's and King's Cross's trendy new foodie hub Granary Square – it might sound like too much to fit into one day of London sightseeing. Turn out it's possible, and all you've got to do...  Read More



It might be hard to tell, what with sitting in the shadow of the newly erected Shard, but some of Dickens's meandering, smoky-bricked London is preserved in historic Bermondsey. And nowhere is this more apparently than in the hustle and bustle...  Read More



London is truly a city which rewards those who wander off the beaten track. Just a stone's throw further east of trendy Shoreditch sits Columbia Road, and idyllic bit of old-school East End charm. And every Sunday its already colorful main drage...  Read More



Art float your boat? (Excuse us while we chuckle to ourselves for twenty minutes.) With the Thamesclipper Tate To Tate service ferrying museum-goers along the might River Thames between Pimlico and Bankside, you no longer have to decide between...  Read More



It's the final resting place of kings and queens, thinkers and visionaries. Since 1090 AD, Westminster Abbey has been welcoming visitors to bask in its grandeur and take selfies by Isaac Newton's headstone. It's got a hefty name, and sometimes...  Read More


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